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10% off Storewide @ Priceline


Take 10% off Storewide @ Priceline

In store & Online. Includes catalogue lines & promotional prices.

*Excludes gift cards, pharmacist / pharmacy medicines & prescriptions.

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    Wentworth Point Priceline (NSW) is having a 20% off store wide sell tomorrow in store for their grand opening.

  • Any bargains?

    • No idea, the catalogue doesn't even come out until the day of the offer.

      But it is interesting for brands which are normally excluded from sales - such as Ego and Deciem.

      • Catalogue is out now. So extra 10% on top of current catalogue prices.

    • Sensodyne toothpastes are already 20% off retail price. An extra 10% wouldn't be so bad.

      • They are 50% off in Colesworth regularly.

        • Not "reguraly" anymore. Very rarely these days

    • Have posted the catalogue specials now.

  • Great I have a $5 voucher to use too.

  • "SISTERCLUB" what a brilliant use of marketing to alienate half the population.

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      mm, a coupon is a coupon my dude

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      A good chunk of their clientele are women, and as a dude I'm not even mad.

      I mean we can go all political about this but at the end of the day I'm just there to buy stuff. And if it bothers you that much you can just boycott Priceline and never buy there again, vote with your wallet in a sense.

    • Let's be real, were you ever going to buy blushes and mascaras from them?
      What's the point of marketing to the minority, (I assume you're straight) ? James Charles and the majority client base has no problem being called sister.

    • If you’re that insecure about your masculinity, I’m pretty sure you can ask for a Priceline Brother card

    • I proudly sport my bright pink sisterhood card at the checkout.

    • Don’t be that guy.

    • i think his point is if this was the other way around, there would be an outcry of sexism or masculine toxicity etc etc .

  • $9.95 postage for orders under $100

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    Just tried using the code for baby formula and it said code not valid. grrrr

  • "10% off storewide"

    provides list of exclusions

  • Priceline are quite pricey so I don’t know if 10% would cut it.
    Has anyone found an actual bargain from them?

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      Well considering that The Ordinary is very rarely discounted….

  • Code not valid :( Expired already?

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      Were you logged in?

      • Ah thanks! Code is working now!

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