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Microsoft Surface Go Tablets - 64GB $498, 128GB $698 Pickup or + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


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  • Only 4GB, and no keyboard.
    But 10% off for anyone with a .edu address.
    You do know a student or teacher right? Neighbour's kid?

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    I'll keep saying it, the 64gb/4gb model is absolutely awful. It uses eMMC storage rather than SSD like the 128gb/8gb model (which is fine).

    It also uses 60% of available memory when it gets to Windows, without installing any other apps.

    I wouldn't give this as a gift to anyone.


    • I don't think I will ever buy a device that doesn't have an SSD installed again, It is just not worth it. It is fine for a few months and then bang goes slow. Couldn't care less if it came with 1TB of space, I'd rather a 120-240GB ssd.

    • Fine for couch / sparse use and web browsing (if you can limit tabs in Chrome).

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        Would you really spend $500 on something that is fine for couch usage if you could limit Chrome tabs?

    • Im using the 4gb 128gb ssd pro or whatever it is. That seems OK for light desktop use. I think the storage medium is far bigger concern than the memory.

      • Yes, as you are using a device with SSD rather than eMMC, when your devices pages (uses local storage to free up/,optimise memory usage), the paging time is markedly quicker. I used an sp3 pro with 4gb for 12 months and it was bearable.

  • I've had the 128GB for a couple of months (got it before christmas trip to japan) and you have to really want a surface device to get a Go. Even the 128GB version seems underpowered and can't image what the 64GB would be like to use as a daily. Would I recommend one? Probably not. For ~$1000 which is almost the cost with keyboard and pen you can get a much nicer laptop/convertible/2-in-1, or an 10.5" iPad pro.

    I got my Go NIB from ebay and it came with Win10Pro out of the box. It also came with a GB power supply so I needed an adapter. I assume it was some GB special pack with Win10Pro. I was a little bummed out about the adapter, luckily it was GB and not EU or US/Jap style as they don't feel as secure when using adapters.

    I got it mainly so I didn't have to take my MacBook Pro traveling (stupid jetstar carry-on limits). I also wanted a 2nd windows PC that wasn't my gaming rig.

    I was going to get an iPad Pro but decided on the Go because I wanted a small 2-in-1 that's 11"-12", full windows and stylus pen (not just touch). I initially bought a lenovo tablet on special at JB hi-fi but the 2 I got failed within a week of getting them. I got a full refund on the 2nd one. When they were working they were great. At 13" it was a little bigger than I wanted but they were nice.

    • recently was in this situation. Went in looking for a surface, walked out with an iPad 6th 128GB WiFi + keyboard case for $609. Its just a much better value prop for casual usage/note taking.

  • Great device, just wish it to be a like 50-100 grams lighter,the kick stand is quite useful.
    It will be great if there are proper Android build for it, andoirdX86 is not stable. :(

  • How does it compare to Surface 3? Worth the upgrade? (128gb/4gb)

  • I've had the 8gb model for 2ish months now, and i have to say its a great device, i work in it (heavy usage on VNC/team-viewer and multi tasking on excel/outlook) and it works perfectly, no hiccups or slowness (or if there is its very minimal) and the battery life seems decent enough for use

    Also works decent enough for "team building exercises" (overwatch on lowest settings at 30 fps solid)

    I'd prefer the go over the pro, purely for USB-C, (as its less adaptors to deal with)

    I have to say i'm rather happy with my go :)

  • I have 2 of the 8 gb for kids, I use them sometimes, mainly as a tablet / web based reading. Works well with chrome.
    Kids use it with pen and I find that they are really well built, reliable devices. Great cameras. Would recommend this over an ipad for most high school kids.

  • The Good Guys in Malaga WA done a bundle deal.
    Since I am not posting the Docket or new Deal,
    I thought I'd at least slip this comment here.
    Price good for the next 30~days said salesman.

    MCZ-00007 Surface Go 128GB 8GB - Platinum $678
    KCM-00015 Surface Go Type Cover Black $141
    EYU-00005 Surface Pen Charcoal $131

    Bundled 678+141+131= $950
    Current 698+149+139= $986
    Reduced by $36

    My exclusive mini review: What is good to know…

    Surface Go 128GB 8GB - Go's only one colour afaik ;)
    "Surface Connect" charger supplied is reversible
    Surface Dock available $90 less on amazon.com.au

    Near-Field Communication shown in Wireless devices:
    NFC toggle comes in next under WiFi and Bluetooth.
    (Wasn't addable to Action Center's quick actions.)
    To be tested. I intend to delve into the dev side.

    msinfo (System Information) reports (Proximity devices in devmgmt.)
    IRQ 1024 NxpNfcClientDriver OK
    Payments and NFC/SE Manager SEMgrSvc Running

    Windows 10 remains on 1803 after Updates that include Firmware too.
    90% of the pre-installed junk, isn't; just pinned Store shortcuts.

    "Windows Hello" will operate at any orientation or angle. Great!
    If it doesn't recognize you, it gives up, asking for a pin number.

    8GB running well sans Paging file with many Chrome tabs. I'm happy!

    Device encryption is on (default). All 128GB? First time BitLocker.
    (How's it work under the hood. What, at what stages, is decrypted?)

    Surface Go Type Cover Black:
    Smelly rubber on top (it's no Signature +$50+ edition "Alcantara")
    and a microfibre back has an okay smell; not a big thing. Quality!
    Backlit keyboard characters. F7 key gives three brightness levels.
    Eerie glow under the keys seen at an angle. Turn off with F7 same.

    Surface Pen:
    Smoother than texta! Very fluid. Very Nice. OK screen pointer too.

    Desires a mini bluetooth mouse beside the perfectly good trackpad.


    Performance better than my 16GB Desktop (J3710 not saying much).

    2160p60 YouTube! Hiccups should sort themselves and with tweaks.

    Who knew pinch-zooming webpages isn't crap like Ctrl -+ zooming.

    Get half a day use of 100% battery. Still worth it. Recommended!

  • Purchased the 128gb version from the sydney Microsoft store in sydney for $698 + a slipcase, pen, keyboard/cover, usb-c to hdmi adapter and usb-c to erthernet adapter, extra power adapter. I didn't know whether to ask for a discount for the extras I bought from there. Would anyone ask for a discount at the Microsoft store?