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Vodafone Huawei Y5 2018 4G - $89.40 (Save $60) with a Bonus Vodafone $40 Prepaid Starter Kit @ Woolworths


Locked to Vodafone
Huawei Y5 4g $89 (Save $60) with Bonus Vodafone $40 Prepaid Starter Kit @Woolworths

5" display
8MP camera
Expandable memory: Up to 128GB (micro SD card sold separately)

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  • PS: The model listed on the Woolworths Website is the old model, and not the 2018 model

  • Can anyone help - how to get the unlock code for this phone? Nothing available in ebay.

    • call vodafone


      Toongabbie sounds like a friendly town.

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      If you buy from Vodafone, 3 Mobile or Crazy John’s you'll be charged for the unlock according their system of charging.

      But here is the funny thing - if you buy from Woolworths, Coles or somewhere not in the Vodafone system you have the right to get your mobile phone unlocked with no charge.

      Still you have to contact the Vodafone customer service and to ask for a free unlocking because of the fact that you've purchased the phone from a grocery shop. They will ask you to visit any Vodafone shop and to verify your purchase by presenting the receipt to the assistant there.

      The IMEI is linked to this receipt and then they will ask you to visit the Vodafone unlock site: https://unlock.vodafone.com.au/voila/handsetunlock/self-serv...

      As soon as you enter the IMEI your unlock code shows up.

      I have done this three times in a space of a year and a half.

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        • so what's the excate process for this? i just tried & they told me to go to the webpage

      • I dont believe this is true… unless you can explain how ?

      • I bought this phone from Big W in January and this doesn't work for me.

        I entered the IMEI and get this message:

        Unlock your device

        Sorry, Vodafone Australia can only unlock devices purchased directly from Vodafone stores or authorised dealers. To unlock your device, please contact your original supplier.

      • Has anyone been successful using nov method to get a free unlock from Vodafone?

        • It didn't work for me.

        • rang Vodafone, no help. They just said click "bought from vodafone" even though we didn't, and then was $50 to unlock…..

          • @MadKaw: Thanks for the update MadKaw, I guess we need nov to give us more details on how to get the free unlock.

            • @slowFTL: UPDATE - Went to Vodafone shop - they just said the same as the call centre so no help. Got it unlocked for $15 from the shop in Toongabbie, there's also a guy in Penrith who will do it for the same - both are on ebay.

              • @MadKaw: Thanks for letting us know the other options to unlock :-).

              • @MadKaw: Hello, do u mind to share the ebay link for unlock code? I did a search but no result. Thx a lot.

                • @calviny: Sorry, I missed this post.
                  I got mine unlocked from Mobilemenai in Toongabbie - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/In-Store-Only-Unlock-Service-Optus-Y3ii-Vodafone-Huawei-Y6-Elite-Y5-2017-Nokia-3/253477327861?hash=item3b046d13f5:g:IuAAAOSwQVpaofCX:sc:AU_ExpressDelivery!2073!AU!-1&frcectupt=true

                  This guy in Penrith also does it - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Unlocked-Huawei-Y5-2018-4G-Android-Phone-2GB-RAM-Telstra-Vodafone-Optus/192130432290?hash=item2cbbddbd22:g:jngAAOSwM6FcEFZw:sc:AU_RegularParcelWithTrackingAndSignature!2073!AU!-1

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    Full specs.

    2G RAM, 5.45" screen, monitoring by Xi Jinping.

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    monitoring by Xi Jinping

    Bit ironical that the monitoring will be hampered by this service being on the weakest network :)

  • Does this phone have Bluetooth?

  • Damn! we just purchased this at Big w yesterday for 109! most of me says, its only 20 bucks… but the OzBargainer in me will never let it go!

    Great phone for the price. Camera is not great, but as they say, you get what you pay for.

    Also If you are wondering, we have a kogan plan, and voda said even though Kogan uses the voda network, you still need to unlock it.
    bought the phone anyway an stuck the Kogan sim in just to test it out. WORKS! no unlock required
    tested it with my optus sim… no good. needs to be unlocked.

    Have a good weekend people!

  • Any update if phone could be unlocked for free?