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3 Shirts for $99 at Charles Tyrwhitt with Free Shipping


It's been a little while since the last deal. I've been waiting for it. You all know how it works.

Update 17/3: Back again with free delivery with a new link thanks to mynamedoesnotfi.

Update 31/3: Back again, again.

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Charles Tyrwhitt
Charles Tyrwhitt

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      • Just worked for me, checked out as guest.

    • I had this exact issue. Solved by adding a new address and re-entering my address details at checkout.

  • just wondering, I noticed after purchase confirmation that it is 5 days for UK and up to 15 days for outside UK. Can anyone suggest how long it has taken them for orders to arrive? I'm starting a new business shirt requiring job in 11 business days, with only 3 shirts currently.

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      You should be alright. My shirts normally show up within 5-7 business days.

  • I might try their new Super Slim, they have darts in the back. Sweeeeeeettt.

  • Cheers

    Placed my first order with CT.

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    Plus $10.95 for each left pocket. So about $130 for 3 shirts isn’t that great. My 9 VH shirts from recent VH50 deal turned up today with pockets, cost $106. They look pretty good, went easy care too.

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      can't compare 100% cotton with cotton poly blend
      I prefer CT in summer as they breathe more
      VH in winter, as it keeps me warmer relatively
      the pocket is not a deal breaker, CT just cutting costs (probably to factor in their free returns)

    • Not a fan of pockets myself but I've plenty VH shirts that I wear for work. I wear the European cut and seems to be perfect for people who go gym and have a mesomorph type figure. Going to give these a try and see how they are.

  • when does this expire?

    • as per T and C

      The offer end date is 1st June 2019.
      We reserve the right to withdraw, amend or extend this offer at any time, without prior notice.

      (from past experience the offers have ended way before the proposed date)

  • Did anyone noticed their size guide have changed? They are missing the 38cm collar size.


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  • I have mainly bought (dare I say it) shirts from Conor and Tarocash in the past and am looking to refresh the aging wardrobe. Would have a clue of my size etc. Is the return policy such that I can order a few different sizes/styles, find what works, and then exchange the others to the right size?

  • Has anyone else notice the drop in the quality of these shirts?
    I've been purchasing CT shirts regularly for the past 7 years and the quality just isn't as good when compared to say 3 years ago.
    I feel it all happened when they started using the new design clothes labels on their shirts.

    Anyone else feel the same?

    Don't get me wrong, they're still good shirts, just not as good as it once was.

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      quality just isn't as good when compared to say 3 years ago

      I've only been buying them for the past 12 months or so, so can't comment on quality 7 years ago

      I suppose to keep supplying them at 3 for $99 they would have to cut costs somewhere

      Would you have purchased them for $33 a pop 7 years ago
      If so they were probably under priced if they were new to the market

      Now that they have a market name, esp here, and given that they need to make a profit, something has got to give

      3 for $99 in 2012, would equate to 3 for $113 in today's money, but the bargain seeker in me will still want it for under $100 :)

      • Funnily enough, i was purchasing them as part of their regular multi buy deal - which used to be 4 shirts for $200. Now i think it's 4 for $220.

        Like i said, they're still good shirts and at 3 for $99, you can't go wrong. Just longing for the good ole days (shirts)!

        • Funnily enough, i was purchasing them as part of their regular multi buy deal - which used to be 4 shirts for $200.

          Maybe 7 years ago they used to sell 4 shirts for $200, and compared to what we used to get in brick and mortar stores, that was a great deal
          Perhaps online shopping was not as big as it is now?

          Now that we have more options, I doubt many of us would jump at 4 for $200 today

          (btw 4 for $220 is great compared to $200 7 years ago , keeping inflation in mind)

          last week I knocked back 5 CT shirts for $199, delivered, as I figured if this deal was back, I'd get an extra shirt for the same price

          and with CT realizing that they have to sell 6 shirts for $198….

  • I can't get the free delivery.

    It tries to add $12.95 for standard delivery.

    Any ideas?

    • Same for me - had it in my cart since last night and I didn't think it was there. I'll order it now and whinge over the phone and ask them to refund my $11.95 shipping fee.

      Edit: Rang them, such great service. She apologised and said she would take the delivery fee off the order as the coupon had free delivery. They don't charge the card until the items have been dispatched, so no loss.

      1800 703 505 - No wait time, helpdesk located in London.

  • Yes I've noticed the wording used to say 3 shirts for $99 including delivery

    We reserve the right to withdraw, amend or extend this offer at any time, without prior notice.

    That was quick, maybe they are on to us.

    Note to myself get in early next time :)

    • See above, just call and ask for it to be refunded.

  • This deal is still active, why marked as expired?

    • it's not free shipping anymore.

    • Someone poissibly reported it as expired

  • I’ve never shopped on a website where the price is so dependant on what link you click through.

    I checked out Cashrewards only to find that it increased my basket price over $100. Really not a fan of this style of sales strategy even if I did like the clothes on my last order.

    • also still $99 for 3 shirts, add $12.95 for delivery.
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    Deal is still active, as per b2dz, need to call and ask them to waive delivery fees.

    Personally I would still prefer 3 for 99 delivered (without the hassle of the phone call)

    Out of curiousity how many of us so used to 3 for 99 would be put off by 3 for 112 delivered? (37 per shirt?)

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    Use https://www.ctshirts.com/ARLO link for free delivery.

    • Expiry 30th March
      Hopefully my international transaction free card arrives before that

      • Why not just use PayPal?

        • Is there a way to use PayPal without my credit card?

          My PayPal is linked to my credit card account
          I've purchased from them before and it links back to my cc and I get slugged

          I'm not an expert far from it, but is there a way to pay with PayPal and not get slugged

          It would save me the trouble of applying for another cc

  • hmm - just arrived today
    Ordered the non iron Slim fits …. the Arm's are REALLY big/baggy compared to TM Lewin….
    Quality of the shirts are ok… But I think I will be sending back and sticking to TM Lewin

    • +1

      Same with me! I'm on the phone to them to exchange for the exact same collar/sleeves but in extra slim


      EDIT: confirmed, 2/3 shirts they can exchange for extra slim, 3rd shirt doesnt come in extra slim so they have progressed the partial refund for it.

      • eh .. I just ended up asking for a refund … Would be interested to see how you go with the Extra slim's when they arrive.

  • Great deal & great shirts.

    I’ve always been a loyal TM Lewin devotee (Still own many) but I experienced a couple of poor quality shirts, which made me look afield.

    I also greatly prefer some of the minor differences between the two brands two, which are rather helpful for my stubborn waistline!

    • Slightly increased waist proportions.
    • Extra length & button
    • ‘Slightly’ better material IMO.

    The only minor negative for CT shirts is the missing button above the cuff, which makes rolling your sleeves up less tidy.

    I always buy Non-Iron, 16’ Slim. Both very comparable brands.

    Time to stock up :)

  • Looks like this has expired?

  • Anyone had Cashrewards track? Ordered 4 times and no tracking…

  • just ordered - still working this evening

  • Can't get the 3 for $99 option to load. Tried incognito, clearing history, VPN, etc. and it just does not like it. Best it will do is the standard 4 for whatever multi-buy deal.

  • +1

    OP this may have expired?
    As per T&C expiry was 31/3
    3 for 99 does not show up

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