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Samsonite Lite-Shock Suitcase from $250 (Was $579) Delivered @ Luggage Online


Up to 60% off Samsonite Lite-Shock on Luggage Online.

Extra Large, 81cm at $350 (was $899)
Large, 75cm at $330 (was $849)
Small Cabin, 55cm at $250 (was %579)

Until February 22nd or until stocks last.

All cases includes Samsonite's 10 Year Warranty.

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    • Most of these are 5 star reviews but the ones that are lower seem to have similar complaints about the fragility of the luggage. Pretty sad, would have bought :(

      • I bought mine back in 2016 for $265 (75cm) no regrets at that price, it is very light and but does feel it is kinda fragile in a way, but I also wonder if it's because since it's so light I tend to put more stuff in compare to other luggage I had in the past.

        So far only issue I had was one part of the hinge broke, which was fixed under warranty and took like 3 days or so. and no issue with the lock so far like many have experienced in the review

        • I used the Samsonite Cosmolite luggage on a trip and have to say it's very light but doesn't feel fragile. I haven't seen this one so I can't compare the two but it sounds like the quality is worse here (but it's damn cheap)

          • @BrewerHaHa: yeh sorry probably should clear it up by saying it feels kinda fragile partially because it is so light, but so far I haven't had any actual issue of it breaking or anything.

            • @yolo123456789: I was saying that the Cosmolite although light, (not as light as this I think) doesn't feel fragile.
              One hinge broke on yours so even though its covered under warranty and was repaired, it still counts as it breaking right? But anyway, I thought about buying the luggage because it's so damn light but the Amazon reviews just put me off.
              Just a quick question to anyone who knows, although the warranty is 10 years, if they stop producing this model do they still have to repair it if there's a break? Is it like GPS maps where if they stop producing your model, maps are no longer free even though is says "lifetime maps" on the box?

              • @BrewerHaHa: I only said that coz from a quick look at the 1 star review, the users seemed to have a more serious issue than what I had. But yes it's still count as broken lol

                Im only taking from my experience of using it, the hinge that was broken on mine was just partial, so it didn't really bothered me that much or affect the use of the luggage in any way, and to be honest if for whatever reason they weren't gonna fix it with warranty I would still be happy with the purchase at the price I paid for.

                by no means telling ppl to buy or not to buy, just posting my experience after 2-3 years of using it, and it's my first samsonite luggage or as a matter of fact, first branded luggage

                • @yolo123456789: Yea I get what you mean. I'm still unsure if I want to get this luggage. It would also be my first branded luggag (the Samsonite I talked about above was a loan) but I'm not a huge traveler. Maybe it'll have to be a pass
                  Anyone got the answers to the warranty question?

  • Any deal for Aspero lines?

  • Waiting for this cabin bag to get back close to $100. It looks awesome. Perfect for business trips.


    • Product weight 3.86kg. Weighs more than the stuff you can have inside it.

      • I've traveled internally within Australia a huge amount in the past 3 years and never had my cabin baggage weighed. I know Virgin and Qantas issued warnings that they will be weighing baggage from Dec onwards but I've taken about 10-12 plane journeys with them since and still never had my baggage weighed. I did see someone get their's weighed but it was only because their bag was clearly way bigger than the allowed dimensions.

        • Jetstar weighted my cabin bag,which was correct size, and my handbag.

        • Last four jetstar flights have had cabin baggage weighed. One lady "caught" with a handbag weight of 9.2kg (7kg limit)… $60 to "upgrade her luggage package" at the gate.

    • Too heavy. Not awesome at all.

  • (10yr) warranty on these things is completely pointless. I wonder if anyone has successfully claimed anything with luggage manufacturers in relation to 99.9% of damage in tramsit.

  • https://luggageonline.com.au/products/american-tourister-her...

    Do you have any discount for this one?
    and would like to know warranty information as well?
    thank you

    • I looked at Samsonite 72 hours 71 cm on luggage online and its s different size and weight than the one on Myer and Samsonite sites. The wheels are also different. Seems either old stock or counterfeit. Anyone know this seller. Looking for a good price on that item.