Changing a Garden Tap

Hi All,

Looking for people with plumbing knowledge.

Now I know I'm technically not supposed to do this myself as I am not a licensed plumber but I'm still going to give it a go anyway.

I have a garden tap (in my garden) that is low down near the ground. I want to change it to a tap on a post like this one

Is it as easy as cutting the pipe below where my current tap is connected and then using a bit of new pipe and some compression fittings to connect it all together?

Appreciate anyones help if you know what to do.


Photo if anyone is interested


  • I would think of the potential insurance consequences.

  • Plumbing is very easy, that said if it leaks and you flood your house thats your issue.

    • It's by my front fence on the ground, my house is raised so no problem there.

      Although my neighbors house could get flooded…

      • Yep you will be liable. Id try the route of offering a plumber friend a carton to do it.

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    DIYers usually can't/don't properly install compression fittings, so the chance of a leak is quite high.

  • Yes its that simple, make sure you turn your mains water off first though before cutting the pipe

    • Yep definitely.

    • Or don't, but make sure someone is filming your handy work.

      • +1

        Have you ever seen the water company replace the water meter on a live pipe? They did mine once, a couple of years ago. Fascinating - I'm sorry I didn't think to film it.

        • Is this a movie trailer? We need the whole story!

  • is the existing pipe pvc?

    • Copper

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        hmmmm, if it's copper I would get a plumber to come and do it properly. I've fixed busted poly and replaced leaky taps and washers no problem but cutting into metal pipe goes over my fear factor threshhold.

        • I'm either brave or stupid, I guess I'll find out which one soon enough.

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            @onetwothreefour: Just think of the feeling you'll have if something goes wrong (something always does - or is that just me?) and you can't turn the water back on until it's fixed… and you can't fix it so now you need a plumber at emergency call out rates… just the embarrassment of having to admit my stuff-up would keep me from going down this path.

            • @SlickMick: I'd never get anything done myself if I felt like that. I've been doing lots of renos the past few years so am pretty confident, just never done any plumbing work before.

            • @SlickMick: Literally just cap the pipe. It's a copper pipe sticking out of the ground outside, it's fairly low risk as far as diy plumbing goes.

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          Just letting everyone know that I changed this tap this weekend, thanks for all of the advice. No leaks yet and I still need to backfill the hole but waiting to see if it leaks over the next couple of days.

      • pvc would have been easier.
        It's still a straightforward job, if you have the right connections etc.
        Outdoors, so relatively low risk if you c0ck it up
        Let us know how you go

        • Yeah pvc would have been better, I've replaced all my stormwater pipes so pretty confident with pvc but never tried copper pipes from the main line.

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    Its not that hard, and Youtube is your friend. Go for it!

  • Watch the videos for compression fittings and follow closely. Cannot get any simpler.

    Monitor your joints. Tie some papertowel on all new joints and leave it for a few days. If outdoor, you may need to shield the paper towels if it may rain. If it is damp in the slightest…

    Good luck.

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    Do you have to be a licensed plumber to do this type of work? I would have thought it was mainly around gasfitting etc where the licensing stuff is important.

    • You're allowed to change a washer on a leaky tap other than that then you are supposed to get a licensed plumber to do it.

  • I used smartex pushfit connectors from Bunnings. Great product.
    Had tree root damage to copper pipe. Used plastic type pipe to repair. Keep connection points really clean.
    Left hole unfilled for a week. No leaks.

  • Are you sure the pipe is copper? & not galvanised pipe. I find it hard to believe it is copper for a front yard tap. If copper pipe then compression fittings & a support post, the copper is not ridged enough to support the tap being turned on /off.

    • Yeah been there - the copper bends when trying to tighten the tap fitting :(

  • Make sure pipe ends are very clean and smooth. Worked fine for me.

    • What did you use to cut the pipe?

      • Kinetic tube cutter combo pack for 1/[email protected]/4 copper pipe. About $20. Good gear.bunnings.

  • Photo of existing?

  • Garden Tap

    Changing a garden tap doesn't require a plumber.
    You need a few tools like 2 spanners, thread tape, fittings and youtube.

  • Based on the picture you don't need to cut anything.
    Take off the taps. If you can get the rusted gal 3 way off, then all you need is some new gal fittings and a length of pipe of the desired height. Refit taps.
    Make sure you support the New tap with a sturdy stake.

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