Live near Chapel St, Melbourne? Here's (Almost) All The Local Pub/Dinner Specials

I made this because the search functions on the pub special websites like happiesthour are woeful. I'm on the Toorak Rd end of Chapel St so I omitted a few of the backstreet places on the Dandenong Rd end, such as the Mt Erica on High St. It's mostly just food as there's so many drink specials and they're usually at awkward hours where I wouldn't be able to get there from work in time anyway. If there are any good specials I've missed please let me know, especially restaurant ones as they're a little harder to track down.

Chapel Street Dinner Specials


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    This is amazing!

    If this was Reddit I would give you Gold.

    Bravo sir.

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    Not all heroes wear capes.


    can you do one for where i live

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      Maybe but I really need to get a feel for the vibe of the area to do my best work. Is there a spare spot on your couch and how good are you at foot rubs?

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    Time to cut some chap laps!


    What would be your top three faves off the list?


      While I've probably lived in the area a total of 5 years I've never made it to many of them. Arcadia is decent I've heard but that's my new local and they ran out of parmas by the time I got there at 9 this week so you can piss off if you think you're gonna start going there.

      The only place that I do know well and that I highly recommend is The Flying Duck. The food there is really good and I just really love the venue. It's a couple streets back from Chapel St and it's surrounded by massive trees and palms and sitting in the beer garden there it honestly feels like you're in the middle of a botanic gardens somewhere. Inside it's super cosy too. Haven't been there for a few years now though, so not sure what the food or clientele are like these days.

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        I was just reading about The Flying Duck as another forum group wanted a meet up there. Good to hear that its worth going to as I haven't been.


      Oh I did just add in Steer Dining Room in South Yarra. $40 for 1 main + 1 entree from selected menu, mains include 250g F1 Wagyu Rost Biff, 250g Black Angus Scotch Fillet, 250g Black Angus Porterhouse, veg and fish option also - between 5:30-6:30pm (excl. Mon and Sat).

      I went there last night and had the F1 Wagyu Scotch Fillet ($79) and it honestly just melts in your mouth like soft butter. Very keen to try out their special.


    Like your work, cheers!

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