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50% off Next 3 P&R Home Coffee Deliveries (from $12 for 500g) @ Pablo & Rusty's


Unfortunately not working on Office subscriptions :(

"So it’s March already, 3 Months into the year and you’re still trudging to the supermarket for your coffee beans?!
Wouldn't you love coffee delivered straight to your front door?! Imagine the time and effort you'd save, plus you'll never have to worry about running out of coffee again!
Select your beans, blend and roast profile, choose your delivery schedule, you'll also have the flexibility to skip or cancel online anywhere, anytime.
By choosing a P&R coffee subscription, you’ll receive, fully traceable, ethically and sustainably sourced coffee, plus you'll be partnering with us to positively impact people and our planet through coffee.
Still not sure, well how about we throw in 3 x 50% off your first three deliveries to trial it out! P.S…It’s FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE!
Use the discount code MARCHINTOCOFFEE at checkout! (offer ends 31/03/19, 11.59pm AEDT. T&Cs apply)."

Important information:
Recurring payments are taken on Tuesdays, any amendments on existing subscriptions must be made by Tuesday 5pm (Sydney time). All new subscription orders placed will be dispatched within 24-48 business hours and existing recurring orders will be dispatched every Wednesday (depending on your frequency)

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  • Great deal if you enjoy their coffee.
    I tried some the last time this deal was around and found it a little dark and overly developed for my palate.

  • +1

    50% off = new price

  • Works on previous subscriptions. Legend. Thanks.

    • Stupid question, how do I add it onto my current subscription. I only just signed up last week and used a code that seems to be expired now. Thanks in advance

      • Go to the list of subscriptions you have and at the bottom it has an "add code" button.

        • I couldnt find " add code"

        • I can't find "add code" either?

  • Thanks op, will give it a go

  • +1

    Excellent timing. Just bought Breville barista express from recent Myer deal. If anyone has the same machine, what grind size do you use for Porter st beans?

    • +1

      I've gone with a 6 with the barista express and it seems to work well with a double shot using the single wall. I personally find it a bit dark for my taste but works well for lattes and flat whites.

      • Thanks! Will start with 6 and see how it goes.

    • I found it depends on how long do you have the coffee for. The older the coffee beans the finer grind size. I start with 5 usually and go up and down by one number for fresh coffee and go all the way to 2 if I didn’t consume my coffee in 10 days!

    • Would strongly recommend you get in the habit of dialling in your grind size to match time/brew ratio.

      If you have 0.1g scales start with looking to get twice as much brew weight as grind weight, so grind say 18g of coffee into your double basket and adjust your grind to get 36g of espresso in 30sec.

      If you don't have scales just aim for 60ml of espresso in 30secs.

      Bit of effort at first, but it will dramatically improve your coffee!

      • -1

        60ml… that seems really off. lmao
        also, if he doesn’t have scales, hard to regulate dose as well. who are you to know what they’re putting in to stipulate what they’re putting out?
        generally sound advice - just be careful with specifics. if you’re going to be sciency and nerdy, may as well do it right. lol

        • +2

          What are you ranting about? The numbers Quant has suggested are fairly spot on for a double shot of coffee without referring to the "nerdy" recipes.
          In fact, here is the recipe for Porter St, which is pretty close - double out what you put in (by weight) over ~30 seconds.


      • +1

        How do you weigh the 36g of espresso? Also, when do you start timing it from? I tend to get around 30secs from the moment I press the double dose button til the moment it stops pouring. The first 8-9 seconds are the pre infusion.

        To get 30 I have to grind on setting 3-4 and the pressure goes out of the ideal espresso range. I’ve tried tasting the espresso straight but they’re always sour. I like my coffee with milk so not sure whether it’s meant to taste like that? No matter what setting/extraction/tamp I try the shot always taste sour lol

    • A 6 will get it in the ideal espresso range on the gauge but to get a 30 sec extraction I’ve had to grind finer, a 4 or 3 but the pressure gauge almost maxes out. I’ve been weighing my beans before putting them in the hopper and found 18-19g works well

  • I got this deal last time & it's still going for me. I snoozed it for MONTHS due to travels and low consumption. So it's nice that I can do that. The coffees have all been pretty good thus far. All unique and all with something going on which I quite like.

  • just in time for my new moccamaster!

  • Signed up for the Pioneer beans. Thanks for the share!

  • +2

    ENJOYPANDR code still works for office subscriptions

    • Thought it works but looks like it’s been removed from my subscription

  • Cool, certainly worth trying out at such a price. Grabbed the Pioneer subscription

  • with the subscritption, do you have to choose the one blend, or can you mix and match, like one blend one week and a different blend the next week?

    • you can choose each week before shipping cutoff which is tuesday 5pm east coast time.

  • Is it a random single origin with the subscription? There are 3 single origin types available

    • Seems to be that way. I adjusted to single origin a while ago, had 2 deliveries and different coffees so far.

  • How do I add it onto my current subscription. I only just signed up last week and used a code that seems to be expired now. Thanks in advance

  • My 3rd delivery got charged today, want to add this code on for the next 3 deliveries but can't see any add code button?

    The Porter St blend is very good if you like a darker roast, a lot of cafes use this blend. It makes a very nice espresso with rich crema.

    • I just cancelled my current one and add a new one to use the code

      • I would do that except you can't delay the first order, I will have too much. Might just have to wait, this deal seems to be pretty much on all the time anyway.

  • Doesn't seem to show the next 2 deliveries as discounted?

  • Superb timing OP! My old subscription discount just ran out the other week.

  • Just received my first delivery. Very happy with the Porter St blend so far. Not dialled in 100% but pretty good. Ide been looking for something similar to Campos Roma which is a darker roast, might have found it.

    • +1

      Porter St is a wonderful blend, my favourite by far and at $19 per kg delivered the value is unbeatable. I find that all the lighter roast blends taste horribly sour and flavour is all wrong, this one gives a beautiful rich caramel coloured crema and strong flavour. Makes a great double espresso and also ideal for milk based drinks, perfect blend IMO.
      Hope they can keep these deals coming. Value is great and I am sure they still make profit whilst also gaining new customers, I don't want to go back to Aldi beans.

      • Is it still working for office subscriptions? The discount code seemed to disappear from my subscription last week, and couldn't find the spot to re-enter it on the current subscription. Canned it for now…

      • No doubt a lot of "modern" beans task more like a lemonade than coffee. I have about 5-6 shots left of my first months order, looking forward to the delivery next week.

  • +1

    Had my first delivery yesterday,($12 porter street) Checked my account and all other deliveries seem to be at full price with no way to add the discount code

    • +2

      Looks like the code has been removed from my subscription too. Mine was from an earlier deal.. :(

      • I'm in the same boat, the old code isn't showing. I also can't see previous invoices. I'm due to have my third order next week and want to make sure that I get my third order at half price.

        • Same here…might need to go back to my local roaster

  • I cancelled my order after the first order as I wasnt sure what was occuring with the prices. Did everyone get charged $12 for all 3?

  • looks like the code is still working….cancelled my previous office subscription.
    and added a home subscription - somehow needed to login again and then added the code then came up as $12 - but i'm holding off pulling the trigger may till 31 as I still have plenty beans.

  • Yep - code is indeed still working.

    • just ordered new subscription…that said doesn't look like the discount is applied for upcoming months?

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