expired [Android & iOS] Free Copy of Suburbia Game (1 Day Only, Save $10.99) @ Google Play & Apple iTunes


First post! I am a backer of Suburbia Collectors Edition on Kickstarter, and received an e-mail overnight that indicates the app is free for a limited time. Currently $10.99 on Google Play Store.

Looks like Android users can get a free copy of the App from 11am today to 11am tomorrow, and Apple users right now till midnight tonight!

Google Play -Available until 11am 18/2/19 AEDT

Apple iTunes - Expired

The e-mail is below.


As a backer of Suburbia Collector’s Edition, you will receive the opportunity to get the Suburbia app for FREE tomorrow, February 17th! This app is compatible with all smart phones and tablets :)

To download - simply type Suburbia into your search bar in your App Store and an app with a blue skyline and hex tile logo should appear that reads Suburbia City Building Board Game. It usually appears at $6.99 but when the time frame for download hits, it will say it is free/$0.

The app will be open to download at no cost from 12am GMT tonight to 12am GMT tomorrow.

The free app time period will differ according to your time zone region! Look up your times in advance to make sure you do not miss it!
Let’s take an example. The app is set for free for February 17th - The price will change at midnight (12:00:00 AM) February 17th to $0, then change back to the original price at 11:59:59 PM on February 17th.
Stay with me here… that means If you live in the US in the EST zone, that price will be in place from 3AM February 17th until 3AM February 18th.
If you live in Spain or most of Europe, that price is good or February 17th from 12AM until 12AM February 17th because most of Europe is in the CET zone. Portugal, UK and Ireland are one hour later.
If you live in Australia (with three time zones), that price is good for February 17th from 12AM until 12AM February 17th. IF you live in the WST zone, the price change occurs at 2AM February 17th through 2AM February 18th.

If you need further clarification, this is an article explaining it to app creators -

The app is currently based off the original Suburbia, but thanks to this amazing campaign, will be getting a radical Collector’s Edition makeover later this year! In the meantime, practice building out your boroughs while you anxiously await your physical game’s arrival this Fall!

Free app day is ONLY ONE DAY. Download on February 17th, as this is your only chance to receive this reward. Thank you all again for making these fabulous stretch goals possible, we are thrilled to be able to provide this to our fans!"

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