expired $120 Cashback on Pre-Order S10+ @ Telstra via Cashrewards


Adding onto this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/439798

Not sure if it applies to other cashback sites, says paid once per order/transcation so if you are like myself with multiple phones going through the whole upgrade process from fresh each time is worth $120 in my eyes. Even end up in front if you are at or below the $99 Mobile Lease Plan upgrade charges.

Conditions of cashback as below;

Telstra Mobile
Special Offer

Pre-order the new Samsung S10+ and earn increased cashback with a free 5G upgrade!*
Plus receive a free pair of Galaxy Buds valued at $249.
$120 Cashback on 24 Month Postpaid Plan with Handset.
$45 Cashback on 12 Month BYO Postpaid Plan.

Expires: 11:59 PM 07/03/2019

Special Offer Terms
*You must purchase your S10+ on an eligible Telstra 24 month mobile or lease plan. To upgrade, you must return your S10+ in good working order up to 21 days after the 5G device becomes available. We will offer you the nearest Samsung 5G device equivalent (colours, capacity and model subject to change). Any accessories you buy or that come with your 4G device which are not compatible with the 5G device cannot be exchanged, returned or refunded when you upgrade. Offer available until withdrawn. Telstra offers 5G in select areas and is progressively rolling it out to other areas. In non-5G coverage areas, you’ll automatically switch to our 4G/3G.

Special Terms
Cashback is not available on prepaid plans.
Cashback is paid once per order/transaction, regardless of the number of plans purchased on that order.
Cashback is redeemed from Cashrewards (not Telstra).

Referral Links

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$5 for referee. $5 for referrer, after referee makes first purchase.

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    Two things:
    a) isn't this the normal rate for a 24 month plan + phone?
    b) isn't Shopback better at $150?

    I understand why some people are loyal to TA but isn't this more widely available?


      I was not aware of the shopback cashback nor the standard rate but as per ShopBack terms the $150 is not applicable to the same terms (lease plans) as Cashrewards;

      Shopback terms

      Cashback is not qualified for:
      Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
      Gift card purchases unless otherwise stated
      Returns, exchanges & cancellations
      Cashback is not applicable for purchases made via the Telstra app
      Prepaid, Tablet, lease plans.

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        I really don't think anyone should be signing a lease plan. Especially not paying $99 X 24 months = $2376 and at the end you don't even own the phone. $2376 - $120 = $2226 (still $94/month..)

        What's more - even if you treated it better than your first child accidents can happen and you are even further out of pocket.


          It is a very individual thing.
          If you are clumsy leases are great for eg if you break an iPhone XS Max back you are up for nearly a thousand dollars for Apple to replace it with a refurb. With the lease it’s $190. Do that 4 times in two years and you’ll be glad you leased. Also the ability to swap out for a different phone is only $99 after 12 months. Another hidden gem is you can always go from a lease to buy as well if you think it’s a bad plan. Tax wise you can legally claim your full month repayment where if you buy you are suppose to depreciate the mobile.



            Also the ability to swap out for a different phone is only $99 after 12 months

            That's not just on lease plans btw.

            If you break an iPhone XS Max… 4 times in 2 years you'll be glad you leased.

            I know iPhones are fragile but even so if you are breaking a $2000 phone every 6 months maybe it's time to consider whether a phone that expensive is viable for you.

            It's not that hard to put on a case (and optionally a screen protector).


    It would be good to see Optus do something similar.

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    You can get $50 cash back from Woollies and $250 discount


    i spoke to telstra chat, and received 10$ off per month off any plan

    thats effectively $240 off($10 x 24 months) better then $120 cashback


      How did you do this? Did you mention any special provisions?


        Speak to telstra 24/7 chat.
        Ask them to give you a reason to stay with Telstra etc. They have more power for discounts then the people working at the store.

        If you fail to get one start another chat, my friend did this and on the 3rd try he got the discount, so its up to the chat operators discretion

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