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You could wait for 7th August 2024, for the PC adapter, for PC VR, it is one of the best PC VR headset, and also the cheapest:…
21/06/2024 - 17:10
RRP is not a deal, right? And making people waste money also not a deal, right? ^_^
21/06/2024 - 17:00
Ah you are right, I found it, but no stock currently:…
20/06/2024 - 13:38
Don't buy this kind of dock, it use the USB-C instead of the pogo pin like the official dock. Might as well use standard USB-C cable plug…
20/06/2024 - 13:31
No Physical Games worth to buy on XBSX, as the disc only glamorous digital key storage. 99% all XBSX disc only have the key, or some part…
20/06/2024 - 10:59
Are you sure? I never see 4060 LOQ lower than $1597 Is it the old model? The only…
17/06/2024 - 11:12
Cheaper than this but less storage: Which one is better value?
06/06/2024 - 17:24
This one? less storage but cheaper
06/06/2024 - 17:23
Same price on PSN:
26/05/2024 - 11:38
Lenovo 15.6" LOQ FHD Core i7 13620H 16GB/1TB RTX 4060 Gaming Laptop $1597 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks
The lowest price for Lenovo LOQ 15IRH8 RTX 4060, it seems, not as cheap as as Acer one, like this one only $1378:…
23/05/2024 - 14:16
What does "Vegan Society Certified" mean? Does it mean it is safe for vegan to put it in their mouth?
10/05/2024 - 11:12
Great movie, all my kids love it too
09/04/2024 - 13:33
Thank You, and seems like the Acer graphic card has bigger TGP 140W, is this correct?
25/01/2024 - 16:30
Seems the price going down to $1797.00, is this good value? Compare to Acer one?
25/01/2024 - 14:19
How is this compare to FHD Core i7 13620H 16GB/1TB RTX 4060 $1797.00? $500 more expensive but you got Core i7 and 500gb extra storage, is…
25/01/2024 - 14:18
Will this still work on xbox? I though Microsoft ban third party controller?
15/01/2024 - 10:34
In my experience, for text, laser is better, but for photo, inkjet is better if you use better special paper, but all inkjet result will be…
09/01/2024 - 14:20
I got one, good enough screen, and with the case: 32.2cm x 19.3cm x 0.9cm (the thinnest part, or 1.1cm the thickest part), without the…
05/01/2024 - 21:11
I found some game better in PC, like starfield and new Forza
06/11/2023 - 10:13
Well I went to Lenovo Legion (Gaming PC) cost me $2000+, and not as strong as XSX (but stronger than XSS), but at least I can use it for…
06/11/2023 - 10:09
With game pass, you don't need to give up the ecosystem, even you give up on the console, just go to pc.
06/11/2023 - 09:47
Will S23 FE a better choice than this? Or this still better with the Micro SD?
07/10/2023 - 12:23
Yes, I have duet5, screen is very nice. The only windows machine I think is closed to it is: Asus Slate 13 OLED, but some how they never…
21/08/2023 - 11:28
You have to play MK11 to understand the story on MK1 ^_^
20/05/2023 - 12:23
Which mesh you are using? I'm using MW6 with my PS5, no problem. But my PS5 connected to one of the MW6 node using LAN cable
28/04/2023 - 14:06
I have the MW6, also worked great and good speed so far. Btw, if you connect this from your ISP router, remember to set it to bridge, will…
28/04/2023 - 14:02
How much does it cost to do ethernet just between 2 point of the house single story?
08/12/2022 - 11:54
Pixel 6a if you want latest OS update most of the time, but I found pixel update sometimes introduce bugs. So if for non tech savy, this…
22/11/2022 - 10:40
I found the Chromecast with Google TV 4K has audio delay if you out it in surround, so it better keep it stereo.
21/11/2022 - 13:21