This was posted 2 years 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[NSW] 10 Nuggets + 10 Tenders $10 @ Selected KFC Stores (Newcastle / Hunter Region) (Tuesdays)


At my local KFC (Salamander Bay, NSW) they have a big sign up today advertising a new Tuesdays 20 for $10 deal.

The deal is 10 KFC nuggets + 10 KFC original tenders + dipping sauces for $10 on Tuesdays.

Apparently it started last week, and goes for several weeks (unspecified end date).

It's definitely for a limited time.

Link is just to KFC web site but its not listed on that site at the moment.

Not sure if its limited to NSW or selected stores or whatever.
From comments below it appears not just limited to this store as there are multiple stores in the Newcastle/Hunter region offering it.

Not a bad deal given my 3 tenders for lunch today (Monday sadly) cost $6.95 by themselves….

Note potentially available everyday via the app at selected stores based on comments below. Search under NEW PRODUCTS.

According to user reports, this is available at select stores in NSW. If you have found a store near you that is doing this deal, leave a comment below. Feedback to date suggests the deal is limited to stores in the Newcastle/Hunter region.

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  • 20 = $10 = 10 + 10 = $20

    • For $10 you get 10 tenders + 10 nuggets according to the sign

      So 20 pieces of KFC product for $10

      • The original post title (pre-edit) was "KFC 20 for $10 Tuesdays - 10 Nuggets + 10 Tenders for $20 @ KFC on Tuesdays", which was pretty confusing.

  • Shame they completely ruined the dipping sauces which makes nuggets and tenders deals pretty crap

    • I dont indulge in the sauces.

      I do find that after you have eaten tenders, nuggets taste like garbage.

      The difference between fresh chicken breast and frozen processed nugget meat is night and day….

      Even if you dont eat the nuggets at all, 10 tenders for $10 is pretty damn good value…

      • "fresh" chicken breast

        • +3 votes

          Eh it's really not bad. Deliveries from refrigerated trucks come every morning at the store I work at

          • @Chaffix: Well that's good.
            On a KFC on the Northern Central Coast that definitely doesn't happen. It's never fresh, nor does it taste fresh. I've had chicken in Sydney KFC restaurants that have tasted much better.

            As for Macca's, Red Rooster etc? I won't even go there.

        • Penny if you are suggesting that KFC chicken isn't fresh, you are wrong.

          Most KFC restaurants get daily fresh chicken deliveries.

          How fresh is your chicken? -
          Very! We know fresh is best so across all of our restaurants, at least 97% of our chicken-on-the-bone, chicken fillets and strips are regularly delivered fresh into our restaurants, not frozen.

          We buy our chicken from reputable chicken suppliers in Australia like Inghams, Steggles and Golden Farms - the chicken we buy is just like the chicken you can find in your local supermarket!

          The reality is that the chicken you buy at KFC (excluding frozen nuggets, popcorn chicken and the like) is generally as fresh if not fresher than the chicken you buy in any supermarket or butcher. It's certainly fresher than the chicken served in most non-KFC restaurants.

          At KFC frozen chicken is generally used towards the end of the day on days where the fresh supply has run out.

          Suggesting KFC chicken isn't generally fresh is just fake news….

          • @aussietivoman: My KFC didn't even have frozen chicken at all, if they run out, they just don't sell any more and it's the fault of the manager for not keeping track of stock.

            • @Jasonissm: Disagree,

              2-3 people can wipe out the current stock of Chicken.

              With these larger orders all it takes is 1 person to say I would like 5 $10 orders or 5 $9.95 deals, 21 deal, all that would take is what 10 customers.

              It all adds up through the day.

              • @Tom2222: Are you referring to the cooked product? I'm talking about the raw chicken they have in the cooler room, they always have enough stock for like a couple days ahead, they don't even stock frozen chicken even for backup.

    • I thought the new sweet and sour was better… but all their sauces are pretty average.

  • anticipating them tendies

  • thats nice, but ill keep to my hot n spicy 9 for $9.95 in wa :D

  • Managed to get this deal last Thursday on the App.
    Did not seem to have any restrictions on it only being on Tuesday other than it saying (Tuesday ONLY).
    Also bundle with 2 large sides for $5.95 to add large chips and gravy and its a decent feed :)

    • Which store did you get it from on the app on Thursday?

      Might help us figure out if NSW/ACT only, or broader deal.

      • Palais (Newcastle NSW)

        • We are in the same region. Sounds like its at least Newcastle/Hunter region stores. Not clear on others yet….

        • On the App for Palais, Kotara, Mayfield, Jesmond, Warners Bay, Charlestown Square, Glendale, Belmont, Raymond Terrace, Toronto stores.

          Didn't check any others in the area. Had to search Broadmeadow to find local stores.

          Doesn't appear for Vic Gardens, Carlton (Had less options?!?), Thornbury, Burnley in VIC

          • @Tom2222: And you can order any day/time on the app at the stores that support it?

            Not just Tuesdays?

            • @aussietivoman: No idea, I'm in Victoria. I could add it to the cart and calculated the order to payment screen.

              Add Kurri Kurri to the list, going to stop the app or servers are freaking out with the searching.

              BTW those stores all had the Boneless bucket promo's as well.

    • You can get a free small chips + can for free also with survey :)

  • Salamander Bay = App Ordering Not Available

    Does your store do the Boneless bucket promo currently? Maybe it's a substitute for it.

    They did do a limited store run (NSW/ACT) with KFC 20 for $10 (10 Wicked Wings & 10 Nuggets) a long time ago.

    BTW there is a new store in Hawthorn (Vic)

    • I havent seen the boneless bucket being promoted, not to say it doesn't exist there or has previously.

      This is Tuesdays only according to the sign, though a commentor above got the deal in a different store via the app on a Thursday so maybe try the app anytime!

  • i dont think kfc will ever bring back 9 for 9 anymore

    • They did on the 12th Feb, 1 Day, App Only although the email suggested it would be longer, it wasn't.

      Lucky I bought 2 boxes of H&S and had extra pieces.

  • Still recovering from popcorn chicken

  • Not for VIC. Confirmed via support.

  • How does this compare with the $10 9 piece Original Recipe and $10 Popcorn Chicken bucket deals Kilojoules wise?
    I'm just a simple engineer looking for the highest chemical energy/co$t ratio

  • $10 entree is decent value per person.

  • Doesn’t seem to be in the app for Taree (1.5hr north of Newcastle). Will just have to go instore to check :)

  • Sally bay hey, My fav store :)

    • Keep asking them when they are going to get Online with the App ;) seems to be the only store in the area without App access.

  • Has anyone been able to get this deal, seems a bit sus?

    • 1 confirmed bought, OP saw the banner, searched stores as per above and found it in the App.

      If you want to know if you can get it, Check your local stores on the App.

    • Sus ??

      It is confirmed to appear in the app for participating stores.

      Taken today at the store:

      • Did you order it? ;)

        • Yeah. Way, way too much for 1 person.

          My missus is away OS.

          Knocked off 8 tenders + a Pepsi and chips (feedback bonuses) - the rest is in the fridge…

          10 tenders + 10 nuggets + small chips + can of Pepsi for $10 is a sweet deal :)

          • @aussietivoman: I would be buying multiple, but it seems you can get it any day until it expires, not just Tuesday.

            Think you hit the jackpot of KFC. The 21 for 21 I think will be all crap pieces they are trying to get rid of.

            Couple of long rolls from the local bakery, sweet chili sauce, lettuce and any extras in the morning, should be a great defrosted lunch.

    colonels table?
    New products?
    Build your own bucket?
    Shared meals?
    Boxed meals?

  • Yeah I had a look in the app at my local stores and couldn't see any. Looks like we're missing out.

    • Out of interest, what area are you in?

      It seems like this deal is available at most Newcastle/Hunter region stores - it might be limited to that region but we havent been able to precisely confirm that yet.

    • Sydney north west

  • Not coming up in Heidelberg.

  • Personally I think a Mod needs to review this thread and just rework it better

  • looks like it is newcastle/hunter only.

    checked my locals (wyong and tuggerah), and it is not available, but when I checked belmont it was

  • None in Sydney, the closest thing you can get is $25 regular boneless bucket.

  • Damn wish I’d read not nsw wide before went out to buy

  • -2 votes

    None in syd. Waste of time.