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eBay Sitewide Spend & Save | 12% off $300+ Spend | 10% off $200+ | 7% off $120+ | Max Discount $75


Something a little different from eBay. Ends at eBay's discretion. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Excluded Items: all items listed in the following categories; Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Car & Truck Parts (6030), Coins (11116), Collectables (1), Gift Cards (184609), Other Lots More Items (88433), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Tickets, Travel (11730); and all items sold by the following Sellers: Bunnings Warehouse, Fantastic Furniture, Officeworks, Target.

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Mod Note: Coupon expires 22/02 but eBay may end it earlier as per terms & conditions

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  • +1

    TA's back!

    • +8

      Back again.

    • -3

      PJC isn't :-(

    • Thanks TA 👍🏼

    • let's clear this:
      Tightarse is back
      that's a true statement

  • +11

    Not sure how they get away with % off, when discount is capped at $75.

    • +28

      Only worth it if you want to buy something that is between $300 - $625 in value.

  • +1


  • +13

    Why do they have to cap it at $75, so unreasonable.

    • +6

      So entitled.

  • Hopefully there will be discounted GC deals that can stack on this!

  • +13

    This would be a reasonable deal if the discount cap was higher, as it stands it sounds good at first glance and then… nah


  • +19

    Max discount $75 come on

  • -2

    Damn… was about to buy a bitcoin miner… 'coins' … damn you ebay! That or some new brake calipers! Still a plus from me (obviously can't control ebay)

    • +4

      That ship has sailed 6-7 years ago unless you have free electricity.

      • +1

        Hasn't everyone got 5 installed under their desk at work? Probably cheaper to run than one of those cheap blow heaters that some people use in winter?

      • Let's just say one does have free electricity. How much can be made from mining nowadays?

        • +1

          A few factors involved, but gives you a decent enough estimation.

      • Guess what…!

  • +11

    Sellers: Bunnings Warehouse

    When did Bunnings get on Ebay?

  • i'm so happy in my pants….

    $625 seems like the max discount

    • +1

      For a second there I thought you meant you found a way to get $625 off. Just to clarify we need to spend a minimum of $625 to get the max discount of $75.

      • +3

        Yeah, sorry. SPend $625, get $75 discount.

  • +13

    OK. These eBay deals are starting to suck big time. I mean… 7% doesn't even cover the GST premium added in most listings.

    Then, there's the minimum spend. No Deal.

    • +7

      Wrong. GST is only added to worldwide overseas listing where the Item Location is not Australia. It'll even say "10% GST will apply" underneath the advertised price.

      Everything else does not have GST unless the seller is a business that has already included it in their price. E.g. ShoppingExpress and not the random seller clearing out leftovers from a garage sale.

      Especially considering the new GST legislation was for stores outside of Australia to collect GST. People seem to forget that.

      • Can you claim TRS on these items now then?

    • -2

      Yep these deals only negate the GST bump on prices. Hardly exciting.

      • +7

        No there isn't. All products with their location listed as Australia have not changed. Why would they've changed?

        • because it hurt gerry harveys feelings

          • +1

            @Samsungnote10: Yeah the GST legislation is for overseas purchases which has no impact for Australian listed eBay listings. I'm not sure why it's so hard to understand for some people :)

      • +1

        And also no GST on those items with dodgy listings from 'Darwin' etc, that actually come from overseas.

        • +5

          Which is super easy to check. Excellent way to avoid GST.

  • +4

    Max Discount of $75 is just not good enough.

    It's like eBay doesn't want us to spend big or something…

    • The opposite, eBay's doesn't want to spend big (for you).

      • +5

        Well then I will take my money elsewhere. Thanks eBay.

  • +2

    Tried to see if there were any decent prices on eBay for Oculus Go to apply this code to and the sellers are asking anywhere from $50 to $100 more than what the official website sells for with free delivery. Even with this code it's still cheaper to buy it from the official source. What are these sellers smoking?

  • -2

    WOW seller of RTX 2080 quick to price jack.

    These Ebay codes are a waste of time.

  • -2

    No B28? Pass.

  • Bunnings is on ebay?

  • Has anyone got any experience of what happens to minimum spend discounts if you return something?

    • This happened to me. I roughly paid $130 which was discounted from $150 with a code. Paypal messages me saying that i have received a full refund, so i thought the seller accidentally sent too much. However, when the money finally came into my account, it was $130

      • Yeah but of that $150, $20 was paid "by paypal" (that's the way coupons appear on your paypal account) and $130 came from your credit card. So of course you only get the $130 back because that's all you paid in the first place.

        You have to be very careful when looking at the paypal transaction because it is tricky to understand. But it makes sense.

        I don't think they retroactively charge an extra 10% or whatever the discount was if the return puts you under the minimum spend. They'd have a legal battle on their hands because charging an extra $xx or whatever is pretty much them making an unauthorised purchase on your credit card.

    • +1

      Whatever amount was saved isn't refunded, as one would expect. Can you reuse the code? I don't expect so but I haven't tried.

      Or do you mean if you return half of the items and fall below the minimum spend? In that case, I'm also not sure =p

      • -1

        Yes sorry I mean partial return. E.g.

        But 3 items:

        $180 + $80 + $70 = $330

        Apply 12% discount as over $300 = -$39.6

        But then return the $70 item. Do you lose the full $39.60 discount also

        • You only lose 12% on $70.

        • Not sure, but if they charged you extra you'd have the right to unwind everything at no cost to you. Because it's pretty much them making an unauthorised purchase on your credit card if they charge you extra.

          I simply don't think they'd do it due to PR/customer service costs - it's not worth it for a few measly dollars.

        • Wow this is an unheard of tactic

    • I've got a full refund around of the start of 2018. Seller gave me full amount listed. I paid with 10% discount. So I guess I won out. PayPal would be different as they have access to see exactly what was done with the transaction.

  • +3

    Still waiting for the 20% off deal to return. Need a new TV.

  • So unless ny maths is wrong

    Up to $625 for 12% off with those exclusions is pretty good

  • Thanks TA!

  • +1

    needing some luggage wish travel wasnt excluded haha

    • +1

      Yes, why is luggage always excluded? It's just goods like everything else.

  • +2

    Looks like it is expired on 22 Feb 2019, from the popup on my account when I select item more than $200:
    "Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your coupon expires 22/02/19. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Can anyone confirm if these codes stack with live auctions when paying via paypal?

    • +3

      They work with anything, as long as you meet min spend and isn't in excluded items.

  • +2

    Good timing I need a new ergonomic chair.

    • +3

      What chair you looking at?

      • Haven't decided yet, maybe ergohuman

  • Looking for a series 7 braun shaver but they're either price jacked or people are selling as new overseas stock with no warranty.

  • I wonder if Officeworks will price match a price with this kinda promotion code from ebay?

    • +5

      No they won't

      • I had it done once. So maybe* they will

    • Trev knows what he's talking about

  • +2

    Yay! I finally got an ebay sitewide code that coincided with the item I want actually being in stock (it's been one or the other but never both).

    Spent $303. Happy.

  • +1

    Not happy, just bought an item for $250 at 9:45am, 5% code used.

    • That sucks.

      The thing I bought today ($303) I came very close to buying yesterday because I thought it would run out of stock before the next code is posted.

    • Haha I'll join you at the bar to drown our 5% sorrows (also $249). except I did mine around 1am this morning as I knew I wouldn't have time in the morning when I inevitably slept past my alarm.

  • Thanks for the post.

    But jeez, 7% off $120 spend.

  • +3

    I love all the complaints about the cap in savings. At some point, ebay will stop offering these discounts, it's wholly reliant on how good/bad Amazon does in Australia.

    In the US, you will only find eBay coupons at the end of the quarter and they are becoming less frequent. At one point, they were trying to make themselves look as an attractive takeover target, maybe from Alibaba, but nothing happened.

    • +5

      I think you'll find quite a few people are sick of eBay and would welcome their demise.

  • +3

    For an item between $300-625, this is the best sitewide sale I've seen in a loooong time.

    Rest of the sale is not too special.

  • Great thank you, have been wanting a touch screen monitor and was able to get one for $411 posted compared to $450ish cheers

  • +3

    So is it like this?

    7% off items priced between $120 - $200
    10% off items priced between $200 - $300
    12% off items priced between $300 - $625

    Or is it like tax brackets, where you get 7% of the first $200 ($14), and then 10% off the next $100 ($10), and 12% off the next $425 ($51)?
    The "End XX Feb" on eBay's banner makes me think they didn't strain their brain about it as long as I did :)

    • +1

      it's the first option.

    • +1

      It'd be easier if you just added an item to your cart and checked… But it would be the full 12% off anyway…

      • I prefer deduction over induction. Induction feels like cheating.

    • +1

      haha. You’re over thinking it.

    • I got the 12% off the full $303 I spent.

  • +2

    Great getting a Ryzen 5 2600 for $225, MSI tomahawk b450 motherboard for $169. CPU price is cheapest I've found and mobo price matches Newegg…

    • Was thinking of buying a similar combo. What RAM you grabbing?

      • I posted a deal for 3600 ddr4 from Newegg, $78 for 8gb. Buying two sticks, it ends up at $171 landed. If I can find a 3200 local deal might go for that. Link

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