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$10 Cashback on a $4.90 40GB Catch Connect SIM @ Cashrewards


We've increased Cashback to $10 for all 30 & 90 day Catch Connect plans until Feb 7. Enjoy :)

Click Shop Now from the main link and complete your purchase without leaving the Catch Connect site.
Cashback is eligible only for a new Catch Connect service (use new account with unique email address).
Cashback is ineligible when using coupon code/s not listed on Cashrewards.
Cashback is ineligible on recharges to an existing service.
To be eligible for Cashback, SIM must be activated within 30 days of purchase.
Limited to 1x 30 day $10 Cashback and 1x 90 day $10 Cashback per Cashrewards account for this promo.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • Can I use an existing account to activate a new service and get the cashback?

    • Op says no.

      • Where though?

        • +5

          Please use a new account with new/unique email address.

  • Just checking, is this considered a new promo if have purchased one lower than $10 cashback before?

    • Good question.

    • Yes, this is a new promo.

  • +1

    Can existing Catch Users take advantage if they previously signed up via Cashrewards?

    • If you mean using an existing Catch Connect account, please see OP. For the purposes of Cashback, this is a new promo so you're entitled to 1x $10 per CR account.

  • Can I put this sim in a modem or cheap phone and use it for the data?

    • +1

      Yes. That's what I do.

      • +1

        Me, too.

      • Could you please advise what modem do you use for this?

        • +1

          i use huawei E5673

          • @moonwalk: Hey, anybody else unable to hot spot from these sims? I'm rocking a Sharp dual sim phone, the Belong sim hot spots perfectly, the catch sim does not, catch cs claim no problem at their end, appreciate it if anyone has any info to share, thanks

            • @manwithtwobrains: i put it into an old telstra/zte elite mf60 and had to adjust some apn settings. wouldn't load any websites but weirdly, i got an sms through it and was able to forward that to my other number.

              checked the catch connect website and it turns out my number still hadn't been activated. just finished up a web chat with their cs saying they will "escalate it" with the activation team.

              i heard of number porting taking ages with this lot, but not regarding fresh activations…

    • Yes.

  • To get the cashback, do I need to activate within 30 days?

    • Thanks TA - just saw you have updated now

  • can i use different email accounts to one cashback account?

    • As long as there's only one $10 Cashback in your CR acct for this promo, you can do as you please :)

      • So basically the answer to his question is yes, but I'm pretty sure he was meaning to ask if he'd get multiple $10 credits to one CR account, to which the answer is no..?

  • Can I use this Sim in 4g wifi dongle?

    • +1


      • Thanks mate..

  • +1

    Do they actually check to see if you have >4 prepaid services?

    • Not that I know of, I've been getting multiple new sim cards every month and have never been 'declined'.

      • Awesome thanks!

  • +8

    I love these deals. Have made $156 (profit after cashback) so far since the beginning of 2018 plus got rid of my home broadband saving $70 a month too…

    Obviously it won't work for everyone as it depends on how much data you use, but for us it's great and mobile data has been way better than our old adsl 1.

    Some tips- make new email accounts every time to sign up for these, or with amaysim deals you can use the classic email proxy of putting +(anything) before the @ sign in your email address. For example, [email protected]

    • +1

      That's a 'classic' Gmail thing. If you don't use Gmail it is unlikely to work.

      • +1

        @Elijha For some reason it only works for amaysim though. Doesn't work for Catch or Ovo.

        • It would not be that difficult to check if the application email is @gmail and has a + in the name then deny as unique.

        • +1

          That's true, but what I've found is that it does work if you use the other Gmail technique - split your email with a full stop, like this: if your email is [email protected], you can put a full stop anywhere in it, even multiple times, and it will send it to you still. Like this: [email protected], etc. That seems to work for Catch and Ovo, even though the + does not work.

    • Zalur, what are you using as a modem/router?

      • +2

        Just an old phone mate. Wifi hotspot on 24/7.

    • Which domain new email addresses people are creating for these deals? Are they using fake ones or they have created multiple gmail, yahoo, hotmail,etc?

  • new account with unique email address

    TA, are you referring to Cashrewards or Catch Connect?

    • +2

      Definitely Catch Connect (see updated OP).

    • +3

      Catch Connect. You never need to make a new account/email for Cashrewards/Shopback to be eligble for their cashback.

  • do you need to use a new credit card?

  • +2

    Thanks again TA.
    Another 28-30 days… another SIM😀

  • If I bought the same catch connect sim using Shopback for cashback would I be eligible for this one with a different email?

    The one that was just posted before this btw

    • I am wondering the same

    • Yes :)

  • These cash rewards take months to receive the money.

    • +2

      But you do receive the money

  • +3

    Pls update to $13 cashback so bait us to use cashrewards :)

      • +5

        Please stop talking rubbish. Your intentions are clear and you’re obviously out to trash this deal. Look at the revisions for that deal then come back and comment again. It was posted at $9.

          • +5

            @DisabledUser271064: I've used CR for quite a while now and have not had any issues whatsoever. Their support great as well when I had an issue once.
            P.S I'm talking based on my experience.

            • -2

              @Smogul: Have you ever tried to file a report for missing cashback owed 'after 60 days' ?

              They completely fobbed me off, and made the excuse

              "Unfortunately we will only be able to investigate transactions that are up to 60 days old."

              Not even willing to investigate the money they owe me.

              Terrible customer service

          • +14

            @DisabledUser271064: It's obviously a user error on your end. 1000s of users here use Cash Rewards with no issues. Learn how to get your clicks tracked correctly before talking trash.

            • -2


              It's obviously a user error

              So everything is always 'user error' . And large companies never make any mistake ever

              And I suppose you are saying user error is the reason why Cash Rewards refuses to investigate ?

          • +2

            @DisabledUser271064: Never had any problems with CR & just requested $22 paid out with another $110 pending👍

            Read T&C so you understand what to do.

            Stop blaming others for your mistakes & learn from them like an adult🚨

              • +2

                @DisabledUser271064: Well sounds like you need to read more (T&C) to get what you want, so you complain less about what you missed out on by not reading.

                • -1

                  @Rather be Travelling:

                  (T&C) to get what you want

                  It's nothing to do with "what I want" , it is about customer service.

                  terrible customer service!!!

                  To entirely ignore and outright refuse a new customers claim of unpaid cashback (which should have been paid without having to go to extra effort of reporting their), all because a new user was not aware of 60 days limit, then they couldn't care less about how much they have ripped off customers, after the 60 days has passed, they just keep/void any cashback owed into their profit margins .

          • +5

            @DisabledUser271064: All my transactions were tracked, so beat that.

            • +1


              All my transactions were tracked, so beat that.

              Beat that

              Well, I made over $2,000 purchases through cash rewards, and clicks showing… Then not a single cashback is showing, and they outright refuse to investigate


              • +3

                @DisabledUser271064: Why didn;t you try to claim before 60 days after the day of purchase? Is it your fault or cashrewards fault that you didn't claim after 60 days after the day of purchase?

                • @sorasora:

                  Why didn;t you try to claim before 60 days after the day of purchase ?

                  I already had in the claim ie. I had made purchases exactly as their support had instructed me to on click through etc.
                  Obviously many new users (or anyone who is busy) are not going to be constantly checking up to see that Cash Rewards are doing the right thing, and properly processing the cashbacks owed. I shouldn't have to constantly check that they have done the right thing and processed my cashback. And if I do find an error, the fact that it has gone passed 60 days does not, justify entirely refusing to even investigate my claims.

                  Is it your fault or cashrewards fault that you didn't claim after 60 days after the day of purchase?

                  No, But it is very poor and dodgy customer service to complete refuse to look into cashbacks I am owed.

                  • +3

                    @DisabledUser271064: Why didn't you check it before 60 days if it's really $2000 purchase? It's your obligation to check if your purchase has been tracked or not.

                    • @sorasora:

                      $2000 purchase? purchases (multiple items/sales) .

                      Why didn't you check it

                      Because I expected Cash Rewards to do the right thing.

                      It's your obligation to check if your purchase has been tracked or not.

                      It's their obligation to process cashbacks and click-throughs. Customers should not have to be suffer and lose out, because of a new customer not reporting Cash Reward's error in less than 60 days .

                      • +4

                        @DisabledUser271064: It's their obligation to process tracked purchases. It's your obligation to check whether your purchases have been tracked or not, to ensure that your purchases have been tracked.

                        Your purchases were untracked,easy and simple. And you did nothing until after 60 days of purchases

                        • @sorasora: Or … They just tracked my purchases, and kept money they owe me as additional profit.

                          No way for me to know whether they tracked and profited from my clickthrough and purchase.

                          • +1

                            @DisabledUser271064: They would send you email once they tracked your purchases.
                            It would show up on your reward balance on cashrewards.

                            Why didn't you check it?

                            It's simple,if you sent inquiries regarding your untracked purchases before 60 days, they would investigate them.

                            But you didn't

                            • @sorasora:

                              They would send you email once they tracked your purchases.
                              Why didn't you check it?

                              Why didn't I check an email, which didn't come to my inbox ??? Surely your not that dumb :/ .
                              One cannot check and read an email that is not there for obvious reasons.

                              It would show up on your reward balance on cashrewards.

                              Well why would a new user be constantly logging in and checking, to see if company did the right thing or not . I expected I wouldn't be scammed and that I would receive what I'm owed from cash rewards WITHOUT having to chase it up, because they didn't add money owed to me to my balance .
                              It's a bit like 'bank error in your favour, collect $200' Cash rewards clearly is happy to steal people money owed, and keep it as an 'error in their favour' if it has passed 60 days .

                              As I said,

                              Terrible customer service from Cash Rewards

                              • +1

                                @DisabledUser271064: Is it really that hard to understand my post?

                                Why didn't I check an email, which didn't come to my inbox ??? Surely your not that dumb :/ .
                                One cannot check and read an email that is not there for obvious reasons.

                                Why didn't you check your purchases once you didn't get email confirmation in a reasonable time?

                                Well why would a new user be constantly logging in and checking

                                You don't need to be constantly logging in. You just need to send inquires 7 days after the day of purchase.

                                to see if company did the right thing or not

                                Your purchases were untracked. Simple and easy. It's your responsibility to ensure your purchases are untracked. You didn't check with them once you didn't get email confirmation after 7 days. It's simply your fault.

                                What is so hard about that?Why do you need to bold your fault?

                                You didn't chase them after 7 days and before 60 days. You didn't do anything when cashrewards didn't send you confirmation email.

                                Is it really hard to understand that Cashrewards did not get anything if you did not get anything?

                                Why the lie man? Cashback sites get kickbacks when user is refereed to a commerce site. Since your purchases are untracked, you get nothing,they get nothing, or they get very minimum. They didn't get your whole cashback

                                Cashback is paid by the sellers,not by the cashback sites.

              • +3

                @DisabledUser271064: Well, then you are obviously doing something wrong when your purchases aren't tracked. If the company wasn't honest as you claim it to be, there would be no positive votes, or do you want to claim we are bots voting for cashrewards?

                Politness can go a long way, rudeness on the other hand makes you look like a fool and will get you nowhere.

                BTW, you have time limit how long after you buy something you can ask them to look at if your purchase wasn't tracked. I wish I could buy a product and claim warranty when it breaks after 10 years even though the warranty stated was for only 1 year.

                If we are all happy with cashrewards, or 99$ of us, then you need to look at yourself only. Find out what you do wrong and it will be fixed.

                And there is no point having a discussion with you as you are not contributing anything, but keep repeating the same stuff over and over.

                • +1


                  I wish I could buy a product and claim warranty when it breaks after 10 years even though the warranty stated was for only 1 year.

                  entirely irrelevant comparison

                  As is most, if not all, of your reply.

                  Now a realistic comparative argument, would be as follows;

                  I could buy a product and claim warranty be overcharged by bank then when it breaks attempt to recover what I am owed after 10 years 60 days even though the warranty terms and conditions stated was (not allowed to claim any money owed to me, and bank gets to keep it) for only 1 year after 60 days.

                  Now would you say, that is good customer service from the bank??? to keep the money it owes you, because you are a new customer and was not aware that you had to constantly check for the company/bank' error . Or would you expect the bank to at least investigate the error in their favour ?
                  Something which Cash Rewards refuse outright to do, won't even investigate their error

                  • +2

                    @DisabledUser271064: "entirely irrelevant comparison"

                    Do you expect people to bend over for you every time you yell?

                    It is very relevant comparison. You had 60 days to contact them, which you didn't do and expect them to bend rules for you just because you are Chewybacca. Your claims are fictional just like star wars.

                    Cashrewards doesn't owe you anything.
                    1. You buy a product which is tracked if you do all the things right.
                    2. If a product is not tracked, then you contact cashrewards and ask them to investigate, within 60 days.
                    3. If it is tracked and in your account, then it is cashrewards responsibility.

                    There are several players in this transaction, not just cashrewards.

                    Your yelling still didn't help you one bit.

                    You want free stuff? Learn how to get it.

                    Problems do arise, just like with any other company, but majority is ok, otherwise cashrewards wouldn't still be here. In your case, you had your time, you didn't use it.

                    See ya.

              • +2

                @DisabledUser271064: Happened to me same, I bought air ticket through CR paying $150 more than other website expecting to get $290 back from CR. BUT I never received cashback I tried to claim within 60 days but they refused saying it never clicked through their website. I believe they are stealing people's money.

                • +2

                  @newlifeap: You're supposed to click through CR before making the purchase with adblock turned off. Not after.

                  • +1

                    @Clear: Cashrewards is ok though some of their partners have dodgy practices e.g. I bought air tickets from Qatar for $X, then out of X there were 20% of genuine taxes, 45% of "carrier imposed surcharge" and only 35% is "fare" to calculate the cashback. So for $3k of tickets, the cashback was only $10.
                    Discussed it with cashrewards support but their answer was "that's the rules" so they didn't help.

                    • @igorekh:

                      Discussed it with cashrewards support but their answer was "that's the rules" so they didn't help.

                      Cash Rewards support couldn't care less about doing the right thing, and good customer service.
                      They find any way they can to weasle out of doing what is right and what is fair .

                    • +1

                      @igorekh: If Qatar says, we are only counting 35% of the fare, then no one can expect cashrewards to pay out of their pocket. It's just how it is. Of course, that Is the problem with just about any company. You want cheaper electricity? You have to search all of the energy providers and find the best deal, and even then you might find you chose wrong as they were dodgy. It is merry go round and everyone loses as those working there too have to pay for electricity. Funny thing people are.

                  • @Clear:

                    You're supposed to click through CR before making the purchase with adblock turned off. Not after.

                    I do not even have any "adblock".
                    And clicked through cash rewards BEFORE every purchase, Not after

                    • +3

                      @DisabledUser271064: Alrighty let's take Amazon for example.

                      • Ensure CR and Amazon are logged in
                      • Go to CR
                      • Click through Amazon on CR
                      • Wait for redirection
                      • Search for product
                      • Add to cart
                      • Checkout
                      • Done

                      Now that should track for you everytime. Reasons it wouldn't?

                      • Clicking on other tabs in your browser
                      • Going to different websites
                      • Clicking out of the browser window to go to other applications
                      • Continuously removing/adding products to the cart
                      • prior to clicking through CR
                      • Antivirus installed that blocks tracking cookies
                      • Browser addins that block cookies/ads (e.g. uBlock, noscript)
                      • DNS adblockers like pi hole
                      • VPNs

                      If I make any of those mistakes, or forget to turn off my adblock I close my browser and try again. Hasn't failed me yet.

                    • +2

                      @DisabledUser271064: how come thousands of user happily use cashrewards and shopback with no problems and the hand full of people that don't get their cashback because it didn't track runs around with their head chopped off.

                      I have had nothing but excellent service from both cashrewards and shopback. Have had purchases not track and both reps happily helped and resolved them. Some in good will as there was some tracking issues other were just following up with merchants.

                      we got your message, your cash back didn't track. don't need to jump on to every cashreward post and spew the same crap. Yes, after you go on and on and on it starts to stink.

                      • @nerd1:

                        both cashrewards and shopback. Have had purchases not track

                        So this as you freely admit, seems to be a constant theme and from others comments, it happens quite often.
                        Users make legitimate purchases through Cash Rewards (and Cash Rewards are paid for this) and then customers don't receive what they are owed.

                        This error has happened to you, and many others (including myself). Only you had some purchases tracked and paid what you're owed, and others not paid what you are owed and you had to chase it up to fight to get your money owed.

                        The average new user, is not going to be fully aware of having to chase up money they are owed, due to Cash Rewards error in their favour, and is not going to know to constantly check for Cash Rewards errors and mistakes, and are not going to know all terms and conditions.

                        To outright refuse to investigate a new customers claims is just very poor customer service

                        I understand it is in their terms and conditions, somewhere… But to use this as their default excuse for error in their favour, and refuse to investigate, is just plain dishonest and unethical IMHO.

                        • @DisabledUser271064:

                          Users make legitimate purchases through Cash Rewards (

                          It's legitimate once it's tracked.

                          Your purchases were untracked and you did nothing before 60 days.

                          How hard is it to understand? Why is it a poor customer service if it's the customer's fault?

                          The average new user, is not going to be fully aware of having to chase up money they are owed

                          You are the below average user,since you refuse to acknowledge that you don't understand how it works. Don't generalize the average user to user who are not capable with basic logic.

                          When you didn't get the cashback after a reasonable times,go complain. Not after 60 days and expect to be paid and complaining about customer service.

                        • @DisabledUser271064: I guess my comment was no help then? That's a shame.

                        • @DisabledUser271064: you missed the point that they resolved my problem. I guess I did something right… perhaps its following up within 60 days of the transaction?

                          • @nerd1: I didn't miss your point, there was a problem (which you were not to blame for) and they eventually resolved it.

                            The error where customer is not at fault, is very common.

                            Given that errors on Cash Rewards end in failing to deliver customer's cashback owed to the customer. More people need to know about this issue/fault/scam

                            I am sure that I am not the only Cash Rewards new customer, who has expected Cash Rewards to have processed cashback , only to find later on that Cash Rewards failed to deliver cashback owed, then they refuse to even investigate something which is a common/known issue, even though most new users probably are not aware of full terms and conditions and this '60 days and after that we don't GAF policy'

                            Every deal from Cash Rewards cashback, IMO should have a warning;

                            Make sure you check regularly and don't allow 60 days to pass, as they often fail to process and issue cashback owed to you

                            • @DisabledUser271064: I still think you are missing the point. The point is you didn't bother to follow up and took too long. If you buy something and want to return it, a lot of stores has a generous return policy but they all have a limit as to how long they will offer the return/refund option after purchase. There is only so much they can hand hold you.

                              • @nerd1: I did not buy something then attempt to return it. So this is irrelevant.
                                It would be more like if you made a purchase drm a company overseas (and believed company was legit) , was expectinf item to take a while getting delivered from China, then it simply doesn't arrive at all

                                In such instance, would you be fine of they refused ro even investigate the matter, because it was past their 30 days limit? Would you be fine that you lose out, from an error you're not responsible for .
                                I think most here would be saying 'force card chargeback, force them to give you what they owe you' . I don't have such option or honestly I would force cashback to get the money Cash Rewards owe me .

                                The point is you didn't bother know to follow up and took too long.

                                I trusted Cash Rewards would do the right thing. My mistake there I know now . Hence trying to warn others so they don't get ripped off by Cash rewards.

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