Sega Genesis Flashback Mega Drive HD Console $70 (was $139) @ Big W


Sega genesis HD flash back instore or online free click collect

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    They called it Mega Drive here.

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    These have notoriously poor emulation and very poor sound. I'd avoid, even at this price.


      Do you know if they use the PAL roms or NTSC?

      PAL is a deal breaker. Otherwise I am interested in the games themselves.


        The deal-breaker is it stinks period. Nothing to do with pal/NTSC. Yeah yeah I know 50/60hz


          Well, I was hoping for a bit deeper analysis than that, but the games themselves I want to play, because I have a cherished connection to them and this console.

          But even the best games, I won't play if they are PAL versions. So the PAL issue is very much relevant.


            @lostn: What's the "PAL issue" again? Just 50 vs 60Hz?

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              @pizzaguy: The PAL games are 20% slower. Well technically, the NTSC games are 20% faster. But that is the correct speed, since the games were developed mostly in Japan and occasionally the US, both using NTSC 60hz.

              See for yourself:

              Another comparison:

              The 8 bit, 16 bit and PS2/GC era was a long era where PAL regions were treated as second class citizens receiving lazy conversions which were slower and had borders due to the difference in hz and resolution. Even when a conversion was not done lazily, you were still limited to 25/50 fps compared to 30/60.


                @lostn: Forgot to include 32/64 bit era also. And Dreamcast.

                At best, the PAL versions were running at lower framerate. But it was quite common that they looked worse (squashed), and ran significantly slower.


            @lostn: If U want a deeper analysis check Google, I'm sure you'll find it


              @bti_jet: Google says there's nothing wrong with it.

              It's the previous Mega Drive hardware that was bad.

              The Sega Genesis Flashback HD has an irritating menu system and a haphazard selection of games. But it plays the games it does have accurately and pleasantly, which is a big step up for AtGames. The previous Mega Drive hardware used far cheaper solutions, which caused the graphics and especially the sound to be notoriously terrible. This is not those products, thankfully. (Those products are still on store shelves, so don't accidentally buy that if you're looking for this!)

              Maybe that's the version you played?


                @lostn: If Google says there's nothing wrong with it, you should buy it and find out

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                  @bti_jet: I only wanted to know what you found wrong with it that google didn't. Since you were unable to mention anything, I have to tentatively assume you are making it up. Until further evidence is presented at least.

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    These things are made by atgames which are rubbish!!!

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    Expensive landfill.

    I'll wait for Sega to release a classic version.

    I can see @games mega drive having the same fate as the e.t Atari game

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    I'd buy it for 30

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    RRP $139!! What were they thinking. This isn’t 1988.


    I have one of the corded, AV ones and own one single Mega Drive cart. Interestingly, the cart runs at full speed and the audio is fine (it's Duke 3D by the way), but the built in games run like a bag of shit as others have said. Something like this is fun for a bit, and I do have to give props for letting you use real carts, but at 70 you're crazy. I got mine on an impulse buy from EB for 40 odd a whiiiile back and it, along with a modded Wii I recently stumbled into, are plugging up my old shitty ass plasma in the kitchen. For five minutes while I'm cooking some snags and feel like playing Altered Beast, the thing is alright, but if you're buying it for any more than that, I can't really recommend it.

    The PS Classic, with all it's problems and faults and shit, for a dollar less at the same store, would be a much better buy, plus you can mod it if / when you get bored of the 20 odd games on there.

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    I was just usijg RetroArch last night to smash out Streets of Rage 2. It performs fantastically and the input lag is next to nothing. This Flashback has too many issues to wnjoy games that require quick timing.


    Sega Classic Game Mega Drive Console - $49 in-store if you can find one.