Lots of Deals from Store Representatives

It might just be feeling this, but I am finding more and more deals are from people associated with the deals, leading me to think this is becoming more of an advertising website for businesses. Please tell me if I am wrong or exaggerating what I think.


  • Reminder: If you don't want to see rep/associated posts, you can hide them.

    Go to My Account - Edit - Deals

    Do not show deals posted by Store Representatives on New Deals listing

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    I don't understand your point? If a Business has a good deal they think is suitable to the site, they should post and the community decides whether it's good or not. Stores are also bound to posting limits, which go up or down (or temp banned) depending on how the deals go.


      Yeah actually that is true, I guess it all sorts its self out in the end.


        i actually made this point before but everyone rejected my view for some reason like how businesses can post good deals. but according to my experience most of the deals by companies are really shit deal but the ones posted by people are mostly good deals.

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    I do understand where OP is coming from and agree with what he/she is saying.

    To no discredit of ozbargain itself (I freaking love this site), I do find that too many store reps think this is just a place to post their "deal" even though 1, the RRP they list is extremely over inflated and 2, the price can be found similar or the same elsewhere. Essentially using this as a free advertising medium.

    Saying all that though the community on here is generally pretty quick to research the item and vote these type of posts down.

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    I can see what you mean with the new section currently being filled with a lot of associated accounts posting. With OzBargain's popularity growing we're going to see more associated posts, but thankfully voting will continue to play a big part of it. Want to see less of the associated deals? Upvote the normal deals more or perhaps try and find some to post, though the latter can be difficult.

    It's also important to remember that there are store and personal posting limits in place for reps. By default a store is limited to 2 posts a week, but can be increased with deals receiving enough upvotes, decreased from too many downvotes or the store can even be banned with continuous bad performance.

    The personal posting limit is in place to prevent users with multiple associations from posting heaps of deals in a short time frame. I have 5 declared associations here and without the limit I could post a minimum of 10 associated posts a week. Instead I'm restricted to a minimum of 2 with the option of 3 or 4 if my deals receive enough votes.

    More info here




        Maximum a rep can do is 4 posts a week.

        If the three most recent rep deals get double the front page minimum votes or more (currently 50 votes), the limit is increased to 4 deals per week.


    We should be encouraging them I think. Encouraging them to post better deals.


      this remind of wil anderson in gruen “I want better ads” “give me higher love; give me better ads”

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    I don't think its a bad thing. If they have a good deal, they are welcome to share it here.
    Those who post rubbish will know the scorn of the ozbargain community.


    There's a reason why the 'rep' tag function exists.

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    PJC used to defend OzBargain and hold back the tide. Maybe the associated OP mafia took him out.


      He danced too many times.

      Edit: just realised he's in penalty box. What did the wannabe mod do?


    Don't mind, as long as it's not the constant wave of "new" Amazon sellers who spam the hell out of the site.

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    Bring it on, that's how we save money, there are some great deals to be had from store reps, travel SIM cards are a good example. I do have my doubts about Kogan offerings!!.

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    A deal is a deal is a deal, regardless of who it is posted by. If you don't like a deal, you can choose not to click on it. I don't see any issue.

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    It’s a win win

    If it’s a good deal then we all benefit

    If it’s a bad deal we get free entertainment from the negs and arguments

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    You'll notice that very commonly, the store rep type deals are more heavily scrutinised than those that are not.

    Many users will do reverse image searches to find the OEM product and post price comparisons for the same item under a different flag.

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