Best Flagship Smartphone in 2019

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What is the best flagship Phone for the year 2019?

Flagship phone meaning: the best and most current, and often the highest end product has to offer in their product lineup.

2019 has been an interesting year for smartphones so far and we've seen new devices with all kinds of unique features: fingerprint readers in screens, pop-up selfie cameras, slider style phones and even foldable screens. But which one would you spend your hard earned dollars on? Let us know by voting for your choice.

This is also the part where we'd normally talk about last year's top suggestions from our community, which you can see here. However, closer to the end of the year the number of voters gradually tapered off and the poll quickly became outdated; with the number of votes skewing towards older phones that got suggested at the beginning of the year. To keep the poll fresh and continually updated with information you might get reminders to come back to rethink your vote and change it if neccessary.

Remember: You can change your votes at anytime, and suggest more than 1 product over the course of the poll.

How do I suggest products to What Should I Buy polls?

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    (need words)

    S10e is a very practical option among the 3 variant

  • +1 vote

    P30 Pro needs to be up there


    I'd say iphone XR should be on the list as well


    Great Phone for Photography Enthusiast


    For the price i believe it offers the best bang for buck

  • +1 vote

    I like my OnePlus 6. Outperforms most phones on the market, at half the price.

    Regular updates are available too (I'm running Android Pie already). Nothing wrong with the build quality. Camera app is good, but hardware performs better with Google Camera port, so OnePlus have some software development to do in this area, even if DXOMark ( has scored the 6T higher than iPhone X, and only marginally lower than Galaxy, iPhone XR, etc.


    Are we talking about the best flagship phone with a bottomless pocket? Or the best value for money?


      the keyword is sensible so we are typically looking for things that are the best value for money. However feel free to suggest premium if you want, people have suggested the iPhone XS and the Max, both of which most people would consider very expensive.

      For some people, it doesn't matter how much it costs because they could be getting it as a work phone that's subsidized. Or they could be getting it on a plan and they have worked out how much they'd be willing to pay for it on a monthly basis.

      The focus is on flagship, so the suggestion needs to be something that fills the criteria. Xiaomi Mi 9 for example might not have the price of a traditional flagship phone, but it is highest end phone that Xiaomi produces with the latest processor, which means it fits the criteria.


    What is a decent ANDROID phone upgrade to an S7 Edge for under $600 ???

    NFC required / Aus bands / good camera are my main wants

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