expired 10% off Hotel Bookings @ Hotels.com


must click through this link to be able to apply coupon code.

using the link also showed "members rates"

so booking though the regular site at the Causeway in Melb was $154. via the link with code and special rate was $127

*This coupon can only be redeemed by clicking through this email or using our app and is valid on bookings made by February 15, 2019 by 11:59 PM MT for travel between February 4 – May 31, 2019. Click here for complete details. The coupon isn't valid on most major chain hotels and can't be used in conjunction with the Hotels.com® Rewards program.

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    Dude, your name came up when clicking that link unless that's a fake name.

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    please note that rates are in US dollars.

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    As usual guys remember to compare to Cheaptickets (in USD, remember to convert!) with the 16% off code, agoda with 12% off for payments made with mastercard and expedia 11% off. Always login as well as they generally have member only prices.

    I've booked 3 different hotels recently on 3 different websites because they had the cheapest price.

    As a test I used this hotels discount code and compared it to the price I got through eat website for the same dates and same room.

    1st hotel:

    Agoda - $777.20
    Hotels - $849.48

    2nd hotel:

    Cheaptickets.com - (USD) 459.72 - approx AUD $648.57
    Hotels - 691.22

    3rd hotel:

    expedia - $92.88
    hotels - $93.82 <:: pretty great price here but lost by a pinch!

    Overall price difference vs hotels = $115.87

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      Hotels.Com has a cashback as well. It's probably not much. ALternatively, you earn a night which works out about 8% off as they are using pre-gst and fees as the value of the stay creditable in the stay 10 earn 1 free night scheme. You would still get 3% cashback.

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        Definitely something to consider too! that said I believe using a discount code can make you ineligible for cashback? I may be wrong but i've read about it for some websites.


          If the discount code is available in Cashrewards, you would still get a cashback. The question is how much.

          If you don't login or book as guest, at one point, Cashrewards would pay 10% back (last week, it was 9%). However, you don't earn the nights towards stay 10 nights and get 1 night for free and the value of cashback would be ex-GST and Tax which works out to be around 7-8% if not less.

          If you do login, then you would earn a night towards the stay 10 nights and get 1 night for free AND up to 3% cashback on Ex-GST and Tax basis (works out to be around 1-2%)

          You can check at the Cashrewards website.

          The good side of hotels.com is the Price Guarantee which will be unlocked when you have already stayed 10 nights on hotels booked from Hotels.Com.

          This, would pretty much nullify the benefit of trying to hunt for better prices (in theory, I've never actually tried claiming Price Guarantee though) AND you would access secret prices (which at a glance, I thought was quite good because I've checked RACV Cape Schanck and I got like seriously 10% cheaper than most websites other than through Qantas which is equal price).


          Lastly, book through the Hotels.com apps and you'll get 8% off although I've never claimed it coz I am too lazy to book via apps.

          So ideally, you would login into Cashrewards.Com, then go to Hotels.com and login as a member to access your secret prices and price guarantee (after already staying 10 nights on hotels booked through Hotels.com) and voila, you would in theory, get the cheapest price ever plus cashback.

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            @burningrage: The link in this deal already has its own affiliate tracking parameters. Using this link via any cashback site will not attribute the sale to said site, and therefore the sale will not track.


            @burningrage: Just wondering if anyone knows whether there is a hotel price tracker site that can notify of price drops after making a booking? Would be useful to make use of the the price guarantee if prices do drop

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              @vvti85: Not sure but if you say put in RACV Cape Schank in google, it will aggregate all available hotel sites with price.

              And thats probably how I would do it every day until I get one that is lower than my booking, screenshot and the pass to Hotels.com for price guarantee.


      each.. not eat :D

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    Always read the fine print on hotels.com codes; i once applied a 5% off code which deprived me off eligibility for the 1 free stay per 10 nights bought which is a big reason i used to use them.

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      Usually hotels.com discount codes are ineligible for their stay 10 get 1 free rewards program

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    The 10% off coupon codes are offered fairly often. They sometimes have “MOBILE10” for simply booking via their mobile website. As others mentioned here, cashback + welcome rewards (stay 10, get 1 free) is far better than 10% off codes

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    This isnt really a deal because im pretty you lose your free hotel stamps in which if you spend 10 nights in rooms via hotels you get a night free on the average cost

    Once you average out the costs in the medium term of having a free night opposed to getting 10% off…


      You should try to aim getting a Hotels.Com sanctioned percentage off (eg: 8% or 10%) AND earn the free nights as well.

      A few weeks ago, I did enter a Hotels.com code and still earn free nights (update 10.23am corrected with note below) but I do realize the latest 10% discount did not allow you to earn the free nights.

      It is true the free night is the worth the average pre-GST and Tax/Fees cost your last visits but that is why, you should try to combine it with either hotels.com codes and still earn free nights OR cashrewards standing 3% if you can have that hotels.com codes but still want to earn free nights stamp.

      Edit: Just revisited the booking and yup I saw the words no free nights earned but I still got it anyway! Lol.

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    Expedia owns Expedia, Hotels.com, Cheaptickets, Trivago and many other smaller brands.

    Their competition, Booking Holdings owns Booking.com, Agoda, Priceline.com, Kayak, Cheapflights, Momondo, Wotif and more…


    Some hotels have a best rate guarantee. And, will match it and maybe take something off via the hotels own website.

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    Always do your research and compare different sites, including the official hotel site.

    I’ve booked through hotels.com with the 10% discount only to find out that the officia hotel site offered better rates.


    Selected hotel's only?

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