This was posted 3 years 2 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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2 for $60 on All Superdry Clothing at David Jones


2 for $60 deal on all clothing

Deal says that it is only for T-shirts but works for jackets as well that are normally near $200, which makes it a crazy cheap.

Shipping is $10, but that looks to be free over $100 and they have an option to pick up in store as well

Website also says that it ends in 2020, so this whole thing is most likely a mistake that will be fixed soon so I would suggest moving quickly!

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  • Thanks OP :)

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      Sorry for hijacking your thread here.

      This deal is pretty interesting. The system calculates the itemised price as a percentage of the total price.

      Take an extreme example, say all you actually want is a $19 tee, you can order it with a $319 jacket. You pay a total of $60 on these 2 items but the itemised price for the $19 tee is just 19/(19+319)*60=$3.37 while the jacket is $56.62.

      DJ has a unrestricted change of mind return policy, you can just return the jacket and get $56.62 back.

      I guess it is too late for anyone to use it for this deal now but it is something people might be able to exploit in the future.

      It is also pretty interesting to see what they will do if one of the items is actually an intended promo item while the other one is not, like in the example above. If they just cancel the expensive jacket then you will automatically get the tee for $3.37.

  • Not loading. Ozbargained?

  • Are they gonna honour this?

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        In true DJs style lol Ive given up buying anything from them online now. Will cancel their Amex soon, before the points half too.

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          Yeah they’re hopeless when it’s not a price error had multiple orders cancelled recent sales, so can only imagine they will be on the ball when it is a price error lol .. if op didn’t post the deal likely would have got it but with flood of super dry orders through will be dbl checked n cancelled

  • Sam Harris, you lied when you said Trump was never going to get in

  • Damn they fixed that bug pretty quickly

    • I managed to snaggle a few jackets. Now lets see if they honour it…

      • No they won't, price or website error will not be honored. Doesn't matter if you jumping up and down or complain to fair trade. you basically waste your time and money here.

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          what could anyone possibly say to fair trade?
          I spent my precious 20 seconds clicking the Buy button, and they refunded me and said it was an error

  • Great if you got in!

  • Still showing 2 for $60 for me, but the jacket i want is out of stock.
    Got ozbargained.

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    Site is getting hammered

  • Buy it and exchange for the right size in store

  • Hedging my bets, putting in a pickup order as well as a posted one.

  • Doesn't seem to apply discount on some items, only shows tshirts crossed out old prices and now $30 at the checkout. Probably will be price error for other items :%

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    Wouldn't waste time on DJ. They never honour anything.

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      I got a $150 Helly Hansen jacket a while ago for $40, the staff sometimes honour it if you can get in C&C before HQ realises.

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        Yep love that jacket thanks doweyy ;)

  • Managed to pay for a jacket and pants for 70 with shipping, hope it gets delivered

  • Got 169$ and 179$ jackets for 60$ . Thanks

  • 4 Hoodies for $120 Bargain

    • You wont actually get them though unfortunately

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    Good luck but 100% chance those who bought jackets will get their orders cancelled

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      It's free to try so why the heck not? Just expect it to be cancelled then be surprised when they honour it.

  • Cant seem to checkout. In the cart, but the checkout button has completely disappeared for me

  • DJ has crashed and burned

  • The expensive jackets dont seem to be able to be added.

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    10 superdry jackets for the homeless out in the rain

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    Whew! Thanks OP. Got two jackets :) That sexy $300+ leather jacket was sadly not in stock

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    Wasting ur time.. Also refund process is a pain with DJs

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      I think last time they had to do something ridiculous like calling me up and ask for the numbers as they can't see it in their system or some crap like that. PayPal will more than likely slow things down as well.

      • If you paid with a credit card, refunds should be automatic (as of May 2018) when they got the new website. If they’re asking for your credit card numbers in 2019, something’s up

        Source: ex-DJ staff and yes, my orders have been cancelled before too

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          Just looked up the specific order, it was Jan 18. It got cancelled as they couldn't find the items for a click and collect order.

    • Yup was gonna say that, they can't do refunds simply!

  • If you get stuck paying, try paypal.

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    Make sure you order 1-2 sizes up. Their jackets wear a little small. I normally wear a Large but need an XL or XXL for Superdry jackets.

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      Something tells me I’m not going to get to find out. Strike rate on successfully ordering from David Jones is absolutely terrible! And they keep your money for a pretty long time from previous experience.

      But, I’ll play the game. 4x Jackets ordered.

      Thanks OP!

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    Helluva first post!

  • Ordered successfully :)

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      But will you receive successfully? Sadly no you wont.

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        Wrong… i got confirmation that both shipped today! :)

        • Hey buddy what did you order exactly? Mines still saying card validated.

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    lol… 2416 clicks in 30 mins!

  • DJs won't honour this. They are performing terribly and can't see them doing something as dumb as letting this go on.

  • Superdry tends to be a bit small. I go the next size up.

  • 2 pairs of pants for $70 shipped. That ain't greedy, hope the order is honoured.

  • Don’t forget 5% cash rewards cashback

    • I got too excited and forgot… But if I get my $180 order honoured I'll be happy.

      I placed a second $60 order with shopback.

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  • They have removed ability to checkout. Can only view bag now.

  • Great find OP.

    First time I am backing out from a Superdry deal. I just can't give in.

  • I see jackets disappearing one by one from the website
    Great post but I think they're onto ya

  • 5.5% cashback on shopback… Ordered 2 x 2 jackets so not making use of the $100+ free postage but expecting to be refunded anyway! Never bought superdry before so no idea on sizing!! Nice 'mistake' caught…cheers…

  • Can someone post when and how dj cancels or dishonour the prices? I didnt get the jackets but am very interested in how retail corps in australia stands and responds to pricing errors on websites.

    • Cancels your order, then displays a Consumer Notice on their website going something like On March 6, a number of Superdry items were incorrectly marked as being on promotion due to human error all orders have been cancelled etc.

    • As far as I know there is no requirement for retailers to honour genuine pricing mistakes.

    • The legal position depends on a few things. Pricing errors, they don’t have to honour. But where they just screw up stock levels for example, AND there’s nothing in their T&Cs to otherwise get them out, LEGALLY they are obliged to fulfil the contract. And if they don’t then you accrue a right to damages, those being the difference between the contract price, and what you must pay elsewhere to acquire the same goods.

      Of course, actually getting damages from them is another story. I speak from experience with DJs. They screwed me on a valid order over Christmas and I had to sue them to get them to make it good.

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        What? You actually sued David Jones in court over an online order? What did you argue?

        • Ahhhhhhh yes, yes I did.

          My claim was exactly as I’ve noted above. There was no pricing error, they just claimed the product was out of stock. Well, that is a “you” problem not a “me” problem.

          I resolved the matter satisfactorily without ever seeing a courtroom.

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    The discount seems to have changed from 2 for $60 to approximately 50% off. Still a good deal.

  • Wasn't greedy. Ordered two polos. See if it's going to be let through. Lol. Thanks op

  • too bad the jackets were already out. I jsut randomly bought 2 pairs of pants, one i don't even like but whatever lmao let's see what happens

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      got confirmation they are ready for pickup

  • is dead lol

  • Order 4 jackies. Definitely is a price error. Maybe order cancel email coming tomorrow. Haha.

  • i think the site has got ozbargained, none of items are available to add to the cart now.

  • error lmao

    • Try incognito mode if you're getting error. I still managed to buy a few items about 10 minute ago.

  • what did I just buy - DJ employees gonna have a busy morning tomorrow

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      At backend system, select all orders and cancel, automatic response email is at your inbox in 1min. LOL.

      • I imagine some IT boffin receiving a bunch of notifications around midnight last night that ozb traffic was hitting the DJ's and they should need to fix whatever we managed to exploit

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    Seems they already fix the issue

  • Dammit, took too long browsing 😂! By the time i viewed added items to my cart, all items were sold out, and the invalidation error came up, meaning DJ's caught on. Slow poke over here 🤦

    • Don't worry. DJs never honour such errors. You're saving yourself time.

      • Yeah I've noticed, makes me sort of happy I didn't miss out. Am I a terrible person lol. Bargain FOMO!

  • I'm not sure if they will honour it. It seems they already fixed the website up. When they mean the 2 for $60, I think they were referring to just the normal standard tees. Although i hope they do honour it.

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    Someone in the web department will have been called back into the office and furiously trying to fix their mistake! I missed out but hope it gets honoured.

  • Price error issue was fixed in about an hour

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    Why would you post this? It just means your chances of having your order honoured drops to pretty much 0 because they'll realise what happened with the influx of orders…

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      It is the OzBargain way. Much must be risked to obtain widespread bargain navana.

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    OzB is DJ’s free QA team.

  • Status changed to “At dispatch” for my order but seems like they’ve somehow splitted 3 other items into a new, separate order but those are still stuck on “Card validated”.

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      The Card Validated means that they're being fulfilled by a store, rather than the warehouse. At Dispatch means that the warehouse is shipping them

      • The webstore team told me what "Card Validated" means. Meaningless. Wonder if it's eStar's fault?

        • If it hasn't progressed to At Dispatch, the other meaning of Card Validated is because it's being fulfilled by the store (and yes, eStar are responsible for the current DJs Online system … as someone who had to use it when it first launched, it was pretty crap …)

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            @kerfuffle: And yet Woolworths SA kept saying how good the new system was going to be… blah blah blah

  • Don’t get what the fuzz is on this brand. Referencing these from Wikipedia.

    “Superdry plc is a UK branded clothing company, and owner of the Superdry label. Superdry products combine vintage Americana styling with Japanese inspired graphics”

    “The company's products include frequently meaningless excerpts of Japanese text. Consumers of the brand are often unaware of its UK heritage and will often perceive it as having Japanese origins due to these decorative texts. The company explained to a Japanese television crew in 2011 that they deliberately use simple machine translation to generate Japanese text, and that they are aware that the texts often have no meaning.“

    • i like their caps.. made from thick cotton, great for melb winter

    • I find the quality is really good for the price.

      • The quality from the normal price or the discounted price from this deal?

        • Bottom line, their stuff is good quality. I don't see people ragging on Ben Sherman, Superdry is much better IMO. Their stuff just feels well made. Compare a Sherman polo to Superdry for example, night and day.
          A lot don't like the fit though, most Superdry stuff will only fit / look good on lean guys. Overweight guys will never pull it off.

  • +1

    I just got my refund for my pickup order. Can’t say I’m not disappointed.

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