½ Price Steggles Whole Chicken $2.90kg (Was $5.80) @ Coles


Indicated price based on approx. weight. Weight may vary between 1.75kg and 2.3kg.

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    Is it halal?

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        We are all Australian:》》 a fair go for everyone

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        Lol. You will be surprised to know water is halal as well

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        you can really taste the halal



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        literally zero difference in the actual preparation, they just get someone to bless the factory, get a certification and one of the people watching the slaughtering is a Muslim (which I imagine Steggles doesn't really bother doing). Process is the same besides that.

        I refuse to eat Kosher meat because they don't stun the animal before killing it (which is illegal, but they get exceptions).

        I couldn't care less about what mumbo jumbo people pray to their sky fairies, the meat will turn out the same either way.


          Chickens don't get stunned. Electrical waterbaths are hardly effective - google it. Electrical waterbaths are useful to appease those people who wish to purchase a wrong thing a supposedly better way.


            @thevofa: Good luck on convincing people that eating chicken is "a wrong thing".

            At best I found studies that, in some circumstances, chickens aren't always stunned when they go through an electrified water bath. That's hardly "don't get stunned". The studies are usually based in the US, which doesn't have the regulations Australia does.


              @freefall101: Imagine if you spent as much time considering the atrocities we commit against animals as you do trying to justify them. Imagine.

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                @thevofa: I take it you don't have anything to backup your argument then?

                I'm not a spring chicken (pun intended), I've been to and worked in abattoirs and farms. It means I go with the lowest cruelty meat I can, which means I won't be buying any of these Steggle chickens, despite being cheaper than the carcass I bought to make stock last weekend. But I'm totally aware how much the last hour of a chicken's life sucks, which is why I support products that are as cruelty free as possible.

                I just don't judge everyone else on it while I do it.



                  I support products that are as cruelty free as possible

                  Notwithstanding the obvious exception, I'm scared to think how complicated your choices must be compared to those who don't care or those who boycott it all together. Do you carry a list of preferred slaughterhouses? What do you do for fast food? How do you politely deny offerings from others? How do others kill chickens differently from steggles? I see you've upvoted an Ingham deal in the past - how do they do it better?

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          I couldn't care less about what mumbo jumbo people pray to their sky fairies

          Careful there. That's a fine line to walk.


          May I ask whether you feel the same way towards Halal products as you do towards Kosher ones freefall?

          In Australia/NZ all Halal lamb/beef/goats etc are stunned from recollection. Chickens I doubt (but I could be wrong) as they're just put through machines which stretch out the neck & a quick slice with a mechanised knife.


            @khomeini: What kind and benevolent gods these are, that demand animals be killed according to their own special formats rather than not kill them at all.


            @khomeini: Er… not sure if you read my post properly, but to summarise - Halal is no different from any other meat in Australia (for the most part, unless you get some Islamic group that believes they shouldn't stun animals), but Kosher never involves stunning.

            Chickens are stunned, usually via an electrified water bath (they're hung upside down and get a whole lotta voltage to the brain) or, less commonly, gassing prior to the slicing.


          "sky fairies"

          Watch out. we have an 3dg3 l0rd among us.

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        Most people that outlaw halal don't understand it to begin with, with some education - that bigotry can stop.

        Firstly, the chickens are all slaughtered on a conveyor belt via a revolving blade

        The main system for halal here is that the chicken is rendered non-halal if:

        • The entire head is chopped off whilst alive (i.e the blade cut needs to be swift and sharp as to avoid all hurt)
        • The hen enters the de-feather pool still alive as to cause suffer.
        • The hens are mistreated throughout the logistics of the operation.

        Other principles of halal is that the Chickens can't be fed Pork feed.

        There is some debate around in some of the large poultry producers, a recording in the background can be heard saying 'In God's Name' as an Islamic ritual and mandate for a halal stamp, however for non-Muslims - I don't see how that changes the quality or taste.

        And there you have it folks, the halal myth is busted, you'd probably find that you will prefer a chicken distributor that follows the above instead of one that doesn't


          Thank you frostman. It is appreciated.

          One other requirement for Halal/Permissable food in the Islamic doctrine is that you should avoid slaughter of the animal in view of another
          also in the same predicament, so as to avoid unnecessary suffering.

          This would be hard to achieve in a slaughter-house and I know some traditionalists who do not eat machine slaughtered halal animals because of this and the use of a auto-recorded prayer rather than a human voice.

          As frostman started: The whole purpose of Halal is to not cause undue pain to the animal (than already inflicted), give it a drink of water before, be respectful to it, use a sharp knife and do it quickly and to say before the slaughter "In the name of God, God is most great" in Arabic.


          Halal explicitly requires the animal to be bled alive, nice try tho.


            @TsunamiInTheHouse: Do tell how, say 1400yrs or earlier, it would've been quicker and cause the least amount of pain for an animal to be killed to eat for the masses. Cutting the carotid arteries is still that. Except now we have stunning available to us.



            Halal explicitly requires the animal to be bled alive, nice try tho.

            So what method was used prior to the stunning technology? The mechanical stunner was used in the 1920s, what about the 1800s, 1700s and earlier? Are you suggesting the entire man-kind was a bunch of evil, vicious people for slaughtering cows without your stupid electro or mechanical stunner? Wake up from your Disney Land champ

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      Or you could just google Steggle Halal List?


        Thanks Blinky.

        Also check out the Steggles FAQs which state "Our chicken is Halal. However, products which contain added crumbs or marinades may include ingredients which are not halal…"


        "You will find NO CAGES on a Steggles Chicken or Turkey Farm or for that matter, on any meat chicken farm in Australia. Steggles chickens and turkeys are raised in large barns."


      Im sure the chicken suffered adequately for your unicorn riding beliefs.

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    Rspca approved??


    What do you all do with the whole chook - just roast chicken? Or cut it up? I do wonder too - is there any taste difference between these birds and the expensive organic ones, apart from the feel-good factor?

    Sometimes I find it hard to justify roasting a chicken myself when the cooked hot ones are only a dollar or two more - even though I love cooking.

    Edit - I remember reading the ingredients on these too, I think they're essentially brined with water and salts, I think it read something like 90% chicken. I guess it keeps them moist when cooked but it does add a little water weight.

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      From personal experience, after working at a Woolies deli for years, the hot chooks are Steggles or Ingham but the bird size is about 70% of the size of these uncooked varieties. So even though it costs only an extra $1 or $2 for a cooked one, you end up with a larger chicken for less if it's the uncooked one. Also, I find the uncooked ones taste much more "proper" and authentic to how chicken should taste. Give it a go.


      There appears to be 2 Stegggles chickens. The coles/aldi one is cheaper and not marinated and less tasty compared to the woolworths version which is.

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    Always comes up a treat in the air fryer

    There are always fights over the nice crispy skin


    Could never go back eating normal chickens after having the real free range from the local farm, even at $8-10/kg. The meat textures are just mind-boggling different!

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    Is this vegan, gluten and msg free?


    Whoever gave the negative vote please at least reply why


    Sill question to some I guess, but to not ask the 'silly questions' is to remain not knowing (ignorant).
    Is there a surefire and easy way to roast a raw chicken nicely, with minimal effort (leaving it in oven for hours I don't consider effort) and to ensure I won't get food poisoning.
    I have never cooked a whole chicken before (or cooked much at all tbh) and I have always generally been wary of buying/cooking anything that contains raw chicken, because of the salmonella risk. I think you're meant to use a thermometer… and, if I recall correctly from health/nutrition introduction subject at uni, food handling techniques I think say you should cook at certain temp, for certain time, to ensure all bugs are killed off in the food.

    Any easy suggestion to cook 1 of these in the deal would be great please. Maybe there is a rough formula for kg to cook-time. I really have no idea. Any times I have cooked raw chicken, I have wayyyyy overdone it, like left it on at low temp for heaps of additional time, just to make sure it's thoroughly cooked through and no salmonella.

    My mate made us all sick from chicken on BBQ once. And from what I have been told, the easy way to avoid that is to boil up chicken peices good before you BBQ. That way they are already cooked right through (and salmonella bug killed off) before it even hits the BBQ.

    And please no off topic replies saying not to eat chicken etc.
    I intend kindly euthanizing one my bro's chickens, when it gets sick of being chased by his small child and dog, and when it's simply had enough, and requests I take it's life ethically for food :)

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      Try butterflying or spatch cocking
      The bird cooks faster because there is more surface area exposed to the oven.


        Thanks. I looked at the images in link. Tbh, I wouldn't want to be so hands on with cutting it open etc. I know I should probably be fine with it, but I just would feel weird and keep thinking of it when it was alive :/ .

        I was hoping for a way just open packet, chuck it in oven somehow (without dissecting it) and have it cook good hassle free (and salmonella free). Spatch cocking seems great for a fast cook though :) I couldn't do that in images though tbh, and long cook is fine, as long as it's minimal effort, ie as long as I don't have to take it out every 20 minutes, for 6 hours, doing something each time I take it out.
        I wonder if there is like a spike thing that fits in oven would help, like at local charcoal chicken shops on spitroast or whatever you call it.

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      cook until internal temp of the thickest part is 165f/74c

      follow any decent 'roast chicken' recipe on the internet and use a decent quality thermometer to check when its done (or get a fancy one with a probe so you dont even need to open the oven.. could even notify you via your phone ;) )

      getting salmonella poisoning takes some pretty bad cooking skills or food hygiene (ie cooked food coming into contact with raw food/chopping board that had raw chicken on it etc)..


        cook until internal temp of the thickest part is 165f/74c

        So you really should have the thermometer for cooking chicken then, to be safe ?

        The notify on phone food thermometer sounds like would make it much easier

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    Bight a chicken for $7.72 and cooked it in the oven just to see if it was any good.

    The chicken is sensational and huge. Very happy with this deal.

    I highly recommend the chooks.