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[Amazon Prime] Bose QuietComfort 35 II $299.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Upcoming deal from Amazon AU. Starts November 23, 2018 10:00am

Link to Amazon AU Black Friday 2018 Promotion

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2018

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  • Wow! Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise Cancelling - Limited Edition, Triple Midnight Blue
    wish it's $300 for TRS, already got SONY MX3, still tempting…
    black and silver are $319.20 & FREE Delivery

    • is TRS per item or total claim?

      • +5

        Total claim. You can actually have multiple receipts from different orders to make up the $300, as long as they're from the same retailer and all within 60 days.

        • Pay $8 extra for expediated delivery and then get so you can get $37 back from TSR?

          • @Mirage: They exclude delivery from the TRS claim I'm afraid.

            • +2

              @ATreeFiddy: how about pay extra $4 amazon giftwrapping? :DD

              • @Mirage: Thanks for the tip. Ordered, hopefully I get GST back

        • How about from multiple vendors of eBay?

          • @ITveteran: Nope, as each retailer will issue their own receipt with a different ABN. eBay themselves aren't the retailer they're just a third party connecting a buyer and seller.

    • +4

      As TRS is for the whole receipt you could add something else - like another Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Bluetooth Headphone…..

    • Didn't even know there was a Midnight blue!!!

    • still tempting…

      Why is it still tempting? lol. You're not going to use both of them are you?

  • +21

    this is getting ridiculous.

    • +4

      There has been many headphone posts in the past few weeks and it had be tempted me to buy one even though I never use headphones. Crazy huh!

  • -2

    Hi OP, it should be 1000hr tomorrow as the Amazon Banner stated the sale is starting tomorrow and the timing is in 24 hr format. Cheers! This is by far the best deal compared to those from eBay!

  • +7

    Signs of QC III is coming

    • +1

      Bluetooth 5.0!

    • +1

      Yep, then wait for another year for it to drop to $300, then wait for QC IV

  • +8

    Come on Sony……

    • +8

      Fix your call quality and multi-device pairing!

      • +1

        call quality is excellent actually, for work calls on the pc to calls on a phone, they fixed it with a later batch & firmware

    • +2

      lol @ the BOSE fanboys downvoting a fact

      • +1

        And us Sennheiser users sitting on the sidelines laughing at both :D
        jk jk I kid, I love you all.

        • I'm surprised they haven't updated the 550s yet

          • @BargainKen: I'd rather they do the Momentums. I'm seeing a lot of price drops lately, so hopefully they can fix the comfort issue and give it the NC that the 550s have. I don't mind the Bose and Sony's having better NC, because the Sennys are just much better sounding headphones.

  • I'll buy if someone can show me where to buy the replacement ear cushions for Midnight Blue.

    $20 Amazon gift card at the ready!

    • +2

      The Bose part number is 760858-0030 (with 0030 being the Midnight Blue colour).

      Some options online if you search for this code eg.

      • -1

        I saw that post on Bose forums that mentioned this part number but it seems there is only one seller based on eBay in the USA.

        Bose Australia should have them on their site along with the Black and Silver options, it's disappointing to spend this much and not have spares available.

    • They should last about a year before needing replacement. I'm sure you could source some in that time.

  • Any other Deals from Amazon released yet?

  • +3

    Come on 10% Cashrewards

    • There’s always the Amex offer as well.

  • Does anyone know when black Friday starts on Amazon is it at 12 tonight? Or does it update at a different time.

    • +1

      Midnight. But they're adding deals every hour.

      • Thanks, waiting for a switch deal

  • +1

    How did you know about this deal/price in advance? Can't see it on the Black Friday Amazon promo page link in description

  • +1

    This is not a rehearsal!!!

  • +1

    What is this price madness! I just bought this colour from Microsoft ebay deal.

  • Midnight Blue are Out of Stock from Amazon AU Current Sale, I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

  • Will my sale be tracked by cashrewards, if I buy this using the cashrewards app?

  • Does it come with flight adaptor?

    • +1

      Nope :( The QC35s did but not the QC35 IIs

      • You can actuality steal the flight adaptor from the qantas earphones they give you. Just unplug and it's yours… Not that I've done that, because with my Sony's they came free.

  • I need this to be 1c more!! It doesn't qualify for TRS at this price. Great price for those not looking to claim that though.

    • +2

      If you're flying a bit maybe could find a cheap plane adapter to tip the order over $300? Just an idea.

      • +1

        You'll just have to ensure that the item you're ordering is also sold by Amazon. The $300 spend must be from the same seller. (ABN must be same)

      • Great call! However I did read a comment on another thread though that Bose don't sell the replacement ear cushions in blue, only Black & Silver. Got me thinking to stick with buying the black set.

        • From my experience this isn't the case ->

          Agree though Black and Silver are a lot more common.

          Edit: Stock seems pretty limited on blue ear cushions, probably from the original QC35 limited edition, so certainly something to be cautious about.

          • @ATreeFiddy: Need to be careful as there are 2 blue shades; Midnight Blue & Triple Midnight (if there's any difference). I'm sure Bose will sell them in due course, but for me, safer with black.

            • +1

              @OldKing: My understanding was that the Triple Midnight just made the Bose logo blue too (instead of silver/gold) and that the earcups were the same colour on both. Similiar to the QC25 Black vs Triple Black edition a few years ago.

  • -2

    I think this will not happen as Blue are OOS and no point running lighting deal for Amazon if they already sold out :D
    Also, this listing has been removed from lighting deal too ..

    • +3

      They probably removed stock for the sale.

  • +1

    Without searching I believe this is the best price yet.

  • does the NAB or AMEX cashback offer apply on it.

    • Just buy giftcards and use those to buy the Bose headphone. You can get 3 Amex cashback if you have 3 cards that have this offer.

      • Don't have the AMEX anymore :(, have the NAB one

  • Any deals for the QC 25 tomorrow?

  • +5

    In case someone wants to play the TRS game with this: Obviously you have to add something to get it over $300. Be careful to find something that is sold by AMAZON AU (despite prime) to make sure you get an invoice that shows the combined >$300 value. If you add anything from a reseller, you will get a separate invoice. In fact so far, I never had an invoice showing two AMAZON AU items since all other items (again: despite prime) were sold by other sellers.

    • so if an item says this it will be ok?? Ships from and sold by Amazon AU

      • +1


  • it is USD?

  • +1

    @OP, probably should update the Post to state Triple Midnight Blue, instead of Midnight Blue as the latter is also a colour that Bose sell (though only direct it seems).

  • Damn is cheap, shame I've already have NC headphone.

  • Are these more comfortable than the Beats Studio 3 wireless?

    Those things make my ears hot and it hurts after a short while.

  • -1

    I bought a pair for $349 (before -8% Cashrewards rebate) yesterday from Amazon! Time to hit that return button and repurchase :p

    • I asked for a voucher for price difference

      • I asked for a cash refund for the price difference and it was honoured

        • I did and the customer service said it was out of their control.

  • Is there any cover or (like 28 degrees have) that if you buy an item and its reduced within a certain time that you can claim back the difference with Amazon?
    Just got one last week from amazon for $368
    In hindsight I should have used my 28 degrees to purchase with, but just asking (long shot, I know) in case there is something available.

    • +1

      You could probably just return it.

    • +1

      I think you need to pay for return postage. Just try your luck chatting with them, i spent less than 5 mins and they applied the $ difference for my next purchase.

      • +1

        Yeah you pay for return postage, but upon successful return Amazon will refund you shipping value up to $17. The last time I returned something they refunded me the full $17 even though I paid only $10. So yay free money!

    • Thanks for the information guys.
      Much appreciated.

  • -2

    Can somebody explain this cashrewards? I'm new to AUS. Thanks.

    • Best to go to their website and read the FAQ

  • I think that's the cheapest I've ever seen it. Although you are one cent short of being able to claim TRS on it.

    I bought it at Amazon AU on some Prime day event for $329.95 and that was the previous cheapest I've ever seen it.

  • Sorry about this weird question but how are these as ear muffs in winter? Thats also a reason im looking to upgrade from my jabra move cause it lets a lot of air in during cold days.

  • just noticed it has been removed from the list and now it is 30% of Sony WH1000XM-3 which worked out as $350.

    • +1

      Yes indeed the Bose QC 35II has been removed. Does it mean that this deal is no longer valid?

      Also the Sony that is now in place is a Sony WH-1000XM2BME, which is 2017 model, not the current one!

    • Presumably because it already sold out!

  • Nice deal. I called up jbhifi and the guy at the store agreed to price match with an existing Amazon deal for $319.00 which was a good deal. The only problem though he declined to accept JB hi-fi gift cards as payment method because he says gift cards can be bought in discount.
    Wondering if anyone can suggest if there is another way to go about. I've got JB hi-fi gift cards for $325. But can't use it.

    • Try another jbhifi store?

    • Which JB was this? The JB I asked at laughed in my face.

  • This article suggests that there may be other Bose products in the Black Friday sale.

  • +2

    Black and silver are this price now for amazon prime and shopBack 12%

  • +4

    Just a heads up, if you bought on eBay yesterday, it'd be worthwhile taking advantage of the 5% price beat to get back the difference and 5% of your purchase in credit.

  • +2

    It’s available now

  • +1

    Anyone knows if the triple midnight blue will ever be in stock in time for the sale? I'm that close in pulling the trigger for the black version but I like the triple midnight more.

    • Im on the same boat. Would be useful to know if anyone has any idea?

      Also is it worth waiting till 10am? How come these are available now?

      • Exactly my concern. There's a chance that if we wait till 10 then all three of them will be out of stock.

    • +2

      I’m gonna just order the black ones now and if the triple blue shows up at 10am, cancel the black pair.

      Edit: just ordered and card charged shortly afterwards.

      I was hoping they won’t charge til tomorrow so there will be less hassles cancelling and reordering lol

  • Don't forget 8% cash rewards or 12% shopback

  • +1

    ShopBack 12% back brings this down to $264


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