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[WA] 5 Free Rides (Up to $15 Value) @ Ola Cabs


First time deal post, please go easy.
I got this on my mobile as an SMS, might be targeted.

Have not tried using it.
The two times I tried using OLA, I had poor experience. They didn't do airport pick up at the time and there were hardly any drivers.

Like these member's experience:

But they may have improved, YMMV.

If anyone can use this, I'd like to see Uber get some competition in Australia.

I looked around online, could not find any other place where this deal exists.

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    Every time. I've used these cowboys they cancel enroute

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    Never use Ola. WORST customer service ever! Stay away from them.


    I got the same sms as well, i have used twice and i highly recommend them. ymmv

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    Downvoting because I care about my fellow Ozbargainers. Had nothing but crap service from Ola.

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    Since everyone here seems to hate OLA, I'll put in my 2 cents, its cheaper than Uber 100% of the time for me, app is worse and missing uber features but it gets me from point a to b.
    Never really had a problem with them, the only time I couldn't get a ride was high peak times like new years or an hour before a big event due to the drivers preferring to use Uber to gain that sweet sweet surcharge money.

    This is my experience in Perth.

    Also this is very likely targeted, OLA targets different accounts with different promos, they must have some kind of system setting it up.

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    Like others have said, it's cheap enough compared to other options to the point that you kinda have to use it. But the service sucks, the drivers use this in conjunction with other apps like Uber so they run 2 rides at the same time on both and cancel whatever isn't profitable (or try and do one on the way to you so your 10 min wait suddenly springs up to an hour). If you have a discount code you can pretty much guarantee it. You can be waiting for like half an hour for a ride, it appears to be only down the road on the map….aaaand they decide to cancel for no reason and the app can't find any others, leaving you stranded. But if you cancel you get hit with a $10 "fee".

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    Really bad customer service. Better off with Uber. These guys make the taxi companies look good.

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    Lots of Uber reps in this thread.

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    I use Ola about once a fortnight since they started in Perth.

    I only use them for trips to and from Perth Airport to the Northern Suburbs.

    I always use some code, most trips are around $25 each way. $40-45 on Uber at the same time (I always check both).

    I have not had any driver cancel in Perth, But I also have not used them for transport from major events.

    Pickups from both home and the airport are 5-10 minutes away always and at all weird hours that I fly.

    All drivers that I have had do drive for both Ola and Uber and just take whatever is best for them.

    The only issue of a driver not turning up was at Sydney airport. The driver just ghosted, I cancelled and got the next available Ola.

    I was charged the $10 cancel fee, which was credited after advising Ola of what happened.


      +1, only positive experience with Ola in Perth… Haven't been using Uber for over a year now…