½ Price Annalisa Canned Peeled or Diced Tomatoes, Beans 400g $0.70 @ Woolworths

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    Thanks op.
    Time to stock up for vegetable soups, autumn isn't too far away!

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    Been waiting for this for a while now. Thanks OP !!!

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    Jokes on the tomato industry I grew my own in hydroponics, only around $50 all up on nutrient, electricity costs, water costs etc. and I have about 10 jars worth of tomatoes so far. I outsmarted them!


    This doesn't appear to be working:

    All Italian tomato exporters to Australia slapped with anti-dumping measures


    Feb 2016:

    The days of cheap tinned tomatoes are over, with the federal government backing a decision to slap anti-dumping measures on two Italian giants that account for half of imported tinned tomatoes in Australia.

    The Anti-Dumping Commission found exporters La Doria and Feger di Gerardo Ferraioli guilty of dumping - selling product for less than they sell for in their own country - and causing "material damage" to the local industry.

    • reports of slave labour used to produce canned Italian tomatoes and mafia involvement *

      selling product for less than they sell for in their own country

      OT but wish they actually cared about that with our own products! Can seem to get Aussie beef, Aussie seafood, etc. for cheaper overseas than locally here and it's probably not even the "good stuff" by comparison.

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    Mamma mia!

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    The best canned tomatoes and beans! Sorry Australia

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      Once you go Mutti Polpa finely chopped tomatoes you don't go back. Frequently on sale for $1 a can.


        I'm interested…where can they be found? Don't recall seeing that brand at woolies

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        Just any Mutti tomatoes in general.

        They don't chuck additives in them like all the Australian products, just can their stuff at their peak.

        Their tomatoes are much more flavourful than ours too.

        ProTip for Pizza Sauce.

        Tin Mutti San Marzano Whole Tomatoes
        large pinch salt
        small pinch pepper
        3 fresh basil leaves

        blend it up. done. Thats the proper way!


      Yep tried to be good and use SPC/Armona ones and tomatoes not peeled properly and juice in the can more watery.

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    Do these taste better than homebrand?

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    dam, how they make money selling for 70c each you wonder..

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      By making it for less than that.


        But how?! I'm truly intrigued…considering the cost of the plantation, factory canning, logistic, marketing & wages..

        Someone in industrial engineering mind show us the figure here? Or they just take a hit in profit to gain market share?


          Scales of economy. Yes it seems unfathomable to imagine everything involved if somebody asked you to produce a tin of beans from scratch and send it to them for a dollar, but we're talking millions to billions of cans per year here. Scaling up farm size, factories, and shipping comes with dramatic increases in efficiency and economical savings.


    Do any other producers of canned products use BPA free cans? I can't find them.

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    Good deal! Also consider buying local Australian tomato brands.


    One for the preppers.