out of stock Lenovo ThinkPad E490 i5-8265U/14" FHD IPS/Integrated Intel UHD Graphics/8GB/256GB SSD $815.20 Delivered @ Lenovo eBay


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Lenovo ThinkPad E490 i5-8265U/14" FHD IPS/Integrated Intel UHD Graphics/8GB/256GB SSD $815.2 @ Lenovo eBay

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    Yikes, you could land a plane on that lower bezel.

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    First impression reviews have me worried that the thermals can't handle the heat the cpu or gpu puts out, and it throttles quickly


      thats old news, and also its for the models with the AMD gpu, not the ones with the internal


    hmm I can't seem to find a review for it on notebookcheck, the thing I care most about is the panel quality. FullHD alright, but color reproduction is always a worry in laptops.

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      With an IPS panel it's going to be above average at that price-point.

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      If it's a similar panel to my E485 then it will be quite underwhelming. I found it to be sharp enough at FullHD but the colour reproduction was awful, washed out and backlight bleeding especially on black/dark pictures.

      Fortunately, I found that the N140HCE-EN1 REV.C2 panel was a drop in replacement. About 5 minutes work and $50 USD for a 100% sRGB display, it was also quite a bit brighter too. Notebookcheck even calibrated an Asus with this same panel so you can download a calibrated ICC file:

      The difference really is dramatic and fixed the one thing I didn't like about my E-series ThinkPad. It's a shame they don't at least give an option to pay a little more for a good panel straight from the factory.

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        yes, I love that most mainstream laptops are easy this way. I upgraded HD TN panels to FullHD IPS ones, turning a steaming pile of crap into a serviceable laptop.

        I never dealt with 14 inch screens because I find them a tad too small for FullHD for my eyes.

        for 15 inchers I seriously recommend LG panel LP156WF6-spb2. matte, wide gamut, 300nits, no pwm (flicker free), fits most mainstream models (edp 30 pin, fixed with screws up and down). picture is very smooth.

        also b156han06.0 if you need something sharp. same as LG, but better antiglare coating and looks very sharp.

        it's a shame X series are so hard to replace screens. there was an amazing deal on x260 lately, but it was configured with an HD TN panel. replacing that requires disassembly of the whole laptop base :( so I did not buy it.


    I bought i7 version of the same 2 weeks back for 1095. I am pretty happy with it. Screen is matt finish but are able produce good colora

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    I purchased one of these, and have had it for about a week.

    My specific laptop arrived with the trackpad not working properly. Buttons click but no touch movement, before just sending it back i decided to mess around and see if i could get it working. uninstalling the official synaptic touchpad drivers that came with the laptop worked, but since its using standard windows trackpad drivers it doesn't feel too nice. this at least rules out a hardware issue. Grabbed the latest trackpad drivers from the website and still hasn't fixed it, not really sure what to do next.

    As for the laptop, the keyboard is amazing and you can type fast. The laptop is fast, but after spending a lot of time monitoring clockspeeds, thermals and throttling it seems the default lenovo throttling is too aggressive.

    basically if you run a benchmark using all 4 cores, it will throttle within a second (as soon as the CPU hits 15w) and go back down to 1.6ghz (from the 3.9ghz boost it can do). this scales if you use 3 cores on load you would get something like 2ghz, 2 cores = 2.5, 1core = 3 - 3.9.

    Basically i wasn't happy, as the thermals were still great and this chips CPU is actually rated to be fine with 25-30w of power (assuming within the safe heat range)

    I installed throttlestop and spent a lot of time finding the sweet spot. I basically doubled my performance of the whole CPU (benchmarks i did pretty much prove that) as well as my CPU scores being MUCH higher than what other reviewers have rated the CPU to be.

    My turbo boost will keep all 4 cores running at about 3.5ghz and 25w of power until it hits an uncomfortable temprature (85c) and slowly move down.
    Keep in mind this will reduce battery life, i only run these settings when plugged in.

    tl;dr: great laptop, good performance with the potential to have much better performance if you tune it better.


    I also had 1 of these used it for 2 weeks not happy with it feels cheaply made not like the thinkpads used to be when they were made by IBM im refunding mine as it had dead pixels on the screen

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    I bought one from last deal. When I got it, it seems low-quality and not so much polished. But after 2 weeks of use, I really like it. The screen is matt finish and picture quality is very good in all kinds of environment, it just so comfortable to watch it. The noise is not noticeable, except in a really quiet environment. The battery can last 4-5 hours for browsing internet or office apps. Recharging an hour can use it for half day. The trackpad is the best I have ever used. It's the first time I did not need to carry a mouse. It has a backlight-lit keyboard and fingerprint sensor, even in high-level setting the backlit is not very much bright.
    It is great for a student who wants a budget laptop and it is not too heavy to carry around.


    I literally bought this exact same laptop for 1288 - 193 cashback =total 1095 like ten days ago from lenovo.com.au!!

    Can i do anything? I feel so stupid!!!


    Is there any free slots for more memory?


      To answer my own question, yes. Shame they don't have a listing with the 1x 16b stick


    Seems to be 15% off = $866.15


    Bought one, will report back when I receive. Was looking for a sub $1000 with a 8th gen CPU and SSD.


      Can you track yours? I got a 10 digit number some 24 hours ago, but get no result when tracking.

      Also looks to be sent from HK… It's with DHL so should be very quick shipping, but still.


        Is it legit Lenovo? I also got a tracking number that goes nowhere with DHL. Opened a case with eBay after ordering 12 days ago…


          I never got tracking to work. However, it arrived after about 2 days! Maybe even slightly less. It arrived on the 8th at 4.30pm. Very fast.

          Maybe contact Lenovo or DHL, they might have left a collection note that was missed and it's sitting in the warehouse. Hopefully they know how to track or using that number that literally did not work on any tracking engine.


    How is the build quality and keyboard in E490 ?

    Is the E490 quality is slightly or much worse than the T series such as T480

    Can someone who already received their shipment kindly comment

    I am looking deal as I need laptop deal ASAP

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