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10% off New Samsung Galaxy with Bonus Galaxy Buds (RRP $249) | S10e 128GB $1077.30 | S10+ 128GB $1347.30 @ The Good Guys


For those pre-ordering the new Samsung S10/S10+ who want the Galaxy Buds (RRP $249), there is a below code that you can generate which gets you 10% off the RRP.

10e 128GB $1077.30 (RRP $1197) | S10 128GB $1347.30 (RRP $1497)

Using a 10% off discount code generated here.

Ends this Monday @ 11:59PM

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Isnt the S10E $1077?

    • yes, my mistake - fixed. thanks

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    Advertising buds on ozbargain?! That’s a paddlin’

    • I think you’re overstating the value of a Galaxy S2…..

  • WB14A671J

    Here's one

  • +2

    Not bad with discounted gift card to save a little more. Even better if you are going overseas get TRS

    • +1

      But it's over 1k. Means you have to get someone else to carry it back. A bit hard if travelling solo. I was told they are marking high value TRS claims on passports now.

      • Not sure if 1000 ish counts as high value. I did heard that people carry back 300k watch and got caught.

        • +2

          If you look on the form you fill out for entering Australia, there is a checkbox which asks if "you are bringing tax-less items over 900 AUD of value into Australia". I've heard people say customs account for depreciation, but not exactly sure how it works.
          I've been taken aside before when bringing back TRS'd items of around 1500 AUD, but they just let me go after inspecting the items I brought back.

          • @Zackyis: Then I think ask someone else to bring back is the way

            • +1

              @ce5himm: Yeah just give it to whoever you are travelling with. That's all you need to do. Pity my next trip is solo

          • @Zackyis: What did you say to them to get out of paying back the tax? Was it marked in your passport for them to pull you aside on the way back?

            • @Sammyboy: I ticked the box on the form when I came back into Australia. There was no marks on the passport or anything. I didn't say anything, just stood there and watched as the officer inspected.
              I ticked the box because people were talking about customs being super strict on TRS items on Ozbargain (just like now). Didn't really want to risk paying double the Tax and having a dent on my records.

              • @Zackyis: I was speaking to someone who bought an expensive watch and they marked it on the passport. But all they did was give the watch to partner. And they saw some woman getting done on jewellery which she was stupid enough to wear it all!

          • @Zackyis:

            I've heard people say customs account for depreciation, but not exactly sure how it works.

            Someone on WP said the TRS counter person they dealt with said they deduct 30% for depreciation since it's not new anymore when you bring it back in. The TRS person I spoke to confirmed that they do take into account depreciation, but I didn't ask if it was 30%.

        • I claimed a 16k purchase without issue. That said, I still got someone else to bring my back just in case but I was not flagged when I came back in.

      • It's bluffing. Nobody is allowed to check your luggage when you come back because of this . Unless you are too honest to tell custom official that you bring it back.

  • Upvote for TGG not removing the S10 preorders like Bing Lee recently did with their 15% off sale. If you have access to RACQ rewards or similar for discounted gift cards, then this deal is just as good.

  • I just messaged Amazon to price match or I will cancel the 2 X S10 plus order with them.

    • I just cancelled my order for the S10 Plus 128GB with Amazon AU.

      There's no escaping the fact that you're getting the S10 Plus for the same price as the vanilla S10.

    • I just messaged Amazon to price match or I will cancel the 2 X S10 plus order with them.

      Did they do it?

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    Details are wrong in title it's the S10 plus thats $1347.30.

    • thanks Jklaro; fixed.

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    If you only want the buds and not the phone, after the phone releases, the buds will be all over ebay and gumtree. You can get some genuine discounts if you wait another week.

  • Anyone know if you can select the colour of your buds?

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      I heard they are all white for pre orders

    • +1

      White only.

      • That seriously sucks. I never use white headphones.

  • Can only choose delivery for the pre-order. Anyone have previous experience with pre-ordering from the good guys in the past?

    • Reading the Whirlpool thread for the S9.. it seems TGG don't deliver on release day.. Probably the following week.

  • Dual SIM?

  • +1

    You need to pay $5 for shipping and it won't be delivered till the following week. Amazon you get it on Friday with $80 cash back. So this is $65 cheaper but have to wait 4 or so days for delivery.

    • Its actually $91 cheaper after cashrewards.

  • Officeworks are $1349 for S10, $1.70 more for those that don't get the code.

    • Post title is wrong. The Galaxy S10 Plus is $1347.30.

  • How to get discounted TGG gift card?

  • Tried every browser, but couldn't get the code to appear. If anyone have spare, please PM me. Thanks in advance

  • I had the pop up code when I was browsing last night but didnt bother to take a screenshot. Loos like the code has stopped this morning.

  • +1


    • Hi mate.
      thank you for sharing, i have used this code.

  • WB1N0B83J

  • How do you redeem the buds? Do GG provide them or do you have to go to Samsung and redeem them (followed by a wait to get them)?

    • They should arrive with the phone.

  • WARNING: if the codes are unsuccessful you have the funds taken out of your account
    you can only tell if its unsuccessful when you go through check out and purchase the product

  • Those wanting a discount code, please use the classifieds section - wanted section instead of commenting. Thanks.

  • The price for the s10 at checkout I get is 1347 without any codes. I think they've just adjusted the base pre-order price?

    • Ok, repeating myself again. The post title has a mistake. It's the S10 PLUS that is $1347.30 - once you enter the code.

      • +1

        thanks doze; fixed the title.

  • Has anyone had any orders cancelled yet? Or does it seem TGG are following through with everything?

    • My order from last night has moved to processing. I think its going through.

    • Moved onto processing as well.

  • just wondering which colour everyone is getting? I ordered the Prism White but I now have a change of heart and wanting to switch to Prism Green.

    • Lol, I got the Prism Green and thinking of the Prism White.

      The other side is always greener

    • Considering prism Green until I saw how flashy it was in person. Went to white instead!

      • I got the black…i'm boring haha

        • On that note I'll stick with the classic WHITE. At least scratches are not as visible as darker colours.

  • +1

    If you know someone at Telstra, there's currently a 50% off for Telstra employees. Only 1 each though so you'd need to know someone who doesn't want one :)

    • Thanks for this!
      Do you know if it comes with the buds?

      • +1

        No buds included

        • Thanks mate, final qu - do you know when the 50% off expires?
          Trying to get my mate at Telstra to get one for me.

          • +1

            @ssjgesus: They need to answer the quizzes by 5th April, and use the code they get from the quizzes before 30th April. I heard lots not in stock already so good thing about long expiry. It's not as easy as that to get the code, have to get the actual questions right in the quizzes ;)

    • Thank you for this. Could you pls explain how to get this?

      • You need to bug someone who works at Telstra (or readily or cloud or telstra health etc) to buy you one. Tell them to look at myrewards and/or yammer for details. Suggest not bugging random employees :)

  • What a pain in the ass, they refunded my order as they can't post to a parcel locker. So I end up missing on the discount now

    • ooofttt damn that sucks. Bl.

  • Anyone got any shipping updates? Or are they starting to ship on the 8th.

  • Hello, anyone got any more updates. Mines still processing.

    • From my understanding it will be delivered to your local TGG store on Friday, and they will ship it out to you the same day. That's what the lady at my local TGG store informed me of today.

      I requested them to hold it in store for me to pickup, which they agreed to, so i might have it this Friday.

      • Thanks for the reply. I'll try calling to request them to hold the phone for me.

    • I got a call from TGG this afternoon and they told me I could collect mine from the store on Friday.

      • Oh wow. I tried calling and they wouldn't give me any information. She said she wont be able to give out any info till Friday.
        I might try again tomorrow as I prefer to pick up.


      • Hmmm when I asked if I could pick up they were saying the system wouldn't let them. Will have to try again tomorrow

        • Yep… I called them today, they have it in store now, but won't ship or release it until tomorrow.

          I'm heading there 9am tomorrow morning to pick it up.

          Quite frustrating considering other people have already received it yesterday from Samsung/carriers.

          • @raven2000: which store are you with? mine in thomastown vic told me they have a 2-4 week delay :/

    • Just picked mine up in store, couldn't refund the delivery but was happy the buds was attached with the s10 box

      • Yep same, got mine as well. Didn't even ask about the delivery, it's $5 only.

      • +1

        My store called to see if I was driving in to pick it up on the weekend. I said no as it's 250km away. They later offered to have someone from store drop it off tomorrow morning! Great service from Good Guys Rockhampton.

  • My store told me there’s delays because apparently Samsung oversold their preorders? No eta on when I’d be able to get mine..

  • I got a phone call saying my pre-order delivery is delayed for a couple of weeks. It's 1st in Best Dress and I placed my order on the day before the 10% went expired. Fair enough I'm happy to wait.

    • I got a similar comment. As long as I get the free Buds I'll take the delay. Perhaps will get store credit for this delay

  • Got the phone last week. Still waiting for the buds to deliver. Grrrrrrr!