Battery Operated Lawn Mower

I’m after a very good battery operated lawn mower for my father

He is 70yrs of age and it’s becomung a struggle to cut the grass with his current mower

One that has easy height adjustment as the level of the grass can vary

Don’t care about the price really just want the best and easiest one for him

Thank you


  • Ego Power Plus. Just bought one a week ago after a lot of feedback and comparing.

    • We have the self propelled version of the Ego and it replaced our old petrol mower. Starts first time every time with push of the button, no smells or petrol or oil to worry about and super easy to use because of the self propelled bit. Just need to walk behind it and turn it.

      My 11 year old has taken over the mowing now (he wants the pocket money).

    • i have had an Ego self propelled for a couple of years and it has been excellent. Very easy to use and with the 7.5ah battery it will do a lot of yard without recharging.

    • With the ego one do you find the front of the mower digs in to ground while mowing

      This is a problem he has with his current one and it’s a struggle to mowe straight without having to yank the machine

  • Get a self propelled mower

  • Self propelled Petrol with key start is another option

    You have the benefit of easy start with more power

  • How big is the lawn area and what type of grass?

    • This makes a big difference.

      Small yard, frequent mow or short grass and you don’t need the best.

      For refeeence I have a 36v Ryoji mower. It does around 250m2 of lawn on a 5ah battery, unless I’ve been slack and the grass is thick in spots. In that case it uses a bit more power from a second battery - which I use in the whipper snapper as well so I don’t need to recharge mid mow. It is easy to adjust the height, nice and light to lift around and fairly quiet.

    • Normal grass area not sure about how big the front lawn is but let’s say it can easily fit 4 cars on his grass

      Also his got his back which isn’t that big

  • If you want the easiest option just get him a roomba for lawns


    Have you thought about paying someone else to do it for him?
    And because of his age you could actually get it subsidised, if I was you I’d get onto my aged care
    (if you’re not already) and see what services they could offer him, they also could help him with other stuff like house cleaning, food prep and so on.

    • He was paying someone to do it but at this age even if it’s $50 it’s kind of a lot of money for them to spend every 2-3 weeks


        Through your local council it’ll be much much cheaper, if they offer it. If they don’t, my aged care can connect you to a provider that would be able to do it for a reduced cost (don’t quote me on this but from my experience it’s usually anywhere between $5-15 per hour depending on the provider) but again you’d have to get my aged care to do a assessment and take it from there.

        • Thank you I just wrote a email to my local council to see if they offer any assistance though it’s highly unlikely

          About the age care not sure if my dad will be entitled to it

  • I am a lady of senior years (but young at heart lol) who has been using this for the last 6 years…<3 it!! It's like a big plastic toy, so light and easy and it does a great job. Available at Mitre 10 it says:

  • I've been using an Enviromower mowers for about 12 years now (it is an original Enviromower and not the model after Victa bought the company and then closed down those elctric mowers). I tend to buy second hand ones every 5 years for $100 and a new battery for $100 and away I go.

    Anyway, from my point of view the things you should check out are

    1. Weight - if your dad is old you really want to make sure it easy to move around (I saw one review for the Ego Power Plus that said it was very heavy)
    2. Run time is important if your lawn is big but not that important if it is small. Lithium ion seems to be the go now rather than the lead acid battery I have
    3. Battery replacement cost - or even if you can buy replacements. My mower uses standard 12V lead acid batteries that can be bought anywhere - but they cost about $110 for a replacement set as the mower is 24V
    4. Size of the blades. Mine has a small foot print and the blades dont reach the edge of the wheels so it struggles if you dont have edging
    5. I dont know about the new mowers but mine doesn't love long grass - normally means I have to cut it at least twice lowering the mower blades after each run

    I also find it helps a lot if the blades are sharp so I sharpen them once a year - easier cutting and the battery lasts longer

    But like all products, differing people will have differing needs

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    Ryobi have just bought an electric reel mower if you want that nice turf finish. It's $199 which does not include charger and batteries and is probably only suitable for smaller amounts of lawn say less than 100m2

  • Lawn mowing man $30-$40 per cut

  • If he can still physically mow the lawn then it’s great exercise and I would encourage you to help him continue to do it.

  • don't get an 18v mower, get a 36v or more
    this is the one I bought 6 months ago & I love it
    yes, I am old & I love the self propelled part :)

  • Hi Layla11, I can't recommend a mower to you but yours was the nicest forum submission I can recall reading since I don't know when.