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10% off All Horns - Stebel Nautilus Extreme Loud 139db (12v) $33.03 + Delivery @ Online Auto Parts


Does your Horn need attention? Just might be time for an upgrade!

πŸ“’ Grab 10% OFF* ALL HORNS πŸ’° with coupon LOUD at the checkout.πŸ‘

Listen to our wide range of quality Italian designed STEBEL Horns and our Musical and Novelty Aftermarket Horns!


  • Stebel Nautilus - Extreme loud 139dB (12v) just $33.03 (after coupon LOUD)
  • Stebel Nautilus - Extreme loud 139dB (24v) just $44.95 (after coupon LOUD)
  • Stebel Compact Earthquake - Deep sound 134dB (12v) just $53.95 (after coupon LOUD)
  • Stebel Chrome Triple trumpet - Deep sound 115dB (12v) just $51.75 (after coupon LOUD)
  • Many more horns to choose from!

Ends 28 Feb. *T&Cs apply, must use coupon code LOUD at checkout.

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  • The coupon code should be changed to Tinnitus.

    Regardless, horns that are capable of emitting noise at levels greater than 120db at a single non-varying loudness are illegal in NSW as regulated by NSW EPA.

    Other states will have similar regulations and restrictions.


  • Now I know where to go when I have trouble with my horn.

  • Hi,

    Stebel has been a world leader in automotive Horns since 1955. Volume (dB) drops over distance, example: Stebel Nautilus (24v) 139dB indicates 139dB at 10cm from horn and approx 115dB at 2 meters from Horn.

    For our musical and novelty horn range we definitely recommend checking with local authorities for regulations regarding any on-road use.

    • So from what distance is the NSW limit of 120dB measured? Which ones are legal for NSW?

      • Hi Alvian, may be best to just check with the NSW transport dept on that, though we have not heard of any issue with a Stebel single tone horn.

      • The 120 db limit is the maximum output level that the horn is capable of producing.

        Therefore, single non-varying loudness horns with a maximum output of more than 120 db are illegal in NSW.

        It should also be noted that for most novelty horns this limit is reduce to 85 db in NSW.

        This stated the chances of being caught and fined are small.

        • Regardless, of the legality the fact that 115db can result in hearing loss in 30 seconds is more concerning.

          As the sound pressure from 139 db is ~4x higher than 115 db.

          Granted you will be inside the car when the horn is sounded reducing some of the noise the risk of developing tinnitus is not worth it.

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    Whether you drive a Truck, Car, 4x4, Bus, Boat or ride a Motorcycle we have the right type of horn to ensure you’re heard

    Nothing for cyclists?

  • How hard would it be to run dual horns in your car?

    Thinking my current woosy horn for friendly goodbyes
    And these beastly horns for those other times

    I have 2 horn buttons on my steering wheel but I doubt that'd work. I'd need a separate button somewhere?

    • Hey Click_It, can't help you with an answer for that I'm afraid, maybe best to put your question out to a forum or if you have a friendly autolec, may be easier then we both think ;)

      • Yeah I didn't think this was the place to get an answer for that one, never hurts to try. Will do, cheers.

    • Hi Click_It, just an update, the steering 2 x buttons should remain as a single Horn, so that is what you would swap out your standard horn with say a Stebel Nautilus for example. You would then hook up the old standard horn to a separate button/switch. Likely you would need some AutoNova wiring kits as well ;)

      • You will think I'm taking the piss now, but I'm not.

        Do you have any that sound like the road runner (meep meep!)

        I can actually get an original from USA (circa 1960s) but they don't actually sound much like the cartoon. Newer technology could probably do better. I have a car it'd be perfect for :D

  • With shipping found it was ~$1.50 cheaper for the Stebel Nautilus - Extreme loud 139dB (12v) on eBay:!2300!AU!-1:rk:1:pf:0

    • Hi, out of curiosity ours with promo code is down to $33.03 + shipping, the eBay one is $39 + shipping, would you mind sharing the shipping details like cost and time with us? Also, if you find you need a wiring Kit for your new Horn check out out AutoNova Horn kits here:

      Either way, good choice on a Stebel ;)