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Samsung Galaxy S10e from $1099 / S10 from $1229 / S10+ $1379 + Delivery (Grey Import) @ Kogan


Supposedly Kogan has already started shopping S10 orders now.

On the downside, you don't get the free Galaxy Buds with this offer. These are wireless headphones that retail for $249 - a pretty significant compromise for getting the phone early. (You do get a free Kogan SIM card with 20GB data and unlimited calls, though.)

This offer might be for you if you want to be a super early adopter before official Australian launch and don't care for the free buds. You'll save 100+ on this grey import


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  • These are grey imports (dual Sims) and so I don't think they have Aus warranty. Someone more learned could confirm.

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      These are grey imports (dual Sims) and so I don't think they have Aus warranty.

      They would be a PRIVATE IMPORT, not a GREY IMPORT. As these phones are not being imported and sold by Kogan Australia (which would be unlawful). They are being sold by Kogan HK Limited, and imported by the Australian buyers.

      SAMSUNG Australia will not honour any warranty, and certainly will not give them their usual two year warranty.

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    Samsung AU EPP is cheaper (free postage for EPP). But, if dual SIMs is a must and you don't mind getting a non-AU charger, then I guess this one is okay if you must get one now. Warranty is also a question mark.

  • Did mentioned below

    Australian/New Zealand compliant power adapter – this is the main power supply.
    For your convenience, we may also provide an international power supply – this should be used when travelling outside Australia.

    The chipset a bit gamble thou.
    Exynos 9820 Octa, or Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855

    • Based on previous experience with the S9 Exynos debacle, the SD855 would be my pick. I am sure Anandtech will do a full review of both in due course (early report available). I have the S9 Exynos and experience it's woeful battery daily.

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        Why is there two different chipsets for different markets? It's disappointing we are given a second rate cpu compared to the US. It very much puts me off buying a Samsung.

        LG I believe will get the 855 however have cut back on other features for the Australian market.
        Nokia 9 will use the older chipset

        • Samsung is saying to Aussies: go fukc me, just buy other brands

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          From memory, Qualcomm have some US patents on the modem used in the phones, and hence Samsung are obliged to use the Snapdragon chipset in North America.

          Of course, Samsung make the Exynos, so they would prefer to use this (lower BOM) everywhere, hence why they appear to do so.

          There's a longer post here covering it too: https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/71rjyx/why_exynos_...

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    $1199 pre-order at Binglee. $100 more but you do get 2 years local warranty + Free Buds.


    • that's just the normal rrp…

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        Exactly…but better than Kogan grey stock deal for $1099 without Free Buds

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    Not a bargain but an option of having 128 gb S10/S10+ dual sim if you need. as local 128 gb is not dual sim.

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    Can anyone confirm whether Kogan are shipping the Exynos or Snapdragon variants?

    Snapdragon has already proven to be significantly faster in initial tests.

    Aussie version is the Exynos.

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    Does this come with the Galaxy buds as well?

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      sadly not

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    Amazon is rrp plus buds but can get shopback 6% almost $90 off with local warranty

  • Probably won't work with Samsung Pay here, if that's a concern. I use it every day on my current phone.

    • Can flash aussie firmware easy peasy.i did it on my Note 8 and samsung pay works fine now.
      But yeah this is not a bargain but just an option if you want 128 gb dual sim.

      • So the firmware isn't tied to a processor version?

  • WTF ? So the S10 Aussie version isn't dual sim??

    • Seems like only the S10(128 Gb and 512 Gb) and S10+ 512 GB versions are dual sim.I dont know about carrier versions though.
      So for some weird reason the S10+ 128 GB version is not dual sim and neither is the S10e


      • Have just finished chatting with Samsung and the have confirmed that only the 512GB variants of the S10 have dual sim. SPEWING as I already pre ordered S10 128gb under the impression it would be dual sim!

        • Does this include the plus version ?

      • Ah crap. So the Australian version is even more compromised. Exynos as well as only single sim (for some versions). I was wanting to get the E, just for the flat screen again. One would think being Exynos they would have made them all dual sim. Looks like I'll skip, or get an overseas version when it comes down in price.

        • One would think being Exynos they would have made them all dual sim.

          Why would they? It was the same deal with the note 9. Only the 512gB was dual sim.

  • What about extended insurance to cover any screen damage?

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    Kogan can't confirm whether exynos or snapdragon

  • Hi - I’ve put my order in with Kogan. Does anyone have prior experience with theIr delivery ? Never purchased from them before and needed the dual SIM option.

    • Yes they are ok, let us know what you think?….I got 10e for $830 in EP thingo!