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[Steam] Free to Play : Arma 3 (14-18 Feb)


Old game with very positive reviews.Enjoy :)

Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox. Deploying a wide variety of single- and multiplayer content, over 20 vehicles and 40 weapons, and limitless opportunities for content creation, this is the PC’s premier military game. Authentic, diverse, open - Arma 3 sends you to war.

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    Multiplayer is where this game shines, once you are comfortable with the game I highly recommend checking out the Straya Gaming community for some online games.


      i didn't think those guys got many players on their servers anymore.

      one of the more populated servers is the darkside Arma 3 Combat Roleplay.


        Does depend on the time of day, during the week you won't see many people until afternoon/evening but I still expect to see 40-50+ people on the Invade & Annex server.
        Also find it does not suffer as much from people going on to be obnoxious, team killing, deliberately crashing assets etc.

        Will check out the Darkside server.

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    Leave Fortnite to the retarded kids; Arma is for the man's man.

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      'My video game is better than your video game' does make you sound like those retarded kids you so despise :P

      • +5 votes

        Clearly you play Fortnite

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          It's still on my backlog of games to try (want to play it just because it's so popular and see what the hype is about). I have like ten games to finish before I can try it though (that's what ozb does to you). Now there's apex legends too that I want to try but I have so many SP games on my backlog :(


            @Lolno234: I can't argue with that reply

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              @TheScamGuys: I do try all the controversial games so eventually I will play fortnite properly. People used to say the same about minecraft that it was only for retarded kids but I ended up loving minecraft and still play it to this day.
              I've watched people play Fortnite and it really doesn't seem all that bad so I don't know where all the hate for the game itself comes from. The way I see it, it just has a retarded community like Minecraft did.


                @Lolno234: I played Fortnite but didn't intrest me at all. Never played Minecraft but watched my nephew play it and again, not interested but can see how it could be addictive for some.
                Last time I played ARMA I had too many brownies and hid under a tree for 30min or so it was that intense.
                ARMA is a full on game if you have the time and like these types of games. Definitely nothing like Battlefield at all hence why a lot of ex sevice men and women play it.
                I would highly recommend giving it a go. Especially for free