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Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 3 PC 2 Years Email Key $13.00 @ SaveOnIT


$13.00 for payment by direct deposit.

$13.26 for PayPal or credit card (2% surcharge).

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  • Thanks OP. mine is about to expire. Great timing.

  • Aren’t these deals on all the time?

  • 3pc, not for mobile devices

  • Any truth to, or do we care about Russians spying?

    Or is that just a bunch of US propaganda?

    • We're gonna build an antivirus, and make them pay for it!
      The virtual wall just got 10ft higher!

    • Even if you think Kaspersky is a good guy your data is not safe because there is no rule of law in Russia. Unless you think Kaspersky would rather be locked up in a cage like Khodorkovsky than give up your precious data. And when Khodorkovsky was arbitrarily arrested by the dictator he was a much more powerful oligarch than Kaspersky is now.

      Anyway, Kaspersky is horrible even by the dire standards of Russian oligarchs. You can see from his Wikipedia page that he has been KGB since his early 20s. As the chemical attack in England showed, there is no such thing as "ex-KGB".

      • Wow, I think your tin foil anti spyhat is too tight and cutting off the bloodflow bro

        • Ah yes, such amazing tinfoil to think that a dude who by his own admission worked for the KGB might not be totally above board.

      • +11 votes

        Americans are the Biggest cyber criminals.
        Anyone is better than them.

      • As per usual conspiracy theories invented by US intelligence being spread by people who take the news seriously.

        Can you show us any evidence beyond vague associations with bad things?

        • lol - as opposed to the conspiracy theories invented by Russian Bears & mafia, both extreme wings of Americans and Europeans, and sociopathic internet trolls, that are believed by the west's anti-American brigade…

    • Spy on what? This is fine for everyday people…Even if they were spying through this platform…You think they want to watch what everyday people are buying on Ebay?

      • You know what's fine for everyday people, and doesn't involve wasting money buying this garbage?

        Windows Defender.

        • nah i like to search freaky sites so the "Russians" can get worried when they spy on me

        • Kaspersky is not garabage. It has consistently been one of the best antiviruses for many years and provides better protection than Windows Defender. But personally, I wouldn't use either, as they slow down my computers too much.

        • Honestly - I agree - Windows Defender is fine, esp for basic use user.

      • what is wrong with windows 10 defender ….gets top marks in the PC security bake-offs.

    • Or is that just a bunch of US propaganda?


      The USA monitors the entire world while it accuses China of doing the same thing even though there is no evidence that they do this. Just like it accuses Russia of interfering in elections with laughable evidence while it bankrolls an illegal coup in Venezuela.

      Machiavelli 101 is accuse your enemies of doing the dirty tricks you are actually doing.

    • +23 votes

      Kaspersky makes a great security suite. On the cutting edge of consumer-grade malware defense. I use it. That said, I wouldn't use it if I were a person of interest to Russia. There's no compelling evidence that the Russians (or anyone else) has access to your machine through Kaspersky, indeed its rep is pretty rock solid apart from the recent suspicions cast on it by some nation-level states like the USA.

      If you think that the Russian government is interested enough in you to risk burning a theoretical Kaspersky backdoor, then try something else like Bitdefender (Romanian) perhaps. If you're not concerned about the KGB, then go right ahead.

      Kaspersky Total Security is my usual security suite. It's not perfect, but I'm happy with it. I use it on everything from a gaming desktop to a lightweight Win 10 yoga-style tablet and first gen Surface Pro without it being a drain on resources. I've put it on mobile android devices in the past without issue, but later removed it so that I can use those device slots for more vulnerable Windows machines.

      If you're the IT guru for your parents or kids, then Total Security can come in handy. After I add a device to my Kaspersky account, I can remotely virus scan it and force it to update its applications. If their computer isn't on, then the command is queued for when they next boot up and their Kaspersky connects to the internet. It also has the "Safe Money" feature which allows your folks to use internet banking and make financial purchases with a little less paranoia (so long as they've got the green border around their browser window, then their credit card number, banking details, etc aren't being snooped on).

      The Kaspersky password locker is not seamless enough, nor well developed enough, for computer noobs. It's decent for most experienced computer users, but isn't as good as ones by dedicated password locker companies such as LastPass or Dashlane (and even the best one, Dashlane, is still not "good enough for grandma" in my opinion).

      The firewall is good. I like the ability to control each application's access manually. The anti-malware services are all rock solid. I think it comes with a VPN, but much like the password locker you're better off going with a company that specialises in such things. NordVPN is the best intersection of value, ease of use, and competence, and ExpressVPN is simply the best but at 2-3 times the price of Nord.

      Kaspersky is a shotgun blast of a security suite, trying to do everything at once, and by and large it succeeds. It's my go to security suite for myself, family and friends. It's ability to run on fairly lightweight hardware without bogging it down is something I'm particularly happy with. If I wasn't able to get it cheap through Save On IT, then I'd look at other alternatives, but at a low price it makes for a fairly compelling package.

      Kaspersky Internet Security has fewer features than Total Security, but now that I look at, pretty much everything I need is in the Internet Security package.

    • The fact is you'll never know for sure. You have to use your gut instinct.

      Let's say it's worse case. The question should then be:

      'Do you want the US to spy on your or 'The Russians' spying on you'?

      Personally, I'd rather a company/country that has no physical or legal jurisdiction over me 'spying' on me. It's not like Russia can lock me up if I start doing some 'wrongthink' like the US / AUS / CIA could.

      Not to mention - the major attacks came out on Kaspersky after their software started detecting and cleaning the CIA created spyware that Wikileaks Vault 7 released…. so you can see the agenda there. The US (or rather CIA / Deep State) won't like any security company that prevents them from spying on people.



      This is why I personally go with Kaspersky - they were willing to sacrifice their corporate image to do the right thing.

  • This is standard price

  • This or Bitdefender Total Security?

    • +1 vote

      I haven't tried Bitdefender, but it has a good rep and is usually treated as the main rival to Kaspersky in comparison reviews and detection rates.

      I'm worried about how much resources it might use on lightweight machines. I know that Kaspersky Total runs well without much impact on the machines I've tried. I haven't tried Bitdefender to compare it, and haven't found any good comparisons that look at this issue in any depth (how does it impact ordinary computer use through the day, does it make things laggy, browser slower to load, new tabs, old tabs, start chewing up cpu/hdd to scan when you're trying to do other things, etc). It might run even leaner and cleaner than Kaspersky, but who knows?

      Also, how noob friendly is it? Does it come up with scary-to-noobs alerts resulting in phone calls to me from worried family members, or does it handle issues seamlessly and without notice?

      For me, it's better the devil you know, I guess. So, I'll keep using Kaspersky.

      • bitdefender harder on pc than kappa - used both

        • +1 vote

          I found this comparison which says that (as of December 2018) Bitdefender is lighter on resources. https://www.av-test.org/en/antivirus/home-windows/ I'm not sure how that test stacks up against ordinary use.

          Your real world experience is just as meaningful, so thanks for letting us know.

        • Yep I used to use bitdefender only in the past until it started limiting my internet speed out of nowhere even when I’d disable it. Their help forums didn’t solve it so I switched to kaspersky and haven’t looked back. You don’t even know it’s running it’s so light on right resources

    • If you've got a fast computer, go for Kaspersky. There's really no need pay for it as the free version is excellent. Bitdefender is very buggy. It runs fine on some computers, but has issues on other computers, so I don't recommend it.

      If your computer isn't so fast, ESET products, Panda or 360 Total Security will be a much better choice as they won't slow down your computer. Just about anything else will slow down your computer. I know this as I've tested just about every antivirus there is, including little known ones.

      • Thank you.

        I'm leaning more towards Kaspersky as $13 for 2 years is a great deal, even though I can get Bitdefender at 50% off.

        I might give those other products a go on my dad's not so fast laptop.

  • can i use the same pc and extend 3 times? (i.e 1 PC for 6 years)

    • Thought of this too but never got it to work…I think because it uses the same key it says, key is already used..possibly if u formatted your system or something (maybe delete and reinstall kaspersky?) it might work..not sure.. I just got it for one pc for 2 years for $9.99 on ebay

    • +2 votes

      No. The timer starts from when you use the key. That key gives you 3 device slots. You can swap devices in and out of those slots as you like, but they're all going to run out in two years after key activation whether you use them or not.

  • Anyone who pays for antivirus has rocks in their heads. Windows Defender is all you need.

    • Exactly. That and some common sense and you’re fine.

    • depends on whether u become a person of interest to a government agency - if you do the little extra protection is useful - so if you piss off an oz/pom/yank connected person - its well worth the extra cash- as is a vpn. To piss off someone connected is as easy as disagreeing….

      • Lol yep that's right those agencies with clear and independent oversight and 1/100th the resources of Kaspersky and his Putin pals are exactly who you should worry about looking at your meanderings on OzB

        • 'clear and independent oversight' where's that?

          Not one 5 eyes country has that - they are all more or less zero oversight.

    • +1 vote

      Windows Defender was exceptionally good for a brief amount of time. A few years, I think, right at the beginning after Microsoft bought it from GIANT Software and repackaged it in 2005. Then Microsoft let it slip and it's been terrible until last year. How long until Microsoft let this non-core product slip again?

      Windows Defender lacks heaps of features and has a high false-positive rate. It'll do in a pinch, for now. Personally, I'd rather use a security suite with a granular firewall for myself, and for the non-technical people in my life: secure browser banking and purchases, suspicious web cam access blocker, ransomware defence, software updater, mail scanner for those folks who insist on Outlook, and then there's the easy-to-manage virus scanning, virus history, and feature activation for all their connected devices from my browser.

      If I wasn't relied on by others, then Windows Defender might be worth looking at, but I'd need a much better firewall at minimum.

    • It offer good protection, but for many people including myself, it slows down their computer. I would never use an antivirus which slows down my computer significantly.

  • +2 votes

    I remember when I used to pay for an anti-virus.

    To be far, some people are that dumb that they do need a more robust AV. I know people who, somehow, still manage to get viruses.

    • +1 vote

      Yeah, it still surprises me how some people get viruses. Take my 67 year old family member, he tries to be competent with the computer and look after it himself (which is great), but when his Outlook pst file becomes corrupt (a huge, multi-gig file that stores all of your Outlook emails, and is notoriously easy to corrupt), instead of scouring the Microsoft site for an official pst file fixer, he'll end up downloading something like Super Happy Phoenix Lucky Star pst fixer and get all of the garbage that comes along with it.

      I don't want him to feel like a dumb idiot and never try to maintain his own computer. In fact, I love that he tries so hard instead of being a useless lump about it. But, it does mean that I have to spend more time fixing his computer from his IT misadventures than I'd like. Of course, he helps me out with car problems, so it's swings and roundabouts.

      He's exactly the sort of person who gets computer viruses and other malware despite putting protections in place. Hah. Wouldn't change him for the world, tho.

    • They are not dumb, they just don't know how to use Windows safely. Because I take a little bit of care, I know that even with no security software of any kind, it's highly unlikely I will ever get infected. But most people are click happy and open infected files, because they don't know any better.

  • Some free Anti V software online, I have been using them for long without any issue.

  • Very happy with Kaspersky that I purchased a couple of years ago on OzBargains.

  • I’ve not used protection for at least 10 years and never caught a thing. Save your money peeps.

  • I buy these every couple of years.

    Honestly who cares which suite is better, this deal is cheap and protects you for ages. People get hung up on this tin foil shit , when all I want is protection.

    Unless you're doing dark web shit and the best protection suite is your highest priority

  • Is it still worth purchasing AV these days? Why pay $13 when you can get one for $0? Can’t you just run free Windows Defender* + run free Malwarebytes regularly + use common sense?



    *Win Defender goes dormant when another AV is in use. which is a shame because WD has improved a lot an gets high ratings despite being free.

    • Windows Defender slows down some computers even more than Kaspersky does. I've seen forum posts from people with high end gaming desktops who replaced Windows Defender as it was slowing down their computer significantly. Having said that, some users find Windows Defender to be very light. I don't, so I won't use WD on any of my computers.

  • Sorry if it's a noob question, but is SaveOnIt legit?

  • Anything good for Mac?

  • I've had Kaspersky but switched to a Bitdefender, can get one for same price 4 years on ebay

  • OMG I didn’t know Kaspersky was Russian. I thought he’s like Bruce Lee or something.

  • whats the point of this? stop going to sketchy websites and you'll be fine with Windows Defender

  • H guys, I have activated my 1 year Kaspersky Total Security and the code can be used on two more devices if anyone interested I can give it for $10 for 2 devices. If anyone interested please pm me.

    • +5 votes

      I cant believe you are trying to sub sell……seriously. If you were giving them away…maybe, but even then not good!
      Reason: You would control them from your online Kaspersky account, as the code is managed from there i.e. a single account. You could control the other users permissions/settings etc from it couod you not?

      Best a user pays $15 for their own account and licences (exception would be sharing with family & friends).