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Free - Michael Jackson Live in Bucharest (Full Show) @ YouTube


As reported.

DVD version costs $15.73 plus delivery from Amazon.

As the controversial Leaving Neverland documentary is set to air in Australia this week, Michael Jackson’s Estate is doing its very best to distract the King of Pop’s declining fans.

Around 20 minutes into the airing of Leaving Neverland in the US overnight, the official Michael Jackson Twitter account announced that the 1992 concert film Live in Bucharest (The Dangerous Tour) was now “available for a limited time” on YouTube.

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      • He can at least defend himself against these new aligations if he were alive. Yes he was weird. It's what is being said he did in the bed that is inappropriate. You can sleep with your own child if it's just for sleeping.

        • The same maid swore under oath TWICE in different court cases that she never saw Michael Jackson abuse kids or do anything like that.

          Now she changes her tune.

          She was either lying then or she is lying now….

          • @aussietivoman: There's a simple reason why the maid might of lied back then
            since she might have still been employed by him….and would have gotten a good income
            she might have family to feed etc..
            so it was in her interest to keep her job.

            Also according to her interview he had his guards threaten her life.
            Obviously now that he is dead, there is less fear.

            So you saying these two guys are lying, plus the maid + the other 4 boys all are in on getting micheal jackson?
            That's a total of six boys + an adult that worked for him..


            I look at thing in it's entirety and not just one maids interview etc..

            Also other stuff like him marrying elvis daughter but according to her, they didn't even have sex..
            So he wasn't even interested in sex with an adult woman..

            He was famous megastar who could've gotten a lot of women he wanted..
            Despite this he had no interest in having a relationship with any women..

            The only thing he liked was just hanging around with lots of little kids and letting them sleep in his bed, in his locked room with no other adults to supervised and see what is going on behind the locked door..

            Just put two and two together..

        • These aren't new allegations..

          He already defended himself back then
          which he then paid them off to settle the case

          The point is would you leave your children to sleep over in his house in his bedroom while you are not there?

          Yes, you can sleep in your bed with your children
          but these aren't his children.
          And even if it was, there is a certain age, where it is considered not normal to be sleeping with children.

          The fact that he thinks there is nothing weird/wrong with sleeping with these children that aren't his own
          shows how warp his mind is or he had ulterior motives.

          He's a middle aged man that thinks there is not weird about sleeping with boys!!!

          Just look at this part of the interview, the creep factor has totally gone off the scale

          As a music artist he is great..fantastic songs
          but as a person, the guy is total weirdo

          • @pinkybrain: You seem to brush over a lot of facts, like he actually did have 2 full court cases both go the full distance (no payoffs) and was found NOT GUILTY twice

            Money is motivating these claimants now.

            • @aussietivoman: Not brushing over anything..
              I look at the entirety of his life..
              Yeah he didn't get convicted by a jury but it does not mean the truth that he didn't do it.

              OJ also got off murder…

              History shows there are people who probably did it
              but got off due to many factors like technicality, not enough evidence, good lawyers etc..

              At the end of the day, would you let your children sleep over at his house?

              Also look at what women did he ever get into a relationship with?
              The only one that he married ie Elvis daughter said they didn't even had sex..
              He had no interest in sex with adult women..
              which he could get heaps of chicks if he wanted, since he is a megastar with heaps of fans and groupies..

              Yet the only relationships he was interested was with young children, especially young boys..
              So he had no sexual interest with adult women.

              He also had plenty of opportunity to be around young boys
              and they slept inside his locked room, so he had easy access..

              And he needs an outlet for sexual release..
              This is similar to pedo priests..

              Also why all these kids (6) + one maid say the same thing?
              That he either masturbated them or masturbated in front of them etc..
              Did they all colluded to say the same thing?

              How much money are they claimants making now?
              You are just saying the same crap the jackson estate is using…

              Since you are a die hard fan, I doubt anything would make you want to believe he could a pedo..
              So no point arguing with you..

              Whilst I am also a fan of his music,

              I am also aware all the recent sexual predators that have been outed in the media or in court etc.
              like Weinstein, cosby, kevin spacey, Pell, rolf harris, matt lauer etc..

              People all got the public persona they portray and the private one of who they really are..
              And before all these revelations came out about them, nobody knew those people were sexual predators ..
              And people just accepted those famous people's public persona as who they are without knowing about their dark side

          • @pinkybrain: I don't disagree with your about him being weird. There are new allegations as some of the previous boys who supported him have now suddenly changed their story. The settlement doesn't have to be accepted by the parents or the victim. They could have declined it.

            • @Melb69: There's a lot of complexity in regards to sexual abuse
              so you can't say why or why not parents decided to accept the settlement.

              One of the reason could be they didn't want their son to go through a long court trial..

              Also the other question is..
              Why did MJ offer the settlement money in the first place if he was innocent?

              If you watched the doco, you will see why they changed their story now and protected him back then.
              The interviews told by them was also very detailed and looked pretty honest to me..

              Sexual abuse is a complex thing that affects the victim differently.

              At the time when they were abused they wouldn't haven't known it was abused
              since it would have felt good, and it was their first sexual experience and it was with their idol and it was how as MJ said it "this is how you show you loved someone"

              Imagine if this occurred to you at such a young age, it would f$%k up your head…

              Again even if MJ was still alive it wouldn't changed anything, cos he would just deny it like all the other 6 boys accusations..
              Nothing new you gonna learn…

              One of the most interesting pattern in the doco, you can see clearly is how after the two boys grew older
              and less closer to MJ there was plenty of newer boys that MJ had replaced them with..

              Why did MJ only hang out with little kids and especially young boys and not was known to be dating any adult females?
              And why he only got married to lisa marie presley after these accusations occur? (it was a PR stunt to publicly show he was interested in adult females)
              Lisa marie presley even said that they didn't even have sex after the divorce..

              The simple answer is he was only attracted to young boys..

              I understand you are probably a die hard fan..
              So doubtful anything would ever change your mind about your idol..
              Just imagine if you or your family member was one of MJ's victims..

              • @pinkybrain: My original point was that as a fan I was disappointed to hear that the stories are still coming out when his dead. He had been charged, but never convicted and I believe there were 2 cases. He said in an interview that he paid them out because he wanted it to go away. You can still be innocent and have accusers make these claims. That would affect you greatly and if your lawyer suggested a settlement wouldn't you say ok. So sad for the kids that were affected if true for them as to what happened.

                Back to the OPs post. Great concert.

                • @Melb69: I must want to make a point that most victims of child sexual assault take up to and over 20 years to disclose.
                  This is a normal time-line and you can see it yourself with all the childhood victims of Catholic priests disclosing as adults
                  A long delay before disclosure is very normal.

          • @pinkybrain: Paying them off implies guilt

  • +1

    video is only in grainy 480p. maybe if it was 1080p or higher it might scare people with all the wrinkle lines

    • He's only 34 in this. No wrinkles.
      Though I agree it would be nice if it were remastered.
      When I saw it in my subscriptions I expected it to be remastered but it's just a VHS rip.

  • Free - Michael Jackson…

    I say … Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!

  • +2

    It’s sad how easily swayed people are by the documentary and what the media are once again saying. Just remember he was found not guilty of all charges. He’s innocent. Enjoy the concert.

    • +1

      It's hard to grapple with the fact that your idol is also a monster… With so many victims coming forward with near identical patterns of abuse you'd have to be bending over backwards not to accept that Michael Jackson had an unnatural attraction to young boys.

      • "bending over backwards" lol

        • LOL pun intended? No he wasn’t my idol. Yes he was weird for sure and having boys sleep over was not a smart move.

          • @rexstar: It's definitely not a smart move to rape a 7 yr old.. or a boy undergoing chemo treatment. When you have one accuser you may call into question it's veracity… but 6? common dude. This isn't a case of where there is smoke there's fire… this is an inferno and you're standing in it.

          • @rexstar: It is a smart move, if the intention is to have a sexual relationship with them..

            Just watch the doco, see the pattern of how he always has a young boy very close to him
            The hugging, holding hands, letting them sleep in his room/bed …

            When the two young boys grew older, a newer young boy took their place..

            The doco thoroughly shows how pedo grooming works

            Even this doco done much earlier shows how close and creepy he is to a boy..

            If despite seeing and hearing this..
            you still think he is not a pedo then I think you lost your marbles..

  • For those interested, here's links to watch Leaving Neverland online

    Part 1

    Part 2

    • +1

      that was difficult to watch

  • -1

    from the horses mouth..

  • -1

    Apologies I didn't realise the implication of supporting this video when I first commented.
    That documentary is complete bogus, and it really means a lot to support this side of MJ.

    • +1

      It's ok to like the music.. but suggesting the doco is bogus is rather demented. The young men and their family appear to be very credible. The resentment the two men feel towards their own mothers is so palpable. Jackson was the perfect predator, he groomed the whole family and convinced his victims they were in a loving consensual relationship. Their earnest accounts have no tinge of fabrication. I am trained to think critically. As a design engineer you learn to weed out fact from fiction. This is not even close.

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