Cocoon Smart Video Doorbell $99.99, Honeywell Bluetooth Deadbolt (2 Keys) $149, Cocoon 8 Camera System + 1TB DVR $299 @ ALDI


Starting this Saturday the 16th of Feb:

Deadbolt lock with Bluetooth Authentication entry

Unlock your door using keyless Bluetooth or pin pad technology
Assign digital keys for multiple users
Receive notifications when door is unlocked
Intrusion alarm alerts
Fits doors 35mm to 44mm thick
Bluetooth technology enabled
One touch locking system
Easy installation
Up to 50 programmable users
Backlit illumination
Failed attempts alarm
Adjustable deadbolt latch set fits 2⅜" (60mm) or 2¾" (70mm) backseats
Includes 2 x entry keys

Smart Video doorbell, 720p Resolution

Receive instant notifications for both motion detection and doorbell alerts to your smartphone via the Cocoon app
Live one-way video streaming and two-way audio intercom
View and talk to people when they press the bell
Recording feature: microSD card – supports max. 64GB SD card storage (not included)
IR night vision: 6 x infrared LEDS, 5-10m night vision
Built-in PIR for motion alarm and push alarm

720p 8 Security Camera with a 1TB DVR


Includes 8 high resolution cameras
Record in real time to the built-in 1TB hard drive
Advanced motion detection trigger captures any movement
Remotely view camera on your PC, iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone

HDD interface: 1 x SATA HDD, up to 4TB
Network: LAN, DHCP, Dynamic IP, DDNS and P2P
Night vision distance: up to 24m

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  • +3 votes

    how does the doorbell compare with Ring or Nest?
    Can the doorbell be hardwired?

  • +1 vote

    for few dollar more is it better buy Ring 1?


      depends if you value SD card recording vs Cloud subscription


      I somewhat regret getting the Ring 1 - the picture is massively washed out which is a known issue, this means I can't make out anything past 2 meters or so during the day (ie past the undercover doorway) - the camera however will still pick up motion past this point (even with motion alarm set as close as it will go) so will alert me to cars driving past on the road, despite the fact that you can't see them in the video (you can hear them though). It also sometimes just doesn't work or has a significant delay (this is with good speed NBN and decent wireless coverage) so you get a motion alert after a courier has dropped something off but the only thing it captured was them walking away. Its so bad I don't bother with the cloud subscription (so you only get live view and alerts, but if say someone stole a package from your door step you can't get the video). Quality wise I have a $20 xiaofang camera that is far better.
      TL;DR Version: Don't bother with the ring.


    I'm going to give the outdoor setting a go, can't remember seeing it last year.


    Manufacturer's web page of the Bluetooth lock, I think. Having read the manual I still don't know how it's advertised alarm alert works as the lock doesn't seem capable of sending alerts via a network.


    I've got a suspicion the doorbell is the same as this one.

    The Aldi one probably comes with batteries, where as the Banggood one doesn't (2 x 18650's) but includes an indoor chime which isn't mentioned for the Aldi one. ~$65 priority line delivered from Banggood. Guess can try the Aldi one for 60 days first.

    (found the indoor chime separately for about $13 delivered if wanted to take a gamble on compatibility with the Aldi one.)


      Would be interested to know if this chime works with the Aldi doorbell. It’s kind of useless without it. You can’t hear the speaker from inside and unless u are on your phone 24/7 you may miss visitors.


    Does the lock auto-unlock within Bluetooth range or do you need to unlock it via the app?


    It doesn't have Bluetooth, but I picked up this electronic lock for $89 at Bunnings.

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    One thing to note about the door bell - the doorbell is not waterproof and must be installed in a protected / undercover area (as stated in the online manual). Not sure if it can handle occasional splashes that may occur in wind driven rain.

    Another interesting line from the manual is "Battery shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like". I'm sure it would be fine to be in the sun like any other doorbell with batteries, but the disclaimer is interesting .

    Also, no replacement doorbell if it gets stolen (like Ring has). If they steal the doorbell, they also steal the SD card with the recordings on it.

    Other manual warnings:
    - if it becomes wet don't attempt to dry it in a microwave
    - keep doorbell away from open fires, stoves, etc


    The Ring app is decent, so interesting to see what the app on this doorbell is like

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    So I’ve got a Bluetooth door lock, a Kevo 2, and to be honest, it’s one of the best items I have in my house. It’s revolutionised elements of my life, when I leave I don’t need a wallet or keys, my phone provides both, so most days I just have my iPhone and car key on me, and use Apple Pay. I’ve never had an issue with the door lock, other than having to replace batteries much more often than specificed (use Ikea Ladda rechargeable), but I think that’s to do with some resistance in the strike from when I installed it. The lock itself is smart, it knows when a phone is inside and from the outside it just looks like a regular lock, no keypad. This is important as I have a period house with a heritage listing. That being said, it has an AI, so it looks for the same signal strength, meaning your phone needs to basically be in the same place each time you use it. Fine for me, because it’s always in the left pocket, but my gf moves her phone around all the time, from bags to pockets, to hand bags, and the lock doesn’t pick it up immediately. She uses a key most of the time because she can’t be bothered waiting those extra seconds. For me it picks up within 2 seconds almost everytime.

    I’ve also got a Ring Doorbell, it’s great.

    • -1 vote

      I also have bought 2x Kevos for my new house. Colleague at work who sits in the same office as me raves about it all the time.


        Make sure they are Kevo 2 and not Kevo 1. Kevo 1 looks the same but they significantly updated the internals.


          Hopefully from gen1 to gen2 they made the deadlock cylinder stronger.

          Unsure if the screwdriver plus strong twist motion will work on gen2 or not.


            @lplau: They did, they went from plastic internals to metal ones. That being said, it doesn’t matter. If someone really wants to get into your house, they’ll go through the windows. The lock is there as an inconvenience for potential thieves at best.


    Let's just hope Bunnings would match this deal so I can get the Ring :)


    Looks to be the same as the kogan which is a rebrand aswell.

    Api doesn't appear to be available. Sads.


    Doorbell is just a rebranded generic doorbell…

    couple of examples for those playing at home.


    With all the other versions of this doorbell, is there anyway to integrate it with smartthings/alexa/etc
    Ie when the ping goes off to send a push notification due to moment turn the porch lights on ?