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Nivea Roll on Anti-Perspirant Deodorant $1.75 + Delivery (Free with Prime / $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


IT'S BACK! The popular deal is on again.
Time to stock up and smell fresh.

Fresh, masculine fragrance.
Provides 48 hour anti perspirant protection.
Contains no ethyl-alcohol or colourants.

Note: also on special at Coles for $1.75 but that doesnt include shipping to your door (with Prime) or cashback.

Varities available:
Ladies: Pearl & beauty
Men: Sensitive Protect:
Men: Black and White:
Men: Stress Protect:

Sorry ladies, you only have a single option.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +9

    It's back quicker than anyone can use them lol 😁.

    • So true!

  • +5

    Half price at Coles this week

    • -1

      I said that already.

  • +1

    I recommend using scentless roll-on deodorant, doesn't interfere with any other fragrances.

    • Smells like stale sweat.

  • +1

    Its a good deal even for people for who are not on OZB but have to smell you everyday

  • +1

    I have tried other roll on deodorants in years gone past resulting in sticky armpits, how good is the Nivea Roll on Anti-Perspirant Deodorants in that regard ?

    • +1

      I found this one to be very sticky.

      Switched to this and haven't looked back:

    • Yeah it's a little sticky… or that could just be my old tshirts that are sticky and crusty lol. It's a bit thinner liquid than the others like Lynx but the roll-on part is less smooth to put on. There's not too much difference between them all though. I've been told that the Mitchum one is pretty good from a couple people.

      • Thanks maybe the Mitchum might be worth a go.

        • Mitchum is good.

          I also find rotating between brands helps 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • This deal smells

    • +10

      Just roll with it.

  • +4

    1000 votes if Lynx Africa goes on special at this price as 98.89% of Ozbargainers use that IMHO

    • +4

      I personally hate it.

    • +3

      I don't think I've used Africa once after the age of 16.

      • Sings Toto Africa

  • +2

    grabbed 5 thanks!

    EDIT: probably should have just grabbed them at coles tomorrow…oh well!

    • Delivery to your door is easier and cashback is nicer

      • This is true

    • +1

      Please make sure to distribute some in the public transport.

  • +4

    Prime + cashback beats the supermarket any day!

  • +3

    Good deal if you also need cardboard boxes and spare brown wrapping paper.

    • It is a strange feeling getting $5 worth of packaging for a $1 item

      • +1

        Brown paper packages tied up with string…

  • +2

    Please consider the environmental impact of ordering cheap products just because of the free shipping from prime.

    • Isn’t that anything purchased locally, manufactured in a third world country 🤔

      • +7

        The environmental cost of getting a truck to drive to your house just to get an $1 something item delivered. Also not to mention the packaging. It’s just seem like a waste of resource.

        • +3

          I have never had anything from amazon delivered in a truck

          Amazon doesn’t have a shop front.
          You can’t stamp amazon with a waste of resource when the millions of shop fronts that have wasted finite resources to build in the first place. That also have warehouses

          Then get daily truck deliveries that are specifically on the road to replenish that store.

          To which then you have to usually own transportation (more resources) in the first place to go there & buy that product.

          As far as I can tell amazon for now is using pre existing delivery systems.

          Unless you consciously buy & support local. Within 10-100kms max transportation footprint

    • +3

      Agreed to a degree but also think of it this way,
      Say 1 suburb has 30 people who buy this deodorant, they all go to the supermarket that’s in the next suburb, they all drive a car to get there, buy, then 30 drive back home.
      60 car trips.
      30 people buy online from this deal, 1 driver, 1 van delivers.

      A lot of factors in this are assumed and hypothetical, ie. online store sends all in one go, only takes 1 driver on 1 day & 30 people only drive directly from home to supermarket and back.

      Ultimately if everyone bought from 1 single store and the logistics of delivery was standardised, then it would be far better for the environment than everyone driving to each supermarket across the country which in turn all get restocked supplies delivered to them each day from various locations across Australia and the world.

      • +1

        1 item at a time is going to be bad so to that I agree, but I think people will get over the delivery gimmick one day and when the range expands it’ll be normal to do the weekly shop via an online central system, with the odd “oh I forgot the milk” single order along the way for human error

      • +1

        Not to mention you are already using an existing delivery backbone. Which is already on the road in the first place

        Technically prime is a paid service. shipping is inbuilt into that and the items purchased.

        So it isn’t “free” it is just competitive.

        Like $1 milk & bread at a grocery store

        • And for the record, I’m walking down to my local Coles to go buy some today in bulk because I was given an eGift card and I don’t have prime yet because the range is not large enough to justify the annual fee

  • +1

    I have about 40 of these in my wardrobe. Mum used to work for Nivea, retired a year ago, and placed a large staff stock order prior to leaving. I have enough Nivea products to see me through for 10 years.

    My point: this deodorant is great.

  • +1

    Now showing 'temporarily out of stock'

  • Never buying these price matches from Amazon again. Great for people with prime.but I have to accumulate to get to $49 but one of the previous deals Revert back to full price without realising because I get blindsided trying to reach the free shipping threshold. But great for prime members I guess.

    • +3

      Why not just get prime? If you take advantage of 1+ deals a month you've basically got your money's worth from shipping.

  • -1

    These are currently the same price at Coles at the moment.

  • Why buy it from Amazon? It is the same price at woolworths this week

    • +1

      Cashback and delivered to your door

    • Keeps the pickers fit!

  • Got 2 thanks op

  • Thanks OP. I had received a $5.00 credit on account of a pricing error on some highlighters. So, $0.25 for three, not bad. I prefer this anti-perspirant for many reasons. It's in glass, so no plastics to worry about, it smells great; not overpowering, and I personally haven't found it to be sticky at all.

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