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[eBay Plus] Samsung Evo 64GB 2 for $19.48, SanDisk 64GB 2 for $19.79, SanDisk 32GB High End. 2 for $18.66 @ Shopping Square eBay


BUY 1, GET 1 FREE (add 2 to cart)

SanDisk 64GB A1 micro SD $19.74 for 2

SanDisk 32GB High Endurance micro SD $18.66 for 2

Beston 12000mAh PowerBank $29.95 for 2

4000mAh Power Bank $15 for 2

Samsung Evo 64GB 2 for $19.48

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  • That's a good deal for the high endurance MicroSD card.

  • So if I want both the 32GB & 64GB cards, with the free units that come with them, I have to make two separate orders. Is that correct, OP?

  • Plus $14.95 postage?

    • In the title

      [eBay Plus]

    • I actually wonder how ebay plus has worked out for them. They've actually lost many sales from me since all this started. I refuse to pay money to be a member of a site so that I can pay money to buy things from them.

      • Tell me about it. I cancelled my Free trial yesterday, but still got charged today.

        So either the site stuffed up or my browser stuffed up. Now I'm stuck with ebay plus for 1 year.

        • If you have a way to prove you've cancelled it yesterday then you can still ask for a refund if you don't want it, I think.

          • @AussieDaddy: ebay chat reps are very good at copy and paste. Just keep repeating same line. That T&Cs state no refunds.

            They really should allow a cooling off period, or as I stated to them repeatedly, they there should be at least an email notification saying your about to be charged. It's a sneaky setup ebay have done to get a few bucks of users who forget to cancel

            • @Danstar: So did you forget to cancel before they charged you, or you definitely canceled it one day before they charged you? If you canceled one day before they charged you then their T&Cs won't apply to you and you have the right to demand a refund. And as nocure has pointed out below, if you've used PayPal to subscribe to eBay Plus then it would have been straight forward to cancel it through PayPal per the image he has linked.

              • @AussieDaddy: I cancelled it at work and I assumed it went through, we use VPN here and Chrome doesn't like it. I must've got sidetracked and completely forgot to check if I did unsubscribe successfully.

                In this instance, I'll say it didn't go through so I accept that I was still subscribed on the first day of billing, which is today. I just find it sneaky by ebay to not allow any refunds under any circumstances.

                They give no notification that you are going to be charged, other than at the initial sign up period stating you need to cancel before your trial period ends.

                My example to them was: Insurance companies send out a renewal notice before your year is up, to at least give you the chance to decide whether to continue or not and not rely solely on memory

                • @Danstar: Fair enough. I understand your frustration, mate. You have a good point. Even Amazon Prime gives you the option to be notified 2 or 3 days before your subscription expires, so eBay needs to step up its game if it needs to be competitive.

                • @Danstar: Same thing happened to me: cancelled before the end of the trial, got charged and eBay wouldn't accept that their system stuffed up and didn't register the cancellation. But I lodged a PayPal dispute and got the money back that way.

                  • @ssquid: Tried doing PayPal dispute, but after going to “report screen” I click continue and page never shows it confirms. Tried both PC and mobile

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              @Danstar: Yes, talking to the eBay reps is like talking to a Bot. At least talking to a Bot, you are likely to get a consistent answer.

        • So important to cancel the PayPal recurring payment.

        • Exact same thing happened to me. I'm guessing my browser timed out, so it was my fault for not confirming it went through.

          But contact them on the day it renewed, all I got was responses talking up the "benefits". Yet to see any great deals - meanwhile they offer deals for Ebay Plus but New Members only!

    • For $15 I expect the cards to be hand delivered on a velvet pillow.

    • An actual use for ebay Plus.. what a shocker.

  • Which of the 2 64GB ones are better? Sandisk or Samsung?

  • Has anyone tried the Powebank in the post? Any reviews please.

  • Also, 2 for $16.93 Kingston 64GB Canvas Select Micro SD SDXC C10 UHS-I U1 80MB/s Adapter SDCS 1080P

  • any 128GB deal?

  • +1 vote

    Is it a genuine product?

  • Thanks, OP. Got 2 Samsung SD cards for the price of one.

    I see Shopping Square is now Zapals Tech Corporation Pty Limited

  • Grabbed some Samsung SD cards before my plus trial ran out…woo!

  • Few months ago I ordered few things from zapal and they have never arrived. I message multiple time but they never responded… Never again zapal

    • If it's stuff coming from overseas then it can be quite tricky, but these are coming from Sydney. An SD card that I bought from one of their deals that was posted here on the 2nd of this month has arrived today. It was another eBay Plus deal (i.e., no shipping cost), so why it took 7 weekdays to arrive from interstate.

  • Would the Samsung work good on a phone?

  • I thought you could do multiple ebay plus trials but I have been charged $49 this time with no sign im on a trial. I had a one other trial last year so i think im screwed and basically just paid $49+$19.48 for these cards. You have to check your ebay balance, you dont acutally pay the first year for ebay plus until they send you their monthly invoice…

    • Update: Got out of it by deleting the ebay billing permission in paypal. Ebay tried to charge me the annual fee a few hours after I signed up but it was declined so they just cancelled my ebay plus membership. Nothing owing now but I still purchased the cards. Nice "trick" perhaps

  • This is my first purchase as an Ebay Plus member. The cart screen says "you saved $14.95 on postage" yet postage is still listed in the "confirm and pay" price at the top of the page. Am i missing a step?

  • Has anyone else noticed those poor souls who bought single units instead of adding 2 to the cart? Feel sorry for them. lol

  • nocure, all the Samsung cards have been sold out (just 1 unit remains, so can't be bought as 2 per deal).

  • Thanks OP
    Grabbed 2 of the 64GB Sandisk for my GoPro

  • The users on this site are funny sometimes.

    A user posted 6 months free ebay plus. It gets negged to hell and back. That same free ebay plus membership is needed to purchase this great deal.

    EBay plus deal

  • Sounds about right since I bought a couple of cards last week. Great deal!

  • Waiting for deal on 128Gb micro SD card.

  • Is it only a marketing ploy with high endurance ?

  • No endurance 64GB. :(

  • Did anyone receive their orders?

  • Anyone received their Samsung Evo Plus 64gb micro sd cards? I received mine yesterday, made in Phillipines but the colours of the cover looks dull and the words on the back of cover seems poorly printed like the sort you get when photocopying an original document instead of being clear. I have not tested them yet but would like to seek comments of other buyers and to raise a dispute if there are issues with the card?

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