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Xiaomi S50 Robot Vacuum $461.03 Delivered @ Ozymart eBay Store


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  • not the cheapest its been: (but that said this is quite old)
    that said the guy went to a bit of trouble to get it at that price…
    slightly cheaper here just off the bat…
    but not much… and a while ago…

    I do want to give you a plus - because its a good price, even kogan has them for like 580, and i cant seem to find them much cheaper than 530, but man, i just cant do it for a 460 vacuum…

  • Does anyone know if this will work with Mainland China servers or if you still need to use Singapore servers?

    I currently have a number of the Xiaomi Xiaofang camera's that I believe only work with the mainland China servers (or so use to be the case, if it can work with other servers such as Singapore now I would be also keen to know this as I would prefer not to use China servers if I could)…

    • Well I just bought this last week, tried to connect to China servers and it wouldn't work, so I connected to Singapore servers and seems to work well now getting firmware updates etc.

      • Thanks for the update and sharing your findings, that's not good news :-( I might need to see if the Xiaomi Xiaofang cameras can work with Singapore servers (I don't believe they did in the past)… Xiaomi seems to be a PITA with all this server 'locking' stuff…

        If anyone else has managed to get the Xiaomi Xiaofang camera's working on other servers I'll be keen to know especially the Singapore servers as Bruc3 mentioned this device works on this server just fine and would like to avoid having to login/out of various servers/accounts which would make your smart device a little less smart as you lose communication essentially when you logout of your account… hahaha

    • Yeah, this vacuum only works on the Singapore server.

      And I also have a DaFang camera which only works on the mainland China server……

      The DaFang camera is not actually listed on the Singapore server. I tried to add it to my home anyway by seelcting the xiaofang camera. It managed to add it but I get "connection error" when I tap on the camera icon on my home screen.

      I can get a video feed when I clicked "1 cam" on the top right of the app but I dont have any control over the camera motion.

      So yeah….they don't play nice..

      • Hi darwin123

        Thanks very much for sharing that, such a shame as they seem like good products but the integration and software is a little poor and lacking support (eg, IFTTT, Google Now..etc) hopefully they get this sorted

  • Under $450 from Gearbite using the same ebay code

  • I’d love to get one of the V2s, and love the positive reviews, but our house is 3 level which makes things a bit tricky.
    Top level is living and tv area, middle small area is dining and kitchen, and bottom is the hallway and 3 bedrooms/bathroom.
    I’m presuming this wouldn’t be able to cross over from the floorboards of the hallway to the carpets of the bedrooms?

    That wouldn’t be too bad, as most the cat hair and dust is in the living areas, but with 3 levels, I presume I would have to pick it up and place it in a different area each time. Would this be something it could manage (ie 3 areas) and work out for itself, or short of buying 3, should I just forget about it.

    Dedicating it to one level would be nice, but in the end probably too expensive to clean less than a third of the house..

    Cheers for any suggestions or similar scenarios!

  • The Gearbite offer has the option of combos with replacement main brush, filters, magnetic tape, main brush cover, side brushes. Do I need all of these? Do they really need that frequent replacement?