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Lebara Prepaid Mobile 30 Day Plan $14.90 Unlimited Calls & Text, 3GB Data (+3GB if Auto Recharging) + Data Banking up to 200 GB


30 day Lebara Prepaid mobile plans.

Vodafone network
Unlimited calls and text.
Up to 200GB data banking if recharging prior to expiry.
3 GB bonus data if auto recharging

Extra Small: $14.90 for 3GB standard + 3GB auto recharge benefit. 300 min calls to some overseas destinations. $3 credit for overseas calls to non-included overseas countries at standard Lebara rates.

Overseas rates:

Other plans with more data see:

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  • Haven’t used Lebara before is the network like your username?

    • What, like hard and knobbly?

      • No, "Does it stink?"

      • +1

        Neither. Is it throttled?

        • No idea. No mention of Vodafone MVNOs being throttled. Certainly I wasn't on Kogan. I'm just researching. Welcome actual users commenting.

  • This is their standard pricing

    • But getting an extra 3gb if autorecharging? I wasn’t aware of that.

      • +1

        It has been like that for the last 6 months or so. We have the XS plan and having that extra 3Gb was great.

        Now that data banking feature is here, that is an excellent added value.

  • 200gb data banking ?

    It would take 33 months to bank 200gb @ 6gb a month (assuming you use no data each month)!

  • Their long term small and large (oddly enough not medium) 180 days seems cheaper than Kogan. Might give this one a go

  • Not the fastest, but works fine for me. Just did a test, 4G+ on speedtest app shows 46.6 Mbps down and 37 up. Second test 49.7, 54.8. I'm Adelaide NW burbs.

  • There is a misinterpretation with 300 mins included minutes for Overseas calls and $3 credit for Overseas call. You don't get both, you get only $3 credit for making Overseas call which equates to 300 mins to USA or 42 minutes to UK or 12 mins to UAE, and so on….

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