Superman: The Movie (4K UHD) $14 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


I like to keep an eye on 4K movies for my collection. This classic has dropped into the sub-$15 mark for the first time I believe.

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    I am wondering what is the point of 4K on old movies?

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    That’s the Lois it’s ever been.


    This film is as old as a telephone box.


    Anyone know what version of the Superman movie this is?

    The original television broadcast back in the 80s had so many more scenes in it than the later DVD/Blue-Ray releases. There was 'deleted scenes' inclusions and whatnot, but even then, some were still missing.

    Eg. When Lex Luther got pulled over by the GIs, Otis was eating a chocolate bar and the GI commented 'should he be eating it?'. Lex said he had diabetes.
    Eg. At the end, Lex tries to killed Ms Tessmacher by feeding her to his 'baby', but Superman comes to save her.
    Eg. When Lex and Otis are watching the radar tracking the nuclear missiles, Lex clicks his fingers and instead of passing to him what he was after, Otis passes Lex some peanuts and Lex throws them back at him.

    Just a lot of little scenes like this.


      This is the theatrical version. It's not a good transfer. Obviously the clarity is better than the 1080P version but HDR is bad! Obviously HDR makes the overall picture darker to show you better highlights but this is like they forgot to do it. Costume, explosions, etc are muted and dull. Unless you are a huge fan not really worth getting, rather wait for extended cut version and hope they improve the HDR (I'm watching on a Sony X930E which is still one of the brightest TV's ever made so definitely the transfer that's dull)


    This has had another price drop to $13.18. With CashRewards it is $12.58.

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