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Another one for Amazon. Package shown as delivered and dropped off at my door but there was no package there. Quick call and got a refund...
12/09/2020 - 19:19
2 person household in a 2br unit. Average 5kWh a day. I use gas for cooking and hot water.
16/08/2020 - 12:33
A lot of internal conflict going on here.
01/06/2020 - 08:36
On the same boat. It didn't accept the card so i tried again. Got two charges on the card.
19/05/2020 - 15:42
Good luck contacting them when you have issues. They have 1 Australian office phone number who handles general enquries and sales. They...
19/05/2020 - 10:01
They can offer this but I'm still waiting for a refund from a cancelled flight in April due to covid..
12/05/2020 - 08:43
I have a parcel locker 20 metres away from me. 4 out of 4 packages have gone to the LPO.
07/05/2020 - 09:28
Go up tiers. Bronze -> Silver. Silver -> Gold etc. You get different perks for different tiers.
05/05/2020 - 11:10
End of the day, they employ australians to run their assets like power plants. The other companies in the article are just retailers. Call...
19/02/2020 - 20:18
It means you don't need it.
13/02/2020 - 15:50
Sale period ended 31st Jan. Discount wasn't that great when i checked previously. Probably 5% off.
11/02/2020 - 07:15
Yeah they won't. Only the $79 price. Good for people with cheap gc.
15/01/2020 - 13:39
They're usually pretty good at price matching.
14/01/2020 - 22:35
14/01/2020 - 15:45
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $79 Delivered @ Amazon AU
Amazon dropped $10 off their usual price for the switch pro controller. Not the cheapest price ever but can be combined with the $10 promo...
13/01/2020 - 22:29
I just finished using my $500 gift card from the telstra deals and I can confirm like other posters that the gift card does not need the...
07/01/2020 - 22:46
I did the same. This is not much of a deal in comparison.
06/01/2020 - 21:02
The only issue with kmart one is that it doesn't tell you how long it takes for the final read. A decent thermometer should measure under 4...
04/01/2020 - 10:43
No idea mate. Since it's using a DC motor then it should be ok? Don't take my word for it though.
27/12/2019 - 19:41
Yes you can. 633dc has a rotating dial to control the speed. You just leave it to what speed setting you like and control power via smart...
27/12/2019 - 17:38
I wanted to buy smash with the promo credit. Chatted with support and they applied $20 credit staight away.
27/12/2019 - 10:54
Origin Energy. https://www.originenergy.com.au/app.html I've never used them but from the pictures you can break it down to hourly.
24/11/2019 - 12:58
Signed up a few months back. They made my account under the wrong address when I gave them my meter numbers The app shows energy usage with...
31/08/2019 - 13:16
Must have had the slowest driver. Took 40 minutes to drive over and got the wrong order
15/06/2019 - 22:53
Probably about 5 minutes. 4Ah. Plenty of charge left
10/06/2019 - 00:14
I don't know about other models but mine definitely pulls string out at start up. You can tell because the string hits a plastic blade when...
09/06/2019 - 23:31
The design of the line trimmer sucks. Your thumb needs to hold onto the safety button and while another finger on the trigger. Cramps my...
09/06/2019 - 22:44
North west metro hasn't open yet to prove itself. Transport minister for nsw is a guy. You do realise ticket fares only covers around 20%...
10/04/2019 - 16:12