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20% off Storewide @ Microsoft eBay (Bose QC35 II Headphones $311)


Ends March 18. Max $1000 discount. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Bose QC35 II Headphones $311 (available in 3 colours)

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    Ends Dec 16?

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      You must be viewing a cached version of their old sale. Click the main link in incognito, or do a hard refresh.

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        Your post says Dec 16
        Edit: it's updated right when I comment

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          My bad. Fixed by Alvian :)

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            @tightarse: Nevermind the expiry date in the description. T&C link returned page not found. Perhaps it'll show by 10am?

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      A hard refresh on a (micro) soft site suggested by Tightarse…..


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    Probably not useful but here's the search link.

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    just looks like clearing out old stuff.

    cannot see any surface pro 6, they are all 2017 models

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    any cheap good laptops?

  • Razer Blade Pro 17" 7th gen for $2,080 - still costly for a 7th gen since most 8th gens laptop are not that far off from this price, but I think it's also a 144hz screen.


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    This is the screaming bargain for me.
    I bought one last time, and love it so much i want to tell the world


    $799 with 20% off
    $760 with 5% off ebay gift cards
    $670 with trs refund

    Yeah yeah its only got 4gb, but does the job for me!

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    Seems like they’ve removed all the new stock in preparation for the discount

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    QC35II should be a good deal:


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    Bose QC35 II's in Midnight Blue or Silver should come down to $311.20 if they don't suffer a jacking.
    Not the cheapest ever, but worth a look.


    Edit: Beaten by a poofteenth

    • When/Where has it been cheaper??

      Searched on OzB and couldn't find cheaper.

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        amazon used to be $299 shipped


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          Well if Amazon's auto ebay code checker decides to adjust their price down to the the 311 then a 5% cashback on it will bring it down to 295 ish.

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop i7 or Microsoft Surface Pro i7 16GB 1TB (5th gen)?
    Both are around $2K after discount.

    • Depends if you are happy to pay extra for the keyboard if you go with Pro.

      Another consideration is form factor, it feels a bit weird to use the Pro on the lap.

      Personally I have Pro for its mobility with no regrets for the above trade-offs.

      • Thanks. Mainly watch Netflix in bed, so the Pro maybe better.

  • +4
    • Just grabbed another copy. $12 is a decent price.

    • It's a good deal. Bought 1 as well

    • :( just bought this from blizzard store…. ouch for me…

    • no longer available :(

  • Do you think the actual Microsoft store would match this price? Currently it's listed as 499 but I would ideally match them to their ebay store price and then stack with the amex offer for 2

    Edit: Thought I was on the associated qc 35 ii thread. Apologies!

    • No, eBay covers part of the discount.

    • Wouldnt it be nice but dont think we can have double stack

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    No Surface headphones :(

    • LinusTT said the Surface interface was about the only good thing going for it.

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    Please update to the correct TC link : https://pages.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/pmic20/

    Thanks TA as always.

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    The Bose were $499 before 10am, looks like they took 20% off to $399 which they are now .. and then 20% off using the code. Ripper deal

    • +6


      • I see what you did there.

    • May be Jack's protesting something… like Tim got a name change but Bill didn't.

  • Hello all.
    Any views on this? Asus ROG Strix 15.6" i7/16GB/1TB+256GB


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    Sadly they increased the price of the Xbox One Wireless Controller from $71.95 to $89.95 just 5 minutes before the 20% discount started, oh well :(

  • +3

    Finally pulled the trigger on a 4k Bluray player aka Xbox One X

    Price wasn't jacked :)


    Don't forget to click through via Velocity Store and link your Flybuys fellow OzB'ers!

    • -2

      Is it fair to say that if you sell the games for $50 each it brings the price down to around $420?

      • You won't be able to sell the games for $50 each.

        • oh because they are digital copies? hmm pity.

          • @poxy001: I suppose you could sell the code say on eBay or Gumtree. Unless it's somehow pre-redeemed but I doubt it.

          • +5

            @poxy001: They just aren't worth $50 each!

            Digital = do not sell on ebay, you'll be defrauded of your money via paypal claim

            • @justtoreply: Thanks for the tip :)

            • @justtoreply: A lesson I keep failing to learn.
              It happens every single time I sell a digital code!!

              • @badonde: Just give them to me instead. At least I won't be an ass about it! :)

                Actually, paypal inserts the proverbial appendage up your backside, adding an additional $10 or $15 chargeback fee for the pleasure of being reamed.

    • +1
  • -2

    @ hellohello .

    $760 with 5% off ebay gift cards Any place to get them right now ?
    $670 with trs refund What's this ?

  • That is a shame, no stylus

  • Was looking for Surface Book 2, guess they have left that out of the sale.

  • Tks urbancartel .

  • Can we use these to attend calls or just to listen music?

    • You can use them to take calls.

  • Isn't it funny that Microsoft doesn't even sell Windows on it's ebay store?

  • Was hoping the Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID would be on sale but no such luck :(

  • +2

    Thanks, TA.

    I finally caved and got a pair of the Bose. Combined with a couple of gift cards, I can convince myself that I saved more than I spent…

  • +1

    Airline adaptors are now $7.65 (Was $9) Delivered @ Bose for anyone who wants to combine it with the 35 II as they don't come with one unfortunately. Today only.

  • I need Sony XM3 for the price of Bose NC :(

  • Price jacking…

    Dead Rising 4 went from $15 to $29.47…

  • Bose SoundSport Wireless ~$185

    The best in-ear bluetooth headset for music. (AirPods are better for calls)

  • Samsung galaxy watch LTE version (latest model) for $400 is pretty decent too:

  • -1

    Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System has always been $249 (check previous sold history). Today it got jacked up to $349. So even after 20% off, it's $279.20.

    Didn't know Microsoft participated in illegal price jacking. ACCC should go after them, they can spare a few million in penalties.

  • +2

    Bose Qc35 ii Black and midnight blue - now out of stock
    Silver is still in stock

    • Bought the midnight blue at 10ish in the morning.

      Silver still in stock

      • +2

        Black is back in stock. Finally bit the bullet and bought a set. May end up selling my AirPods after I get these.

        • +1

          Thank god, Black is back in stock. I'd be dead before i buy silver….
          Just ordered black one, will consider selling AirPods as well…

      • +1

        Seems like lots of airpods would be on Gumtree soon.

  • Galaxy S9 for $799 doesn't seem too bad of a deal either, same price as JB's 1 day deal a few weeks back

  • Can't seem to find black in stock, only Silver :(

    When wearing these and training or running, do people find them sweating excessively more around there ears/head from the headphones?

  • I will pull the trigger if and if black comes back in stock.

  • :/

  • +1

    Black is back in stock!

    • Grabbed one, ty.

  • +1

    Triple Midnight Blue also back in stock! Quickly snapped one up before they sell out again. Thanks TA.

  • +1

    Both out of stock again. I’ll keeo waiting!

  • +1

    Anyone received their qc35 yet?

    • +1

      Mine shipped the next day from Melbourne and arrived in Brisbane the day after.

  • How quickly (or otherwise) do they ship? (QC35ii)

    • I ordered on 14th.

      It got shipped on the 15th.

      Estimated to arrive on the 19th.

      • Update: Received it earlier today. Didn't know DHL delivers on Sundays!

  • FYI silver is back in stock

    • +1

      Sorry and gone again

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