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Wicked Wings Dinner Box - 12 Wings & 2 Large Sides $12.95 @ Selected KFC Stores


It's still on. Get 12 wings and 2x large sides for just $12.95…and feel free to use any survey freebies too.

It's not advertised but it exists on the system. I got offered this after asking the cashier if there were any current wings deals and they kindly told me about this.

I'm in SA and this has worked at 2 stores. Give it a go, can't hurt to ask.

As per this deal : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/254301

As you can see from my receipt I also made use of the 9 piece $9.95 deal currently on for Tuesdays. Yes, my receipt looks like I made the order using the App, but this deal is NOT available in the App. I ordered the Tuesday 9 piece deal using the App, then added the 12 Wing Box in-store, and then made payment there.


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