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G.skill Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) $268.05 Delivered @ Newegg


Works out to be $134 per 16GB not bad!!

G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Desktop Memory Model F4-3000C16D-32GVRB

DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000)
Timing 16-18-18-38
CAS Latency 16
Voltage 1.35V

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  • Great price.

    Where are the pink and green neon's tho? :(

    • V Series only comes in Red Blue Silver Black. You are possibly thinking of Trident Z?

      • btw why does ram of the same brand/rating have many many versions?

        • That is because you can have 3 variances when it comes to RAM. Capacity, clock speed and latency.
          For example this RAM here is
          F4-3000C16D-32GVRB meaning:
          32GB - Capacity
          3000MHz - Clock speed
          CL16 - Latency (unlike the previous two, the lower the better)
          I have listed them in order of importance.

          To be honest most of the time you only really need to care about capacity. I have rarely felt any significant difference when it came to clock speed and latency even when gaming.

          If you already have some RAM and want to add more then make sure it's the exact same RAM! There is a decent chance things won't work if you mix your RAM. You might be lucky and get things to work smoothly but it's really not worth the risk. This is why they sell RAM in packs.

  • Looks like the RAM drought is finally over?

  • Come join the 32GB club, you won't look back. I love it.

  • When RAM was almost double this price a while ago :')

    • Yeah, bought my 16GBs less than a year ago for this price..

    • yep, i bought 32 for > 600, but it was faster than this, and I've been using it for a year or so i guess…

    • Bought the 3200 version of this for almost $500 6months ago.

      Still, it's good RAM and I'm happy with it.

  • Prices still on the way down.

  • If I have 2x8 now, does it matter if I add 2x16 or 2x4 or anything not 2x8?

    • As long as it's the same model and speed it should be fine regardless of the capacity. Don't take my word for it though.

      • Doesn't have to be same model or speed or capacity but all ram will run as slow as the slowest stick and you lose dual/triple channel performance. Not noticeable for most things.

        • I've heard of people having compatibility issues when using different models where it just wouldn't boot.

  • Has anyone had any experience returning faulty products to Newegg? Is it a relatively smooth process for Australian customers?

    • yes. no.
      buy with the expectation of no warranty, aside from the 6 months from Paypal.

    • +17 votes

      G.Skill wil provide lifetime direct RMA, so no need to send things back to US, Newegg/Amazon/Etc.


      It cost me $12 in postage to Taiwan to RMA a 32GB kit last year. They sent the replacement back using DHL express.

      G.Skill, Crucial, and Geil provide excellent direct RMA support (never needed to provide receipt to obtain RMA. They only require the complete kit returned to them for RMA).

      The biggest bastards in providing RAM RMA is Corsair, as they will insist on paperwork and that the kit is sent back via the support channel in country of purchase.

      • I bought 2 x 32GB kits from Newegg in Nov, I checked with gskill beforehand about warranty and they pretty much said they handle the rma directly, you dont need to go through newegg (or whoever you purchase from).

  • In the real world, does it matter much if you have cl16 2666, 3000, 3200, etc?

    I'm running i5-8400 + (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200

    Better just having 2x16 and selling the 2x8?

    • I'd just get another 2x8GB to make it 32GB unless you want get 2x16GB so you can make it 64GB later which is an overkill imho. Assuming your mobo has 4 channels!

    • +3 votes

      Ask yourself whether you actually need more than 16GB of RAM?

      Unless you have a specific need (photo/video editing, running VM's, etc.), you're unlikely to need more than 16 and are far batter off spending money elsewhere on your system.

      • That's what I thought till I had trouble running games like Final Fantasy XV. I had to use part of my SSD as swap memory till I got more RAM. Maybe some games are terribly optimised but it's become an issue these days…

      • Yes, for the average PC user I would recommend 16GB. This is plenty for modest multitasking like an A list game with browser, firewall, AV program, torrent application, Steam client in the background. The last few versions of Windows OS use the extra RAM for caching so it is never entirely wasted, and you could always create a Ramdrive for Browser cache and temp directory.

        8 GB is only for lower end 'monotasking' machines.

        Note that faster RAM (high Hz, worse latencies) only provides benefits for a minority of programs, open world games (eg Skyrim, GTA5) and archival programs (7Zip, Winrar).

      • Yeah I do some editing. I see my committed ram is often 21gb so I guess 32 is good for me

    • RAM frequency is incredibly important for Ryzen APUs and slightly affects other Ryzen CPUs, while being fairly negligible for Intel based systems. The only real world effect of timings is that lower ones let you overclock the frequency higher.

      Yours is plenty fast enough for your system, and the amount won't be a bottleneck in games unless you have hundreds of Chrome tabs open in the background.

    • +1 vote

      In the real world, does it matter much if you have cl16 2666, 3000, 3200, etc?

      For most people, no. The memory clock and latency does matter but for most people it's far more important to have more memory than faster memory.

      I'm running i5-8400 + (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200
      Better just having 2x16 and selling the 2x8?

      Yes. Almost without exception it's better to have 32GB memory at 3000 than 16GB memory at 3200. My choice would be 32GB, no question.

      Although as with all computer gear, if 16GB is serving you well enough right now, wait for a sale. Memory prices are dropping rapidly.

  • oh man… I've got my 2x8gb recently…

    • I bought 2x4GB (Kingston HyperX Fury) today for $99… I am doing a budget build though. Still, the Gigabytes per dollar of this deal is quite a bit higher.

  • No RGB = -100 fps. /s

  • +1 vote

    Are they good for Ryzen systems?

  • All Ryzen CPU deals have ended, is this because of Gen 3 around the corner? I am looking to build a new system, hopefully a Ryzen 2700 mostly intended for software development and some gaming on the side.

  • bought - great deal…

  • I paid over $500 for my 32gb's a year ago.


  • A$268.05 is an extremely good price for 2 X 16GB.

    I paid A$658 for 4 X 16GB of the Sniper X DDR4 3000 on 22 November 2018 to NewEgg, no delivery fee.

  • Guys, I recently bought DDR4 RAM, but it wont work on laptop as it was only compatible with PC. Does anyone know if this is compatible on Laptops? I tried looking on their website but it doesn't say much neither their online chat works. Would be great if anyone can help. Thanks.

  • Desperately waiting for a motherboard that can take 8 of those DIMMs for 128GB total. For data analysis, before anyone tells me it won't make a difference!

  • Is there such a thing as RAM junkies? Looking at the comments makes me think so. 16gb is perfect for normal users I am sure of that

  • Damn, and I had just bought 16GB (2 x 8) just a couple days ago…

  • Perfect. Doing a Mini-ITX build and this is just what I was after. Thanks OP.

  • Mm, very tempting

  • is DDR4 going to be superceded anytime soon? I there a 2x 8GB available for similar value point?