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NSW Public Transport iPhone App 'Link' Promo Code Giveaway EXPIRED


Hey, back again with more promo codes for my app for those who missed out last time.

I write an app for iPhone called ‘Link’ which provides an interface for 131500. Recently, Apple has lifted the restriction on promo codes, and they are now available worldwide instead of just in the US iTunes store. As a result, I have a few codes to give away to you.

Anyway, check the link for more information. The direct link to the app on the iTunes store is http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/link/id383833328?mt=8

The first 50 eligible posts in this thread asking for a promo code will be sent one via OzBargain. There are just a few conditions:

  • As suggested by moderators, this competition is open to existing members of OzBargain only. Only users with an account created before today (3 April 2011) are eligible.
  • Please post a new comment as opposed to replying to someone else’s comment.
  • After you make a post here requesting a code, please contact me through OzBargain's contact form (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/32369/contact). This is because there's a limit to how many messages I can send. I'll get back to you by email.
  • As this app is only relevant to NSW, please do not ask for a promo code if you do not need it.
  • If you got a promo code last time, please consider letting other people have a go. Thanks

I’ll send out the codes via e-mail as soon as I get the chance. If you've waiting for yours for a while, please bear with me. I'll post a list of winners once I've sent out all the codes.

Also last time, some members did not have a working e-mail address. Please make sure the e-mail address set to your OzBargain account is correct.
Good luck!

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  • Great! First post

    • -1

      hahaha hey acky it's mao~! =P

      • haha hey

  • Looks like it'll be very useful app.
    Thank you for the promotion code.

  • Thanks, gonna give it a try.

  • -1

    A great app and if I had an iPhone I would be most willing to pay for it so if you want to give me an iPhone I'll buy the app, haha :) Great idea and from the last thread it sounds like it was a good app :p

  • Missed out last time, so thanks :D

  • +1

    I would like to use your app please.

    • +2

      already rec'd code - thanks, that was quick!

  • Promo code please, thanks

  • I would like a code, thank you.

    • +1

      Received my code in a matter of minutes! Thanks!

  • Would love one too, thanks!

    • +6

      What's with all these people wanting a code and not voting for it!

  • Code for me please :) Thank you.

  • i'd like a code also, cheers!

  • Hi, thankyou, I would be interested in this application. Much appreciated as I Missed out last time.

  • Even I would like a code,Thank you

  • Would like a code too.. Thanks!

  • I would like a code too thanks

  • Me!

  • Missed out last time, thanks for the code.

  • code please

  • +3

    Why are people who are based in Melbourne (according to their profile) asking for this?

    • +1

      They're probably interested on how it stacks up to the free Metlink one, although you can see a preview on the site anyway so theres not much need

  • i will like a code aswell

  • Wow, received mine already :))

  • Hi could i get one

  • code please, thanks

  • Can I get the code please?

  • Hope there's some left, thanks.

  • Hey guys I'm gonna go to bed, so I'll sort out the rest of the codes tomorrow evening.

    If you're requesting a code, please make sure you post a comment here BEFORE e-mailing me. Thanks!

  • 17 minutes and might not get one, what a show! Here's hoping…

    • +2

      Very fast response, thank you!

      For the benefit of others, use the code by opening iTunes, going to the iTunes Store, hitting the "home" button (picture of a house in the black menu bar at the top) then going to the right column and clicking "Redeem" under "Quick Links".

  • I would like to use your app please.

  • code please

  • Got my code super quick too. Thanks again! Am downloading it now.

  • +1

    Where do you enter the code?

    • +1

      In the redeem section of iTunes.. the same way you do gift cards.

      • +2

        Sorry didn't mean to minus, meant to plus. My clumsy fingers on this iPhone :(

  • code pls

  • Would love a code please sir.

  • Yes please! Thanks!

  • I would like a code please

  • I'd like a code please.

  • Thanks for your product, looking for the code please

  • +4

    To get quicker results, simply vote

    edit: 75 clicks , 71 comments — awesome

  • Code please! Great work!

  • got one..Thanks acky

  • code please!

  • 41st request? :S

    Edit: 44th comment :p

  • me2

  • Code pls

  • Request!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • great job! i'd like to have a code please

  • me me me I need one please

  • can i have a code please

  • I would like one please :)

  • cheers!

  • Wouldn't mind a code if still available, thanks.

  • could I have a code please

  • would love one if not too late…..

  • I'd like to have one, Thanks!

  • Code Please Thanks :)

  • Can I please get one, thanks!

  • Code pls

  • I'd like a code please.

  • Promo code please??

  • yes please

  • Send mea the Promo code please

  • hope i am not too late

  • Yes please

  • promo code please

  • Unlocked Code, please

  • Cheers dude!

  • +2

    Haha nice work Xiao.
    I knew that acky alias was you :P
    (btw no need for code, let someone else have it :) just wanted to post a comment lol)
    Thumbs up for this post.

    • Hey is that Alvien? :)

      • Rofl yep :)

  • Can I get a promo code please

  • Can I get a code please?

  • Could I please get one?

  • Can I have a code please? Thank you.

  • can i have the code please? thanks

  • Can i have one please?

  • thanks champ, code please :P

  • May I have a code please? Thanks - A definite NSW resident.

  • code pls, thanks

  • can i have the code?

  • code please

  • code please? :)

  • code please…

  • what's the go with requesting a code but not positive voting…. let's show some appreciation, hey?

    … and what's with all the mexicans (vics) requesting codes???

  • Code plz Thanks

  • send me a code please!

  • code please…Thanks Zillion!

  • Code me if it gets this far.

  • I'm excited! Can I have a code too please?

  • Code please! Hope I'm not too late…

  • Is there an Android alternative for this? (asides from TripView)

    Tripview doesn't have the GPS sensing and I travel by buses a lot.

  • thanks, always wanted an app like this :)

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