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50% off Next 3 P&R Home Coffee Deliveries (from $12 for 500g) @ Pablo & Rusty's

Update: No longer working for 'At work' subscriptions

‘We’ve ran out of coffee!’ Quick, what do you do!? Check your doorstep..

By purchasing a P&R At Home Subscription, you won’t need to worry about running out of coffee again!
By choosing a P&R coffee subscription, know your coffee’s been ethically and sustainably sourced and you're part of making a positive impact on people and our Planet.
Plus you have the convenience and flexibility to update, skip or cancel online anywhere, anytime you like.

We know it's sometimes difficult to figure out how much you really need at home for a subscription, so grab our discount of 3 x 50% off your first three deliveries and trial it out. P.S…It’s FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE!
Use the discount code 2019COFFEEYEAH at checkout! (offer ends 28/02/19, 11.59pm AEST. T&Cs apply)

Important information:
Recurring payments are taken on Tuesdays, any amendments on existing subscriptions must be made by Tuesday 5pm (Sydney time). All new subscription orders placed will be dispatched within 24-48 business hours and existing recurring orders will be dispatched every Wednesday (depending on your frequency).

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  • Tested working on P&R At Work 1kg+ Subscription

  • I bought the aldi brand beans the other day. Pretty good for $12 a kg. Using them in my Breville barista express

  • I got some of their coffee from the Breville promotion. It was really nice.

    • Yep, Porter St beans. I just got notification of my second kg posted today even though it’s been around 3 weeks since receiving the first kg. I haven’t even finished my first 250g bag cause I had other beans to finish. Bad timing :(

  • Got on this a couple of weeks ago and just received my first shipment which was slower than I expected, however the beans are excellent and they thoughtfully mixed up the bags with a Mexican and an Ethiopian

  • I don't think the code is working

  • Thanks Op! Just subscribed and got excited to try 'Porter St'

  • I bought the Single origin from last time. Really good coffee. I was wondering how long this code is valid for? It is still showing as code applied to my next order as well.

  • Thanks OP, this is a great price for freshly roasted beans. I got the porter st on last deal, but to be honest didn’t like the flavour and cancelled. Would be keen to try the single origin.

  • They are ok for the price but I’m not impressed with the first bag. Was not as good as $6 beams from Woolies which is a shame . Hoping the next batch is better.

  • Awesome.
    Worked on my existing subscription!

  • Anyone know if Pablo and Rusty have this deal often?

  • What's the roast date on these? How long between roasting and delivery generally?

  • If you aren't getting P&R for 50% off you're doing it wrong. These codes pop up all the time.

  • Anyone here from WA who can comment about the delivery time for their first batch? Still got quite a bit of Manna beans to get through, just want to get my timing right…

  • I got a 2kg of these from the Barista Express purchase, they send recently roasted beans. They are not bad, and good at the discount price here - otherwise much better available.

  • "Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered". Does this not work with the "at work" subscription?

    • Can't get the code to work with any type of subscription.. what am I doing wrong?

      • I had that issue too. But after I put in my contact details, the code worked. It said it needed an email address before the code worked.

  • "Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered" - tried this with regular sub and it didn't work

  • What grind number is everyone the Breville smart grinder? I always have issues ugh

    • Im currently using the Porter ST, i had to make mine quite corse (14) and the amount dispensed down a bit too. I usually have the grind set between 5-2, when I first tried at the finer setting it producing heat from the top of the extraction, it didn't taste too bad but did smell burnt, so i tried 10 and then 15 it got better.

    • Number 1. 30 seconds shot on my Breville Dual Boiler BES920.

      Awesome coffee!

      The pH blends really well with Vitasoy with no curdling.

    • For Pioneer, about 2 with internal Burr at finest for a 21g shot at 1:2 ratio.

  • Okay I've tried this a bunch of times on different browsers and devices. Every single time I get the error "Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered". WTF is going on lol?

  • Ordered yesterday afternoon and it was on my doorstep when i got home this afternoon. I can smell the coffee from outside the mailing box, smells pretty good.

  • Code note working for me either

  • Two batches i received were the worst coffee we have ever used, each to their own, not sure if its was the bad roasting or just that batch but had to cancel subscription. Just a heads up if its too cheap often substandard product.

    • Out of interest. What option did you choose? I've found all of the single origin espresso bags I've received to be pretty good.

    • Would be great to know what you ordered?

      I ordered the "Porter St" blend and it is one of the best & freshest coffee beans I have ever bought.

      Did you get the grind right etc etc??

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