Melbourne to London $1099 Return with Emirates via STA Travel (For Students or Under 26)


crazy low fares to London return. Must be another loss leader

Travel 23 April to 6 June. Book by 14 Feb.

Prices require you to be either a Student or Youth (marked by the S and Y icons on the fare)

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    It's not that cheap, but airline is decent.

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      i think your getting into summer months there, so its actually fairly decent…

      so no 1 Emirates, and no 2 pretty decent dates…

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        Summer months are july/august same as their school holidays


          Guess i was thinking june is getting pretty close to there summer… but not close enough!

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        Nope, March to May are actually the cheapest times of the year to fly to Europe. You can often find return fares for around 700-800 with some Asian airlines.

        So he's right, it's not that cheap, but at least you get a decent airline and a quick connection.

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      I love how people that downvote are too scared to comment. Normally weak-minded yes men.

      The price is great for Emirates, but from Sydney it's not unusual to get below $1300 via a Skyscanner reseller for all major airlines in May if you just wait for their respective sales. And no need to be a student or under a certain age…add $50 to the above price and you'll be right.

      For reference, I travelled from Sydney to London return for $900 via Thai in May last year, because I didn't want to spend $1050 on Qatar or Etihad, or $1200 on Emirates.


    Does STA sell to non students??? Pardon the noob question.

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    You forgot to mention the inclusion of a two night free stopover in Dubai!

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    Students / under 26 only? Might want to include that in the description/title…

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    Don't forget those with the entertainment book get up to 10% off Emirates. Their saver fares (I assume this would be) still get 5% off. That is direct with Emirates but could see if STA will allow?

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    Thanks but as I'm over 26 I'll have to wait for their whites only or males only deal.

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    FYI I booked a flight to NZ with STA Travel recently - Two of us on the same booking but we ended up with two separate bookings with the airline meaning we weren't seated together etc. Not a big issue as we could fix it up at the airport, but meant we had to do some extra stuffing around.

    Otherwise no issues at all with them and everything was good (and fairly cheap at the time)

    Just a heads up for anyone booking in a party.

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    do you have to be enrolled in uni for the semester or just currently undertaking a degree?

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    Anyone under 31 can get the Youth card:
    I used to have it and get the "under 26" youth fare. No need to be a student too.

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      Loved this card. Used it for two years after it expired. Very handy for places that don't have English as a primary language!

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    We recently booked with STA. Around the world ticket for just over $2100. This was Sydney > LA. NYC > Lisbon via Frankfurt. Palermo to Munich. Munich > Singapore > Sydney.
    Pretty good deal, I reckon! Flying Qantas, Lufthansa and Singapore airlines.
    STA people were very patient with itinerary negotiations.
    Well and truly not students, although my wife is a teacher!


    Just note that you have hidden extras on emirates cheap flights. By this I mean that if you want to select your seat that this extra abd you have to to pay extra for flight up and extra fir flight back. So buyer beware.

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