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Free Coffee with Any Fuel or Shop Purchase @ Caltex The Foodary / Star Mart (Every Thursday of March)


Got this one in an email - list of participating stores on the link.

Hi there,
Drop into The Foodary any Thursday in March and we'll give you a heavenly, barista-made regular coffee FREE with any fuel or shop purchase - no minimum spend required.
It starts tomorrow, so don't forget to drop into The Foodary and get your new daily fix.

Terms and conditions:
*Coffee & hot beverage regular sizes only. Only available in participating stores displaying the offer on Thursday 7th , Thursday 14th, Thursday 21st & Thursday 28th of March and while stocks last. Includes regular size coffee or hot beverage, no minimum spend. Excludes purchase of smoking products & lottery tickets. Not in conjunction with any other offer.

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Referees save 6c a litre on their first 3 fills. Referrers receive a once-off discount of 6c a litre per referee.

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    I know what you're all wondering… What's the cheapest thing at Caltex?

    • Maybe a banana?

      • +1

        Chupa Chup?
        (assuming they sell them)

    • 1cent of fuel.

      • +3

        Minimum delivery is 2L =(

        • The minimum delivery restriction never really worked for me. I frequently buy 1L fuel for my mower and nobody ever said a thing.
          Of course if you are trying to get the free coffee perhaps they may actually enforce it.

        • +1

          Isn't it 2/5L? (ie, two fifths of a litre)

          • +1

            @BeauGiles: Hmm, after doing some online searches it looks like the 2/5L minimum delivery is due to certification issues. The 2/5L means at certain flow rate, 50L/min and 90L/min in this case, the respective min quantity of the certification approval is 2L and 5L. It serves to regulate the equipment (pump) manufacturers & servos, but as the consumer your dispensed amount might not be accurate under 2/5L. In that case the servo is not liable for the inaccuracy either.


            Q3. What is the smallest volume of petrol that can be accurately delivered from a petrol pump?
            The smallest volume accurately delivered from a petrol pump is typically 2 Litres (L). Since the early 2000s, all new petrol pumps are required to display the minimum delivery amount where it is clearly visible to the customer.

    • There's a snack bar of some kind for $1.05 at my nearest Caltex, otherwise for maximum utility I think 2L of fuel would be the best option?

  • Does this apply to Woolies Caltex as well?

  • +1

    Which locations are the barista made foodary ones? Their machine coffee is quite bad. My local is participating but i'm sure there is no barista setup there.

    • In Sydney's north there is one at St Ives.
      Just google "the foodary" or "Caltex foodary". From what I can tell, this is a great deal because the foodary coffee actually tastes good. Locations are a bit lacking for foodary.

      Eg when I search for Melbourne locations:
      - South Yarra
      - Tullamarine
      - Craigieburn
      - Dandenong

  • I have got Caltex Starmart offer in Westpac Banking App, 50-5, over 50 in one transaction to get 5 back, expire 10th March. Please check your Westpac App.

  • +1

    Hmm, I now know where NOT to buy my fuel on Thursdays if I don't want to be stuck in a line up 4 cars deep for a pump, while everyones in a line up at the coffee machine inside.

  • -1

    If I buy 4 litres of fuel do I get 2 free coffees.

    Doesn't say only 1 per customer?

  • Caltex Star Mart Abbotsford - 28-40 Hoddle St, Abbotsford, 3067 VIC has a Maccas attached to it (No Kiosks)

    Still would rather 7-11 for $1 or Spin and Win HJ Medium, which seems to happen often in the mornings.

    The Caltex coffee tastes like the Coles Express ones.

    • I thought the Caltex ones were ok. But then again I still drink instant.

      • I like it too.
        I also like hot chocolate 👀… if you know what I mean. (pun intended 👀) 😍😍

        • Almost walked out as the chocolate bar I chose said $1.50 on the shelf, but scanned $3. Oh well. It's OK if you were getting fuel or something anyway.

  • Also last day of 8c fuel discount for those with Toyota app!

  • Went to Foodary at a location in Sydney this morning, they didn't know about the deal, showed them the page, they honoured it with a free coffee (I bought like 4L of petrol).

    It was one made by a human (a Barista cf a machine), wasn't that bad actually!

    I've got my next Thursday's coffee sorted ;)

    • You go girl. I just got mine in brissy. Made by a machine 😕. Bought 5 liters of 91. Tastes OK, but the cup is so small.

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