expired [PC, Steam] 2K Publisher Sale - Civilization VI $26.98, XCOM 2 Collection $51.64, BioShock: The Collection $19.98 & More @ Steam


Steam has the 2K Publisher Weekend on, bundles are as follows:

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - 93% off - $22.54

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Gold Edition - 69% off - $57.27

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI - 70% off - $ 26.98

XCOM® 2 Collection - 73% off - $51.64

BioShock: The Collection -75% off - $19.98

These are just the bundles there are just the individual games, most are around 75% off.

Oldies but goodies, Enjoy!

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    Sorry if I'm blind, but where/how are you getting civ6 gold edition for $26.98? I only see the base game for that price, and the gold edition as $57.27.

    Going from what I can see, WinGameStore currently has the cheapest civ 6 base game for $19.29 AUD; and Fanatical for cheapest gold edition $41.98 AUD ($37.78AUD if you apply "ONEMORETURN" coupon code at checkout for additional 10% off)


    Anybody know is that the cheapest price for the Borderlands handsome collection because I bit the bullet on it and wondering if I spent too much or this is the lowest price thanks


      I'm not sure but if you paid this price you've got one hell of a bargain.
      One of the best games I've ever played. Should get many good hours out of it.


        I didn't see it at first but there's also Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in the bundle, so it's a pretty good deal for 22 bucks.


          Yeah it has almost everything.. if it had the first Borderlands it would have been a pretty sweet buy but I can probably find a complete collection or something of the first game probably in an ebgames clearance sale or something.


      The cheapest price ever was $22.15, it is now $22.54. Courtesy of isthereanydeal.com


        That is reassuring. Thanks for the effort appreciate it.

        I wonder what it goes for on reddit or other dodgy key sites out of curiousity.


          From what I've seen this specific bundle doesn't really sell on other sites.


            @Lolno234: Yeah kinda why I jumped on it. I don't think it will really ever go below this price and ebgames don't sell it.

            Key sites might get lucky but eh I feel good supporting the developers straight out.


      ….have fun waiting for random people joining ya…..hahahaha…unless you intend on going solo or with known friends whose also keen on a run….

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