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According to GSM arena, the Galaxy S7 GM-G930F model (which is also listed as local stock) includes a lot more bands than the [product...
26/01/2017 - 04:12
Thanks for your reply. So they still had stock in store today? Only problem is I'm not in town until Sunday, which is why I ordered online....
30/12/2015 - 23:43
Did anyone who bought online get their phone dispatched yet? I ordered five days ago and it still says processing..
30/12/2015 - 21:54
I don't know why you're only replying to me, since I'm not the only one negging this deal. Regardless, it's nothing against you, but I...
30/12/2015 - 21:43
Live chat is completely useless, they are continually ignoring my questions and simply telling me the promotion is over and to wait for...
30/12/2015 - 21:35
Can you please add a discount for the Find 7a as well? I'm not sure why the cheaper model is more expensive.
24/12/2015 - 17:16
Can someone confirm that the non prime Redmi Note 2 linked in the OP is compatible with FDD-LTE frequencies? I believe the seller is saying...
19/11/2015 - 03:38
Don't despair, I just received mine today!
26/02/2014 - 23:43
Anyone else still waiting? Nothing for me yet.
25/02/2014 - 20:44
Where did you hear about the free popcorn and soft drinks? If that's true then that's awesome for $6.50!
14/12/2013 - 00:10
Hi rep, could you please tell me whether these jackets run big or small? I'm on the lower end of the XS according to the sizing guide....
25/11/2013 - 20:39
They look exactly the same to me...
04/07/2013 - 19:42
Which ties are supposed to be 7cm? I can find 9-9.5cm ones.
15/06/2013 - 20:40
Can someone comment on whether the jeans/chinos run big or small for their size?
23/05/2013 - 23:19
Anyone know the original price?
24/04/2013 - 09:57
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28/03/2013 - 23:14
Not a deal unless you pick up, currently available for ~$70 at Target.
08/02/2013 - 22:04
I also just received shipment notification!
23/01/2013 - 15:06
Overbooking is usually dealt with at the point of check in, not when passengers have already entered the plane.
21/01/2013 - 16:04
Anyone else have Australia written twice instead of their state in their postal address? I made sure it said NSW where it says county..
12/01/2013 - 15:18
Pretty sure that suit = jacket + pants.
30/12/2012 - 13:12
I'm not sure why people are expecting a $120 suit to be 100% wool, this is still a good price for a polyester. Tarocash sells their suits...
30/12/2012 - 13:10
Chatted to a CS rep, and they have said that the remaining people will all receive refunds by the end of today. Skeptical about that.. but...
28/12/2012 - 09:42
Thanks OP! Anyone know the difference between firm and euro?
26/12/2012 - 23:34
It's back, get yours now!
30/10/2012 - 21:02
Well that's a let down. The last 'Ozbargain' coupon was for all items including specials.
30/10/2012 - 16:47
Haha yea I just saw that going to the front page :P My bad!
30/09/2012 - 14:56
I'm pretty sure the error is the price itself, the listing says 'get 4 for just $10!'. Missing a 1 I'm guessing..
30/09/2012 - 14:54
Is free shipping on this item only or the entire site?
21/09/2012 - 23:04