[PC/PS4/XB1] HITMAN 2 Starter Pack FREE


We’re excited to announce that we’re making the first location in HITMAN 2 free to play for everyone!

The start of the game brings you to the moonlit beaches and roaring waves off the coast of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, where Agent 47’s hunt for the elusive Shadow Client leads him to get caught in a dangerous turn of events. Can you get out alive? Find out for yourself starting on February 26, when we release the HITMAN 2 – Starter Pack, a FREE download on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


PS4 - https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP3969-CUSA12414...

Xbox One - https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/p/hitman-2-free-starter-pack...

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    Ehhh… it's just the prologue…

    • +3 votes

      Completely different.


        Ok… more of a teaser, then… not that that's a bad thing… but a significant discount on the game would have been nice.

        • +16 votes


          Alongside the full release of HITMAN 2, we've also released the 'HITMAN 2 - Prologue'. This free download includes access to the ICA Facility location, where 47 begins his ICA training.


          Starter Pack

          The HITMAN 2 – Starter Pack is your FREE entry into the World of Assassination and includes access to ‘Nightcall’, the opening campaign mission in HITMAN 2. You’ll get full access to the Hawke’s Bay challenges and unlocks – including hidden stashes, new starting locations and weapons that will change the way you can approach the mission.

          And yes, it's "more of a teaser, then". That's the whole point. They give you full access to 1 of the 6 campaigns in the hopes that you'll end up buying them all.

          The game was only released in November so it's not like they're just going to give away the full game for free.


    Thanks, very cool.

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    Also bear in mind that if you owned the first HITMAN GOTY you can play those missions in the new engine. Also known as the GOTY Legacy DLC.

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    The first mission isn’t that big. Doesn’t take long to finish

    • +6 votes

      The entire game isn't that long if you are trying to speed run it. The idea of the game is to finish the challenges and take out the targets using all possible methods.

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    Remember, the complete Hitman 1 is currently free on Playstation Plus for February.

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    Thanks, this is really cool, but man I'm awful at this game series.

    I tried out Hitman on game pass, just Paris for now, and I failed so many times it was embarrassing. I did finish the mission in the end, barely, with multiple casualties though.

    • +1 vote

      Watch some guides on YouTube. Once you get an idea for where to get the right disguises, the routes and timing of NPC movement, it's great.

      It is a bit overwhelming as there's so many ways to eliminate your targets.


    its like shareware again…
    its a no from me…

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