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[PC] Steam: 91% off Eidos Anthology (56 Games with DLC across 8 Timeless Franchises for $112.33 AUD)


So what do you think? I can't find any other deals around.

EDIT: I Found this deal from this week's publisher deal on Steam. (lol I'm new and it took me a few minutes to find the edit button).

I'll probably wait till the last minute to buy to see if there's any other deals.

EDIT: 25/02/2019 6:20pm Well, I've finally bought it because I could not find any other deal, I did not have any of the games, and the only past deal I could Google was around 3-4 years ago. https://isthereanydeal.com/game/eidosanthology/info/

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    All well and good but 95% of people will buy this and the games will just sit there in a backlog forever.

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    Deathtrap dungeon! bought just for that


    Solid bunch of games. dunno about the price, you can probably pick up a lot of those for a similar individual price and I’ve never been a big dlc fan. Barely get through base games most of the time

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    Most of the games in the bundle are also on pretty good discount, so even if you don't want the whole thing, there are plenty of good individual deals.


    Poor anthology given it excludes Just Cause 4.

    Some pretty ancient games in this for $112.

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      Yeah! They should be giving away their new games for free! F*** Eidos!!!


        Most of these games sell for less than $5 on promo.

        Forcing you to pay $112 and buy them all is not a good deal.

        Its supposed to be an anthology - yet misses the most expensive games in the franchises it is supposed to cover…

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          So less than $5

          Let's say that is $3 a game (excluding all the DLC included)

          3 X 56
          = $168

          $112 is still cheaper.

          And they're excluding the new games because they're new. Wanting new releases included with the other 56 games and for the same price just reeks of entitlement

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