Free 30GB/30 Days for Compatible Windows 10 Devices with an eSim @ Telstra


Telstra are launching their eSIM support from Thursday, with a free offer of 30GB to use within 30 days to kick things off - however it's only supported on Windows 10 devices which have an eSIM (like the 2017 Surface Pro with LTE)

From March 7 to December 31, for anyone that wants to try out the new technology for themselves, we’re offering customers who have a compatible Microsoft eSIM-enabled device a 30-day trial that includes 30GB of free data to use in Australia. Once the trial period or data has expired, customers will be able to choose a variety of prepaid or post-paid offers from our range of plans.


eSIM technology is currently already available on some Windows 10 devices including the Microsoft Surface Pro 4G LTE and premium HP Spectre range – the HP Spectre Folio 4G LTE and the HP Spectre x360 4G LTE – and will become more prevalent with a number of new Windows based devices already slated for launch through 2019.

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    Just to clarify, eSIM has been available on Apple devices, like the Apple Watch, with Telstra for over a year now. It’s just that they’re launching it with Windows 10, which is why this promotion is only limited to those devices.

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      The 'eSIM" in the Apple Watch (and the Samsung Galaxy Watch) can only be used with 'One Number' (or 'NumberSync' or any other number of marketing terms) though. with the same phone number as your iPhone, unlike this - which will be an altogether separate plan / offer.
      You can't provision the eSIM in your Apple Watch with a different number/carrier/plan, etc.

      It remains to be seen if you can do a 'SIM Swap' from a plastic SIM to an eSIM after Telstra launch this offer via the Microsoft Store, and whether you can officially or unofficially then do the same to other devices (like the iPad Pro, or Pixel 3, or iPhone XR/XS).


        Here’s hoping.

        I’m surprised one of the telcos don’t launch it as initially it’ll be a considerable amount of new business.

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    Just quietly, it does work on other eSIM devices like the iPad or iPhone XS -

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